Tuesday, September 8, 2009

telling newly arrived souls in heaven, what heaven is like!

my dream.
[a copy from my other blog, "my life after near death experiences"

as usual i cannot recall the words too too much, a shame probably, but i would have Had to have a tape recorder with me in the astral.

i was in the astral. in heaven, in fact. I was in a room in a large large lakeside cottage, one that looked a bit like of the one that my parents had, when i was 10 to 18 and for two months of each summer we all lived there by the lake.
the main room had about 5 to 10 people in it, all were newcomers to heaven, just arrived from earth. my role seemed to be a "boy scout leader' to these mostly men. I sense that i was there to tell them about what heaven is like and what they each could expect as they went on wards.

I can recall my feelings more than the words, of this hour or so event.
the feelings that seemed to hang in the air, were a mixture of happiness, joy, relief, calm peacefulness, safeness.
I recall someone asking me about what the heaven places looked like and i replied to tell him that any one town or settlement had the appearance of the collective feelings of its inhabitants! even the weather, i told them, reflected everyone's state of feelings.
[the outer reflects completely the inner life]
[better have a good "inside" or else that repressed negativity will be out there for all to see and to feel!]

When this dream was over and I awoke, the Meaning of this dream, for me, was yet again the Knowing that heaven is real. there is an afterlife and I have been there. the feelings of this "home" counseling center were not like of those places here in the cities. Only good feelings were here and
everyone was very happy and excited to be truly alive and they looked forward to be going out into the greater heaven worlds!

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