Monday, September 20, 2010

some souls have so much pain they could drive a counselor insane!

I had an interesting dream last night.

in brief...I went out of body to a spiritual counseling center, i nthe spirit worlds and i tried my hand at counseling a lady and i referred to "tapes", her life on tape cassettes there were. as if a copy of her life records were there.
[counseling souls from earth, about their earth lives]

I sat down with her in a room and as her life tape began to play a video, the tapes CAUGHT FIRE and the machine blew up with smoke and shudderings!
I ran out of the room to apparently seek help and i went to a main room where there was a senior counselor also working with a "Problem client"!
in this case i watched, basically, that the life problems of this counseled lady was so of much sufferings and pain that before my eyes, the senior counselor WENT INSANE!! i could see his face turn green and speckled with weird colors as he fell unconscious!
I ran back to "my" room where the tape machine then gave a final burst of smoke and then the power and lights went off in the whole counseling center!!

everyone then ran outdoors and ran off across a park, as smoke rose from the building roof!

I then had a "strange walk" with apparently a senior administrator, of this spiritual soul counseling center. as we both left the building and walked across the park, quickly, I put on "my most severe authority face"!
and i told this administrator this:

" you see how a soul can drive a counselor insane. You also saw how my client short circuited the whole energy system of this Center, with her sufferings!
BEWARE....there are souls out there who have had *such* a suffering insane painful earth life, that they are quite able to destroy an entire counseling complex and bring it permanently to the ground and ruin it for good!! all in just one meeting and sitting!!"

I then told him that they basically have NO IDEA of the immensity of the work ahead of them, that they have no idea at all as how just so much insanity and sufferings could exist in just one soul's life on earth!
Enough negative energy that the very counseling center itself could be short-circuited and ruined for good, with just this one person's life being made Opened!

then i woke up.

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  1. What do you make of the fact that you were cluing the Senior Admin in on how powerful a Soul can be? Shouldn't he already know this, or is it because you are from here {earth}, and you're able to see a different perspective on things?


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