Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winterland. a place in heaven

hi all.

Here is a dream of hope, at least I think so, and I place it here instead of in the dream section as it deals with *our* tomorrows, far off in time, but not so far off, for some.

The Lady.
I called her that, in the dream. I do not know her name, just an older lady. I seemed to follow her life, in this dream, as if I were some ethereal "angel" watching her life. As in some movies of biography, I only saw a moment here and there, of her life.
By the time she got maybe in her 60s, she began to have a series of dreams, dreams of a place that she called "WINTERLAND". She would appear at its gates, or the boundaries, of this place, maybe several times a month. The same place, another world, not of this earth, and seemingly the residents called it also "Winterland".
As if it was "really there", like when she woke up, she knew it was still "there", in some unearthly place.
Because I was "with her", in her Biography, I also saw scenes from this place. I was really impressed and struck by the fact that there was no snow there. No bare leaved trees either! In fact the land looked lush and green, trees covered with leaves! This place, however, looked the way a "Grimm's Fairy tale" world might look. Some ancient pagan world where monsters might still roam and mythology "works"!

then she died.

Her funeral.

her Biography continued!!

I saw here now, in my next scene, she was half-asleepy walking towards a gate into Winterland. what a strange gate though! It was an archway and the two pillar-posts each had carved faces on them, much like pagan totem poles! One head stacked above the other, on both poles, and not a christian decoration in sight.
[from *what* culture?! This place is not from some American 2009 world! Was she like from South America? Germany? Some Old culture world from 1200 AD Germany?]

I could see her walk through this gate, from my vantage point from about 100 feet above and behind her. Then I floated through the air, slowly, and crossed over the boundary into this Land; now i could see yet again the terrain. Tis night here, now, the trees seemed to be colored green with their own light, the hills were low and here and there were buildings. I entered on of the larger buildings, a building that seemed to be the "next" building after she crossed through that gate. Floated through the walls, I did.
Now I "stood" in front of several people, the "greeters" to this place.
They looked like people from an old culture and they spoke to either me or to the old lady who just arrived; they spoke in a language that was not English. [Portuguese? ]
Then I heard someone else speaking, speaking in English and it was a not-seen-by-me person talking to another person.
"we had better take him back to his body now, there are cases where
visitors, if they remained too too long, they would die and be *here*"!
[my guides/angels, the people who set the dream up for me and brought me here!]

there. yet another dream of visiting a place that is one Place out of many many places; worlds without number or limit, on the other side of the Twilight Zone, places to die for indeed, will die to go to.
Everyone who reads this will go eventually to a World!


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