Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012-type of end time vision, nov 19th 2009.

november 19 2009.

hi all

here it is, already 1030 in the morning, on a nice day, now that all of my work is done, I will tell you all about last nights small dream, might find this Prediction Interesting!!
It has to do with the 2012 changes, probably!

in my high school i had a crush on a nice lady. a love relented.
she never paid much attention to me.
however, from about 1970 onwards, If she appeared in any way in my dreams, she represented to me, "the Anima/muse go-between, between me and my higher self"!
so after i began the out of body experiences and the other dreams, once in a while there would be a dream involving her!
....and i had better listen too, this is my High Self Speaking!!!

not often do i have a N.... dream, and of course some of these are more intense, meaningful, involving, than others.

Like of last night.

off in the distance I could see her house, the childhood home she lived in, with her family and brother, also a friend of mine. [both were in my same class, she was part of another family, marriage from divorce, thus same age]

In this dream, she sent to me sheets of paper with writing on them, letters to Freestone.
These sheets appeared in front of my face with her house seen off in the distance behind the sheet at the upper left above the letter.
[tiny tiny details *ARE* the dream, i find, at least with me, sometimes 99% of the meaning is in those tiny details!]

upper left = from the uncounscious but "above", thus from Spirit Reality.

there were several letters, topics not recalled.

But one of these letters had it where there were three or four lines where there were words, several words per line

looked like this.....

xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx
xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx

the several lines were all colored dismal grey, but the last "new earth" line had print colored a warm earth tone.

there were three or four "x" lines, one "y" line.

*each* of the X lines had to do with things coming undone!!
[and i do not recall in what order or importance or in what line. i will sort of have to make it up using the words that i recall, bear in mind that
any of the words might really have been in another line and sometimes in several lines.]

...economic crash...disasters

---the New Earth.

the "new earth" was recalled correctly, i remember what was written , and this line was the line that was colored warm brown.

I do recall that there were several words that were repeated, in several lines.

was each line a year??
Might be, I think, especially as some words repeat, in several lines of text.

I also had the feeling, that the subject of the two or three letters from her, was about what was in those lines, even though
the lines appeared only in the middle of the second to last, or the last letter.

she is telling me something. i better believe, or at least be concerned. She is the Speaker for my High Soul Self!!

a series of years where things Go Bad, not all at once, but over several years.
then the world of Asension, where the new Earth will be, what some people call the "5D world", others might call it, "where
the human race will now live, in the Spiritual planes; not any more on the physical earth.

amazing tis it is that on any morning one can wake up to an important dream!


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