Thursday, October 23, 2008

vision of astroid hitting the earth! From Mother Mary?!

hi all....

Oh this ole freestone had a doozy of a dream last night, the 23rd of October, 2008.

Not too often do I have one of those "end of the world" dreams; this is one of them!

The dreambegins, innocently enough, where I dreamawake to find that I am in the U S
Air Force, working in the computer room. Since I was in the Air Force in the 60s, working there with computers, this dream scene appears to me about 3 or 5 times a month.
[symbolizes "me" in my inner mind]

There was a bit of "astral" feeling to this dream, as there sometimes is, the people that I worked with seemed to be real people and people I never knew in life.
[probably astral traveled to meet a group of people, bringing some of my own scenery with me! I do this sometimes, to meet people, we meet in a place that I "bring with me" from my earthlife: if I had not paid attention to the astral "scenery", I would think upon awakening that I had just another dream!]
I took a small break to sit and rest, alone in a room next to the computer.
Suddenly I noted some "disturbance" on the wall to my right! A scene appeared there, a scene like of a mural, a scene about five feet across. I had trouble understanding what I saw, a still frame of what looked to be of a group of "royal looking" men. men of Authority, like of Head Priests. They stood in rows, about
10 to 15 men, with "Egyptian" looking buildings behind them. They did not move, the scene stood there for many minutes. I could not recognize what culture gave to them their clothes, but the clothes and headgear just oozed...."authority".."ruler"...."chief"..."head priest".
[These Guides came "down" from a higher heavenly plane, to give to me their Knowledge of a future event-to-come, where I came up to the astral plane to receive this message]

Then, the scene changed. I saw the earth from space, the planet was about three feet across, on this wall. Then I saw coming from above and behind the earth, another round body of a planet "toid". the body was very round, unlike asteroids shapes. This object looked to be about 800 to 1200 miles across.
Then I saw this planet approach the earth in a nearly parallel path. This object then struck the earth with a glancing blow and then passed off again into space.

My dream jaw dropped, at this image, I then called the men in from the other room, but I was the only person who could see this image, as it then faded, I heard what I thought was a dim voice speaking from the wall.

"in about two to three years"!!

I wake up. end of dream!

maybe the economic Depression will be the least of our fears, if this comes to pass. Did I have a prophetic vision, given to me by these Priests?! Are they right?

"a glancing blow"?!!

---probably would "merely" give the whole planet Richter 8s to Richter 11s, earthquakes, all over the planet, for hours and hours and days, with 500 foot to 3000 foot tidal waves, to boot! Also ruin a whole continent or sea, as i could see, in that image, the debris of the surface going out into space, as this planet slid across the surface for a thousand miles!
Change, maybe, the orbit and the polar orientation too, maybe the moon's orbit and timing also. Might move the earth's positional orbit around the sun. warmer or colder depending.....
Would NOT be good.

So again I have been Inducted into the List of Doomseers, in spite of what I might want to think!!


Here are some more ruminations on that vision, It takes me, often, days to digest such visions.

Both planets were white. but this could be just due to the way the guides gave the images, after all, the colors and image was simple. planets do look white from space.

...a dull red color *would* be the color of a dying star, the red color would be where the surface temperature would be about 400 degrees.
but if this is a dying star, be bad news! the weight of this thing would then be almostas much as the earth!
but then again the new discoveries of the Planetoids beyond pluto, have them where they all are round. with atmospheres too, mostly of methane. Might be dozens and dozens of them out there, in the Oort cloud.
"only a glancing blow" eh?!!
---even if this thing were to miss the surface by 300 miles, the tidal forces would be immense. think of a high tide of 1000 feet! bethen a real tidal wave of 1000 feet being pulled along with this thing. but i was shown the stuff being thrown into space. maybe just atmosphere, but probably water and surface from the earth.

if this is a true vision.
who were "they", the Givers of this vision?!
---Now i am beginning to think that they were "ALIENS"! from a whole another culture than of anything that I could imagine, thus it was me who described them as being "ancient egyptian"! It would be aliens who would see such an event coming to the earth! But these beings really might be Aliens who live in *their* spirit world, their heavens above their home planet.

Anyway, would not be good. if this were to dig out a 20 mile deep trench across, say, the Pafific ocean, the exposed rocks would be, at that depth, about 600 to 100 degrees, the ocean rushes in and then turns to steam! In a year, the whole surface of the earth is entombed in fog from ground to 70,000 feet, darkeness at noon so so bad that no photosynthesis could occur for ten years and all plants die!
If across land, then dust and haze doing the same. 10% of the atmosphere would be methane gas. richter 10 earthquakes for all, for weeks.


but are these beings TRUE?

I am but the channeler for this vision, I cannot validate it, yet. maybe If if were to Pray a bit, I might soon get an answer.

the depression might be the least of our worries!


I takes me about three days to digest such visions as this one, maybe longer.
[there was a recent event that took me over four months, and there was a dream back in the early 70s that took me until maybe 1998 to decode!]

As I lay half-awake, I meditated upon the images from this vision. i did not get much for the planet image, but I got something VERY interesting for the three rows of the Guides that looked abit like aliens.

I got an Impression: they are of the Roman Catholic church!
the "Ascended Saints"! that is the word that I got.
[*really* old old souls, maybe an Office of archangels, ??????]
Then I saw a full front image of a young woman with a baby in her arms.
MOTHER MARY, of course!

*this* now places this vision up to a even higher level of incredibility!!

If I am right in my morning's half awake, half asleep imaging, I have not only some Expanded further insight, I have now become even the more Impressed and Humbled!
and...a bit "scared"!
[a Messege from Mother Mary in disguise. Up there with the Ultimate in Profoundness of Visions! With also the Ultimate in Authority!!]

---is there another alternative to "planetoid hitting the earth"?!
the only thing that I can think of, is of "a great input of spirit coming to the earth"!

But alas, probably it is the planetoid version that is real.

now...what am I gonna do with this?! Why did I be shown this. I am not the one who will want to yell "fire" in a crowded classroom, the lessons of life will be over for the day if I do, most people should just go on living and growing in spirit and soul, in the time left.

maybe just there for me.
to let me know that my life may well have an End, a dated end. Assuming that I will die then.
since I allready have been shown...."end of civilization in 2 more years", this goes along with it.

thus I can now make choices in my life, reflecting this. simple to profound, things to not get involved with, and thing to embrace, time might be very short, as this vision gives..."in two or three years"!!
choose carefully, everything that you touch takes Time and there is little time left. and everything, today, seems to take a LOT of time, even small things!

even in the Voting, I will choose accordingly, unless there is a great
change in the candidates near election day, I will go with the idea of voting for the Man who will maximize the "poor underdogs and the liberal ideas of these last 50 years"! give everyone a chance to shine, in the latter days, before the game ends, let the people on the bench come out to play, in the last 20 minutes of gameplay.

but of course this image of the Rock, could only infer that a rock of maybe two miles wide hits, doing only small damage, a tidal wave of ten feet and only hundreds die.

but it could be a ltteral image. 300 to 500 miles across, at least 100 miles!

So now i will have to live with this!


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