Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dream of water leaking out of everything!

hi all....

oh dreams!

I have straaaaaange ones!

like of a few nights ago!

it began when I was sitting in some unknown old house that was a large apartment house. this was not "my" apartment, though, probably following the astral counterpart of someone else.

I was playing a game on a computer, my new lcd monitor that I had just bought, in my dream, made the game very immerse and "real".

I was then distracted by the sound of running water, behind me. water was pouring out of the sofa and also out of the speakers on my boom box!! then I heard the SCREAMS!

[I woke up, then; but the dream sort of continued, where I was half awake]

screams and shrieks of ladies. the kind of sound made when a lady has a spider fall into her hair! I went out into the hall and looked through a open door into another apartment. I could see water on the floor, the rug looked like a swamp. water was coming out of the electric sockets and also out of the seat of a chair!

more screams from upstairs. another tenant came running down the stairs and her cell phone, in her hand, was a-gushing water like ya can not believe! water was also coming down the stairs.
Then the door opened and a policeman came in, but he stopped cold when his police radio sprung a huge leak and a shower-head's worth of water streamed out all over the floor. his badge was leaking too.

"occult....occult", someone shouted!!

"I know who to ask", someone said.
"my friend across the street is a Minister of a spiritualist church and she is a medium, lets get her and ask her why the water is coming out of things that no water can ever ever come out of!

this psychic sits down in a wet chair. quietly she asks her Guide and the guide's spirits, "what is going on"?!

[now this is where things get REAL interesting, people, as what she says had nothing to do with what I would have created from my own mind, thus i post this in the prophecy section, not the dream area!]

she says, or rather, the guide speaks and she quotes what she hears.
the personage who is the guide, is NOT her guide this time, it is MOTHER MARY!

" the water has Broken"....
[the "B" is pronounced as if the B were capitalized.]
"the water has broken, the womb membrane is rent, the Birth of the Baby comes quickly"!
"the baby is the whole human race, and the Birth is immanent; the whole human race is to be Born, collectively, "ready" or not"!
["born" as in "reborn, when one accepts Jesus as one's savior and then the Baby is now the Christicised soul. as if every human being on the planet is to become saved all at one time and it matters not how "evil' or sinful one is!]

there. my dream offering for today!


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