Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012-type of end time vision, nov 19th 2009.

november 19 2009.

hi all

here it is, already 1030 in the morning, on a nice day, now that all of my work is done, I will tell you all about last nights small dream, might find this Prediction Interesting!!
It has to do with the 2012 changes, probably!

in my high school i had a crush on a nice lady. a love relented.
she never paid much attention to me.
however, from about 1970 onwards, If she appeared in any way in my dreams, she represented to me, "the Anima/muse go-between, between me and my higher self"!
so after i began the out of body experiences and the other dreams, once in a while there would be a dream involving her!
....and i had better listen too, this is my High Self Speaking!!!

not often do i have a N.... dream, and of course some of these are more intense, meaningful, involving, than others.

Like of last night.

off in the distance I could see her house, the childhood home she lived in, with her family and brother, also a friend of mine. [both were in my same class, she was part of another family, marriage from divorce, thus same age]

In this dream, she sent to me sheets of paper with writing on them, letters to Freestone.
These sheets appeared in front of my face with her house seen off in the distance behind the sheet at the upper left above the letter.
[tiny tiny details *ARE* the dream, i find, at least with me, sometimes 99% of the meaning is in those tiny details!]

upper left = from the uncounscious but "above", thus from Spirit Reality.

there were several letters, topics not recalled.

But one of these letters had it where there were three or four lines where there were words, several words per line

looked like this.....

xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx
xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx

the several lines were all colored dismal grey, but the last "new earth" line had print colored a warm earth tone.

there were three or four "x" lines, one "y" line.

*each* of the X lines had to do with things coming undone!!
[and i do not recall in what order or importance or in what line. i will sort of have to make it up using the words that i recall, bear in mind that
any of the words might really have been in another line and sometimes in several lines.]

...economic crash...disasters

---the New Earth.

the "new earth" was recalled correctly, i remember what was written , and this line was the line that was colored warm brown.

I do recall that there were several words that were repeated, in several lines.

was each line a year??
Might be, I think, especially as some words repeat, in several lines of text.

I also had the feeling, that the subject of the two or three letters from her, was about what was in those lines, even though
the lines appeared only in the middle of the second to last, or the last letter.

she is telling me something. i better believe, or at least be concerned. She is the Speaker for my High Soul Self!!

a series of years where things Go Bad, not all at once, but over several years.
then the world of Asension, where the new Earth will be, what some people call the "5D world", others might call it, "where
the human race will now live, in the Spiritual planes; not any more on the physical earth.

amazing tis it is that on any morning one can wake up to an important dream!


Friday, October 23, 2009

mother comes from heaven

mother comes from heaven
Originally uploaded by freestone
mother comes from heaven

[an older dream, i came scross this in my flickr and thought that i would post it.
may 1999. A dream where my 25 year deceased mother appears to me, as I, in the dream, am standing by the mailbox in front of my childhood home. She looks 100+ feet high, to the West direction, at the horizen! she tells me this message, "39, 3, 99: these numbers are in the Bible"!
I feel this is a Real Appearence! As if she actually, Objectively, appeared , coming down from heaven to tell me this message! Just to say out lod those three numbers.

Thus this "photo" is a drawing of the scene from my dream.


Uploaded by freestone on 18 Jun 05, 6.09PM EDT.

Friday, September 18, 2009

an astral dream last night: changing scenery

Another astral dream last night. I copied this from my other weblog, my

I had yet another interesting astral experience last night, version number 43. in this often repeating dream, i can see how one could interpret these "psychologically"! but would be very wrong to do so.

so here I am moving along a road in a truck.
[out of body, the dream 'enabling" imagery provides the truck!]

I stop and get out to walk along a sidewalk about 400 feet to a building, in it is only a empty room, i leave. I walkbackwards but oh where is the sidewalk?! Then I realize that while the building is still there, the whole scenery has changed behind my back! I walk a bit further only to see that the road that I came in on, has now entering a tunnel, a tunnel that was not there when I came here! Then i turned around only to see that the scenery that I passed, coming back from the building, has changed yet *again*! Now there are mountains off in the distance.
I look in vain, of course, for my truck, no wheres to be found, of course, as this image also vanished!
The further that I try to orient myself, the more the scenery seems to change! the building, itself, is now gone!
Now, I basically am standing in a field, no road at all, under a sky, trees and hills all around, a dirt road nearby!

