Thursday, November 13, 2008

my astral rescue mission for a man who did not know he was dead!

hi all.

another one of those astral travel dreams last night. In this one, the experience began when I awoke to find that I was in an open field near someones home and the owner of the house was sitting on the ground. the air was dark and gloomy, and i could feel that he was depressed. the surroundings fitted his mood well!

I stood before him and in one of those Knowings, knowings that I would never ever have as "freestone", i told him that he was DEAD!
"YOU ARE DEAD, I yelled. I shouted that he died and that he did not know this at all and that he was only sitting in the low astral, thinking that he was still alive.

no response.

I then Invoked the name of Jesus and invoked that he with his angels come to fetch him to a real heaven.
Suddenly i saw that there was a ring of light about ten feet across, slowly descend upon him and over his shoulders. I could then tell that "they" were taking him upwards to a higher and real heaven plane.

In most of people's rescue missions of this sort, and in many of my own others, I would normally see that he would bodily rise up and vanish from sight as he would raise in vibration to go into that Place.
In this one, however, I went with him! that circle of light included me too! Both of us appeared in what looked to be a kitchen in a house, a large kitchen. Then about four people came over to embrace him: his relatives, or angel helpers, probably. they hugged him very tightly, as if they were afraid that he would go into denial and then slip away from heaven to go back down to his "haunt", the backside to the earthplane!
They took him away, i was then alone. I could, however, see through a window into the dining room; around the table were about ten people of different ages, probably his relatives.
As I left this place, I saw above me through the ceiling, several people getting up from their chairs and they each was taking off of their heads some kind of "instrument" that looked to be exactly from a science fiction novel i once read where a person could wear a kind of large helmet where he could imagine a scene and then this scene would appear before them in the world!
[this house, kitchen. etc, was Imagined by souls higher up in the heavens, just for this rescue mission!]

I was getting to leave this house when apparently I was "Noticed" by the guides there!! The inference was that my presence there was not usual.
As I stood near them, I saw the Person in charge, of this heaven project of soul-rescue. Someone told me that this person comes from the 21st plane. [21 levels of heaven, i read once that the 21st level is the first of the GOD-PLANE levels]
He briefly appeared and slightly out of focus at that, but I could see his wide smile and his "afro-like" hair.

I betcha: Sathya sai baba!!

Then the guide told me that I must stay AWAY from this Overguide!! not to have anything to do with him!
[I can see WHY: he is utterly of India-path and i am utterly of the western way of living, spiritually as well as technologically. a "cat and dog" comparison.]

end of dream.

no dream, this, of course. I would call these experiences, "near death experiences", really, as they are not dreams!


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