Friday, September 18, 2009

an astral dream last night: changing scenery

Another astral dream last night. I copied this from my other weblog, my

I had yet another interesting astral experience last night, version number 43. in this often repeating dream, i can see how one could interpret these "psychologically"! but would be very wrong to do so.

so here I am moving along a road in a truck.
[out of body, the dream 'enabling" imagery provides the truck!]

I stop and get out to walk along a sidewalk about 400 feet to a building, in it is only a empty room, i leave. I walkbackwards but oh where is the sidewalk?! Then I realize that while the building is still there, the whole scenery has changed behind my back! I walk a bit further only to see that the road that I came in on, has now entering a tunnel, a tunnel that was not there when I came here! Then i turned around only to see that the scenery that I passed, coming back from the building, has changed yet *again*! Now there are mountains off in the distance.
I look in vain, of course, for my truck, no wheres to be found, of course, as this image also vanished!
The further that I try to orient myself, the more the scenery seems to change! the building, itself, is now gone!
Now, I basically am standing in a field, no road at all, under a sky, trees and hills all around, a dirt road nearby!

Talk about the instability of the astral planes! One could cross over to many worlds, while just standing in one spot, every single change of thought could change the apparent scenery!
But each scenery is "real"; it is the Dreamer that moves!! Teleports from one place to another, tis a bit "hard" on the go self, as this sort of reality is not that of this earth world!!

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