Talk about the instability of the astral planes! One could cross over to many worlds, while just standing in one spot, every single change of thought could change the apparent scenery!
But each scenery is "real"; it is the Dreamer that moves!! Teleports from one place to another, tis a bit "hard" on the go self, as this sort of reality is not that of this earth world!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

telling newly arrived souls in heaven, what heaven is like!

my dream.
[a copy from my other blog, "my life after near death experiences"

as usual i cannot recall the words too too much, a shame probably, but i would have Had to have a tape recorder with me in the astral.

i was in the astral. in heaven, in fact. I was in a room in a large large lakeside cottage, one that looked a bit like of the one that my parents had, when i was 10 to 18 and for two months of each summer we all lived there by the lake.
the main room had about 5 to 10 people in it, all were newcomers to heaven, just arrived from earth. my role seemed to be a "boy scout leader' to these mostly men. I sense that i was there to tell them about what heaven is like and what they each could expect as they went on wards.

I can recall my feelings more than the words, of this hour or so event.
the feelings that seemed to hang in the air, were a mixture of happiness, joy, relief, calm peacefulness, safeness.
I recall someone asking me about what the heaven places looked like and i replied to tell him that any one town or settlement had the appearance of the collective feelings of its inhabitants! even the weather, i told them, reflected everyone's state of feelings.
[the outer reflects completely the inner life]
[better have a good "inside" or else that repressed negativity will be out there for all to see and to feel!]

When this dream was over and I awoke, the Meaning of this dream, for me, was yet again the Knowing that heaven is real. there is an afterlife and I have been there. the feelings of this "home" counseling center were not like of those places here in the cities. Only good feelings were here and
everyone was very happy and excited to be truly alive and they looked forward to be going out into the greater heaven worlds!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

welcome to my visions.

hi all.

I think that it is "time" for me to write a small introduction, here, for any new visitors, as now I have a faster Internet connection in my room, and twitter.

I have experienced hundreds of astral travel dreams, over the years, and here on this blog I
write up some of them for you to read and to share with others.
[please tell me if you post any of them to a website, I would like to see your site!]

there are dreams and vision of
the after life worlds, heaven and hell.
prophecies and visions of the "end times".
alien abduction experiences and alien afterlife worlds.
general writings about autism, and life.

thank you.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a vision: "DEFCON 1"!

hi all....

this here Freestone again with yet *another* strange prophetic dream!
"DEFCON 1"!!

The dream begins where I find that I am in my old Air Force department, my 1967 Air force period of my life, stationed in Japan, in the squadron where a secret clearance was needed.

[In most of these dreams, I have been "going" to be back in this place, now, for many many years, in my dreams, from time to time.
there has been, over these years, TWO variants of these dreams,
...One, the standard psychological recall dream, where maybe this squadron represents my intellect or my mind of of "just me".
...the other is where I visit an OBJECTIVE astral place, a place that might be symbolized by this squadron. A real heaven place, in the upper Zones of the heavens.]

In my dream of about may 1st of 2009, I went to the astral version
of this squadron.

I came into the office and as I walked to the computer room, I noted on the doorway, a sign in huge red letters,


I read this sign, it indicated the condition that the people inside of this computer room were working with, under the Condition of.

Then someone at a desk behind me, in the outer room, told me that as I had been away for awhile from this place and that things have changed since, I had to take a "re-evaluative test" to see if I was qualified to enter the computer room!
This test then began. He asked me the first question: "who was Franklin D Roosevelt"?!
----then I woke up, end of dream.

from the Internet.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is a measure of the activation and readiness level of the United States Armed Forces. It describes progressive postures for use between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of unified commands. DEFCONs are matched to the situations of military severity. Standard peacetime protocol is DEFCON 5, descending in increasingly severe situations. DEFCON 1 represents expectation of actual imminent attack, and is not known to have ever been declared. During the Cold War, DEFCON 1 was feared because it would most likely precede an all-out nuclear war.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945), often referred to by his initials FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States. He was a central figure of the 20th century during a time of worldwide economic crisis and world war. Elected to four terms in office, he served from 1933 to 1945 and is the only U.S. president to have served more than two terms. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were fifth cousins but were close. FDR's wife Eleanor Roosevelt was Theodore's orphaned niece who he gave away in marriage to "cousin Franklin" in 1905.

-----I feel sure that the defcon 1 and the Question are related to each other. And....that inside of this "computer room" is an "inner chamber" where Decisions are made or Intelligence is obtained, about the Conditions of heaven and earth!
For the Future!!

defcon 1 = World war III, almost certainly, if this Condition refers to
a earthly, not heavenly, emergency!

and Roosevelt? That he was president in 1933, and WW II began about 1939, or 1938, for Europe, at least. Five to six years from "election", 1933.
Obama *might* be soon thought of, I feel, as the "new Roosevelt"
as he is now dealing with the great depression of 2008, like FDR did, in the 30s.
*IS* WW III a few years away" will this war be averted?!
the Danger is there, at least, maybe about 2013 to 2015.

