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a dream: aliens come to earth to make it Theirs!

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freestone the Dreamer is here again with yet *another* "end of the world" dream, a dream that I had last night! A really different one, from the usual topics that some magazines write "7 ways that the world could end"!

Basicly, cutting to the point, the dream had me meet some aliens. They came to earth from another planet, and that I met several of these people and I was told that "America has now come to an end, as a country", and that I told them in return, that,"Just like the primative Amazon tribes peoples, when faced with the modern age, they all abandoned their ancient ways, many of them, and embraced moving to huge cities and becoming Urban and living in the 21st century; Now the people's of the earth have now met a race thousands of years more advanced than they, and the human race will now cease to exist *as* the human race and Cultures."
This Alien representative then took out of his pocket something like of a writing pen, looked like one, and the same size. He explained that this object was the equal to a hydrogen bomb, *was* a hydrogen bomb and could do the same amount of damage as one, take out a whole metroplis!
[veiled threat, I guess; "now you all will not resist us"!]

I then went with these peoples, on a ship never ever to be with the human race ever again!!

what struck me, peoples, about this dream is the several images from the dream of the person who represented the race. he looked about as "human as one who could blend in with anyone, on a crowded noontime lunch break street, without notice", but I could actually SEE, in this dream, that this entity came from a different humanoid
stock of animal!! his face was "off", as if his humanoid face came from some other animal, in evolution. I found this "impressive" as to the Realness of this dream.

the Point of this write-up, is just how our culture, if confronting a race from the stars, a race, say, 10,000+ years more advanced than us, with faster than light travel and science that looked like MAGIC to us all: our culture will end! we would then all become like the old American Indians, as only this galactic group of races, in some Empire, will Be the New order of Things, the human race would then just become a backwater planet at worst and more likely, many many of the aliens would come to settle here, thus our planet would then just become "one of the many planets in their empire", as the Culture, on earth, would be theirs, not ours, and that we each and all would become *their* culture!.

an "end of the world" all right!

Such a strange dream in that this dream had *nothing* to do with the standard "ufo-aliens" and utterly Convincing as to what i saw, the dream's storyline and images of technology hung together as a whole, as if this dream was a prophecy of some sort, of some possible or probable reality, and because I was in it, and Noticed by the aliens as "freestone", this future, if it exists, is only a few years away!!

not something that i would dream as some kind of psychological symbol system, alone!

*in* this dream i was hoping that their metaphysics and ethics were as advanced as their science/technology was! They could, and did, read my aura and could sense, as a "field" of some sort, known only to them, of my brain patterns. "Talking" in telepethy too!

So, would a whole group of transport ships land on the fields outside of Washington, DC, coming from the mother ships that could take days to travel 50 light years, to tell the people's of earth that they are now the members of the federation and no refusal, like of 100 AD Rome telling its invaded countries that they are now part of the Empire, and that earth's way of life is now outdated and must be changed 100% to the standards of the Empire, *now*?!
---all of the landing could happen in minutes with no notice or warnings!!

so I leave you all with this disturbing dream! Not your usual "end of the world dream" was it? but it would mean the end of humanity *as* a race and a culture, just like I do not call myself, "an Englishman", as my ancestors came from England over 100 years ago!


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