Tuesday, April 28, 2009

earth's 3 heavens and end times!

hi all......

About a week ago, I had this simple little dream.
[I find that often such "simple" dreams actually cover months and years of meditations and prayers!]
This is one such Simple dream!

[Ought to be in "dreams" section except that within it is a profound prophecy!!]

In my dream someone told me,
"There are three heavens, with the earth, one for each Race, the human race of today has for its heaven,
the first closest heaven [to earth]; there are two other races who have occupied the earth [in history]
and now they each have their own heavens, far above the human race's heaven. three heaven doth the earth has"
[not the 3 heavens of Paul, these heavens appear not to be in touch with each other!]

*this*, for me clarifies a tremendus bit of mysteries!

Emanual Swedenborg writes about "other ages, other races", on the earth, long long before mankind, *as* mankind.
Each race has its cycle of incarnations then an end time comes and the race is no more. Think: "Noah's
My own suspician is that the dream speaker is NOT talking about some old race of Sumaria or china or even Rome, he is speaking about two other races lost deep deep into History, no trace left and thousand and thousands of years before "Lucy" the Ape walked out of Africa!!
[deep aritifacts found in old coal mines IN the coal, for instance.]

Thus each race had its Ascension, now each of these two races live completely in a spirit world and never ever come down even to the bottom heaven.

Thus the earth supports a race, some disaster kills them off, then a period of rest for the planet, then the second race begins its earth-path, then the cycle repeats.

I Believe that *we* all are on the cusp of our graduation! that our earthtime is all but done with.

I can hear it now from the Moaners, "we all had it *so* nearly in hand, many many problems were in grasp of being solved, why now, when life is better than most of us all had, historicly"!
but I would reply to them, "yes, please turn the telescope around and look through the other end! the Timed-by-spirit end times is set in stone thus spirit amped up our cultural and indiviual evolution, during the last 200 years or so, so that more souls could get ready to ascend!
[a spirit guide once wrote that on most planets in the galacy, steam trains last for 1000+ years, the pace of inventions is so so much slower but that we all did not have that luxery at all! This is why, he spoke of, why no one with their radio telescopes can find alien radio signals! there are NONE!! there are none as by then the race ascends to their proper
real home, in the higher dimensional world!]

so our collective Time in the sun is about over, i feel, then a few 1000 years of rest, maybe more, then another race comes up to bat, in the earth's game of life. we all have by then left the playground of the baseball diamond of earth school 101 and gone of to the "new York" of the next world, a higher demnsional world, to *live* in that lower third heaven.


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