If this "defcon 1" is a heavenly condition of emergency, then ???? I would not really know what this refers to.

I have an Idea though: that as I was Told, in spirit, a few years ago, that "now purgatory lands have now been made part of heaven; the
hell worlds are next, to become part of heaven, then the fact of hell and heaven becoming the *exact* same place, would indeed constitute a kind of "emergency" there!! many of the masters and guides might find this out rudely, as they "might be the last to know"!

"scary" for me, even, to Know that hades/hell/Sheol, will be in the same place as the heaven worlds, the inhabitants of both places freely mingle with each other!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winterland. a place in heaven

hi all.

Here is a dream of hope, at least I think so, and I place it here instead of in the dream section as it deals with *our* tomorrows, far off in time, but not so far off, for some.

The Lady.
I called her that, in the dream. I do not know her name, just an older lady. I seemed to follow her life, in this dream, as if I were some ethereal "angel" watching her life. As in some movies of biography, I only saw a moment here and there, of her life.
By the time she got maybe in her 60s, she began to have a series of dreams, dreams of a place that she called "WINTERLAND". She would appear at its gates, or the boundaries, of this place, maybe several times a month. The same place, another world, not of this earth, and seemingly the residents called it also "Winterland".
As if it was "really there", like when she woke up, she knew it was still "there", in some unearthly place.
Because I was "with her", in her Biography, I also saw scenes from this place. I was really impressed and struck by the fact that there was no snow there. No bare leaved trees either! In fact the land looked lush and green, trees covered with leaves! This place, however, looked the way a "Grimm's Fairy tale" world might look. Some ancient pagan world where monsters might still roam and mythology "works"!

then she died.

Her funeral.

her Biography continued!!

I saw here now, in my next scene, she was half-asleepy walking towards a gate into Winterland. what a strange gate though! It was an archway and the two pillar-posts each had carved faces on them, much like pagan totem poles! One head stacked above the other, on both poles, and not a christian decoration in sight.
[from *what* culture?! This place is not from some American 2009 world! Was she like from South America? Germany? Some Old culture world from 1200 AD Germany?]

I could see her walk through this gate, from my vantage point from about 100 feet above and behind her. Then I floated through the air, slowly, and crossed over the boundary into this Land; now i could see yet again the terrain. Tis night here, now, the trees seemed to be colored green with their own light, the hills were low and here and there were buildings. I entered on of the larger buildings, a building that seemed to be the "next" building after she crossed through that gate. Floated through the walls, I did.
Now I "stood" in front of several people, the "greeters" to this place.
They looked like people from an old culture and they spoke to either me or to the old lady who just arrived; they spoke in a language that was not English. [Portuguese? ]
Then I heard someone else speaking, speaking in English and it was a not-seen-by-me person talking to another person.
"we had better take him back to his body now, there are cases where
visitors, if they remained too too long, they would die and be *here*"!
[my guides/angels, the people who set the dream up for me and brought me here!]

there. yet another dream of visiting a place that is one Place out of many many places; worlds without number or limit, on the other side of the Twilight Zone, places to die for indeed, will die to go to.
Everyone who reads this will go eventually to a World!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

earth's 3 heavens and end times!

hi all......

About a week ago, I had this simple little dream.
[I find that often such "simple" dreams actually cover months and years of meditations and prayers!]
This is one such Simple dream!

[Ought to be in "dreams" section except that within it is a profound prophecy!!]

In my dream someone told me,
"There are three heavens, with the earth, one for each Race, the human race of today has for its heaven,
the first closest heaven [to earth]; there are two other races who have occupied the earth [in history]
and now they each have their own heavens, far above the human race's heaven. three heaven doth the earth has"
[not the 3 heavens of Paul, these heavens appear not to be in touch with each other!]

*this*, for me clarifies a tremendus bit of mysteries!

Emanual Swedenborg writes about "other ages, other races", on the earth, long long before mankind, *as* mankind.
Each race has its cycle of incarnations then an end time comes and the race is no more. Think: "Noah's
My own suspician is that the dream speaker is NOT talking about some old race of Sumaria or china or even Rome, he is speaking about two other races lost deep deep into History, no trace left and thousand and thousands of years before "Lucy" the Ape walked out of Africa!!
[deep aritifacts found in old coal mines IN the coal, for instance.]

