Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to my site, where I have put up some write-ups of my Dreams and visions of being taken by Guides and Angels to experience places in heaven!  I have had even two-way conversations with most of my relatives, there!
     I have been Dreaming these dreams, now, for over 30 years.

Not all of my nightly dreams are of a level that is worth writing about, but I visit these afterlife planes, many times a week.

On the right sidebar is a list of my writings about my going to heaven.  Each clickable title line leads to a page where the article is.  there are other sections too, alien abductions, autism, my observations upon life.

"my dreamvisions of experiencing heaven "  is the section that you are looking for and I would suggest  reading  these accounts first.

the Younger center.

"doopie dolls" part-one"

"doopie dolls"  part-two

accident death victim is taken to heaven.

I watch my sister Go with Jesus, from one heaven to another heaven.

there are many more links, on that sidebar.  enjoy.
you may share these accounts with anyone, if you post them anywhere, please send to me the link so I can see the post.

thank you.
freestone wilson