hi all.

Sometime around the middle of January of this 2012 year, my deceased sister came to me in the dream to just tell me,
"Mt Etna will erupt on september 26th"!


Etna is *always* erupting! if Sister Suanna has inside info, to me this infers a really terrible eruption. Not you usual eruption. In fact will this Thing cause ash to fall upon the Italy coastline, where that Guide showed to me that ash or snow covered the ground. then the Quake, later, devastates Middle europe, "a castle on the Rhine will fall into the river"! then downhill from that.

Over the years my father has come to me in dreams too, why last year he told me, "[summer 2011] there will be one or two tropical storms that *might* be strong enough for to be a cat 1, this year". he scored 100%.

so here is a Date that one could sink one's teeth into; very very rare are dedicated dates given.