Thus each race had its Ascension, now each of these two races live completely in a spirit world and never ever come down even to the bottom heaven.

Thus the earth supports a race, some disaster kills them off, then a period of rest for the planet, then the second race begins its earth-path, then the cycle repeats.

I Believe that *we* all are on the cusp of our graduation! that our earthtime is all but done with.

I can hear it now from the Moaners, "we all had it *so* nearly in hand, many many problems were in grasp of being solved, why now, when life is better than most of us all had, historicly"!
but I would reply to them, "yes, please turn the telescope around and look through the other end! the Timed-by-spirit end times is set in stone thus spirit amped up our cultural and indiviual evolution, during the last 200 years or so, so that more souls could get ready to ascend!
[a spirit guide once wrote that on most planets in the galacy, steam trains last for 1000+ years, the pace of inventions is so so much slower but that we all did not have that luxery at all! This is why, he spoke of, why no one with their radio telescopes can find alien radio signals! there are NONE!! there are none as by then the race ascends to their proper
real home, in the higher dimensional world!]

so our collective Time in the sun is about over, i feel, then a few 1000 years of rest, maybe more, then another race comes up to bat, in the earth's game of life. we all have by then left the playground of the baseball diamond of earth school 101 and gone of to the "new York" of the next world, a higher demnsional world, to *live* in that lower third heaven.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

a dream: aliens come to earth to make it Theirs!

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post there.

hi all.

freestone the Dreamer is here again with yet *another* "end of the world" dream, a dream that I had last night! A really different one, from the usual topics that some magazines write "7 ways that the world could end"!

Basicly, cutting to the point, the dream had me meet some aliens. They came to earth from another planet, and that I met several of these people and I was told that "America has now come to an end, as a country", and that I told them in return, that,"Just like the primative Amazon tribes peoples, when faced with the modern age, they all abandoned their ancient ways, many of them, and embraced moving to huge cities and becoming Urban and living in the 21st century; Now the people's of the earth have now met a race thousands of years more advanced than they, and the human race will now cease to exist *as* the human race and Cultures."
This Alien representative then took out of his pocket something like of a writing pen, looked like one, and the same size. He explained that this object was the equal to a hydrogen bomb, *was* a hydrogen bomb and could do the same amount of damage as one, take out a whole metroplis!
[veiled threat, I guess; "now you all will not resist us"!]

I then went with these peoples, on a ship never ever to be with the human race ever again!!

what struck me, peoples, about this dream is the several images from the dream of the person who represented the race. he looked about as "human as one who could blend in with anyone, on a crowded noontime lunch break street, without notice", but I could actually SEE, in this dream, that this entity came from a different humanoid
stock of animal!! his face was "off", as if his humanoid face came from some other animal, in evolution. I found this "impressive" as to the Realness of this dream.

the Point of this write-up, is just how our culture, if confronting a race from the stars, a race, say, 10,000+ years more advanced than us, with faster than light travel and science that looked like MAGIC to us all: our culture will end! we would then all become like the old American Indians, as only this galactic group of races, in some Empire, will Be the New order of Things, the human race would then just become a backwater planet at worst and more likely, many many of the aliens would come to settle here, thus our planet would then just become "one of the many planets in their empire", as the Culture, on earth, would be theirs, not ours, and that we each and all would become *their* culture!.

an "end of the world" all right!

Such a strange dream in that this dream had *nothing* to do with the standard "ufo-aliens" and utterly Convincing as to what i saw, the dream's storyline and images of technology hung together as a whole, as if this dream was a prophecy of some sort, of some possible or probable reality, and because I was in it, and Noticed by the aliens as "freestone", this future, if it exists, is only a few years away!!

not something that i would dream as some kind of psychological symbol system, alone!

*in* this dream i was hoping that their metaphysics and ethics were as advanced as their science/technology was! They could, and did, read my aura and could sense, as a "field" of some sort, known only to them, of my brain patterns. "Talking" in telepethy too!

So, would a whole group of transport ships land on the fields outside of Washington, DC, coming from the mother ships that could take days to travel 50 light years, to tell the people's of earth that they are now the members of the federation and no refusal, like of 100 AD Rome telling its invaded countries that they are now part of the Empire, and that earth's way of life is now outdated and must be changed 100% to the standards of the Empire, *now*?!
---all of the landing could happen in minutes with no notice or warnings!!

so I leave you all with this disturbing dream! Not your usual "end of the world dream" was it? but it would mean the end of humanity *as* a race and a culture, just like I do not call myself, "an Englishman", as my ancestors came from England over 100 years ago!