Tuesday, October 14, 2008

prophecy and a dream

hi all....

[about my prophecy of volcanic winter, and dreams]

Yesterday I bought a computer game called "OUTCRY"!


The original title of Phantomery Interactive’s first game, Outcry,

There isn’t much of a story to be recounted in Outcry. You’ll play the role of a middle-aged writer who receives a strange, confused letter from his brother, a scientist whom he hasn’t seen for years. Upon arrival at your brother’s home, you will discover that in the past few weeks he missed all his lectures at the local university and began a reclusive life in his apartment, where he was working on a mysterious machine, and then suddenly disappeared altogether. From scattered diary pages and incoherent notes, you will learn that your brother was convinced that human consciousness could be separated from the body and that he was trying to test this “paramount discovery” on himself. Something must have gone wrong, and it’s up to you now to find out his ultimate fate.

The premise is surely fascinating: the parting of body and spirit, the possibility of reliving the past and changing it by a mere act of consciousness, and the inner conflict between the Self and its shadowy doppelgänger are profound and meaningful themes, very rarely seen in the majority of today’s adventures.

"astral travel", in a nutshell.
I began this trippy game, yesterday, of course it was Columbus day, the day of adventuring to new worlds!

A game about astral travel.
In the game he uses plant drugs and sound and a small diving bell of a room, to have
this occur.

As I later went to bed, I told myself," I would not need all of those things to Astral travel, all that I have to do is to DREAM!

and I did dream.
and I did astral travel.

I went to my childhood farm country but when "awoke" in this place I could tell that this place was NOTHING like my childhood home farmland, at all! I apparently wanted to go to see my friend Sam, an old childhood friend who lived across the road from me, in the 60s and 70s who turned sour on me later in life.
And..there was his house. It looked nothing like his childhood home and it also looked nothing like of any house on this earthplane! Of course I was not on the earth any more, I was in a heaven, afterlife, world!!
I stood outside of his house and low and behold Sam came out to see me. He looked a bit like of a "younger edition" of himself, as heaven dwelling people do look younger. He was not angry at me any more. Interestingly, I could only see him if i looked out of the corner of my eye, a direct look gave only "nothing", he was invisible!
[slightly different vibrational differences]
Sam was glad to see me and in our conversation he lamented to me that some personal valuable item that he had was not even noticed at the Auction of his stuff after he died.
[Sam was the person who came to me in early 2007 to tell me that "there would be no hurricanes in 2007 and only maybe one storm for 2008". He was an Indian Shaman in another incarnation!]
Then I told Sam something. Interestingly, SAM sometimes comes to me in my dreams to tell me prophetic things, now this time I gave to *him* a prediction!
Oh, a prediction that I already know about, thus I may have only given to him something that has no relation to "objective Prophetic truth", at all!
I told to Sam that.....

"December 12th begins the year of the earthquake, which will pass on to the next year, the year of the Volcano, then the year after will be the year of the Cold, be sure that everyone has wood or coal for heating"!

[Someone on www.prophecies.us forums Told this, that "there will be soon the year of the earthquake, then the year of the volcano. He also writes about the year of the cold winter which will kill hundreds of thousands of people all over the world!
Thus I am using his words, here, to tell Sam, but with the added "kick", that of course a volcanic year will lead to a volcanic global cooling, but what is hidden OMINOUS, here is that I am inferring to SAM that there will be little electricity or gas/oil, to heat with, for the Northern lands affected by volcanic dust making for a cold winter! Only coal or wood, i tell to him.]

After I left Sam, I wandered along to the gardens outside of a healing center for newly arrived souls, to this plane, this world of heaven. A group of people had just returned from some Gospel concert of a sing and they had "fliers" from the event, i could actually touch and to move some of the sheets of paper, to look at the incredible artwork! Really really good illustrative designs on the front of the Program sheets.
Several people then told me a bit of their earthly lives.

by now the time was about 7 AM in the morning, as I live at a senior home, this morning the ambulance came and woke me up, end of astral traveling, the ambulance comes several times a week, in the fall winter and spring; everyone knows that soon it will come for them, i walked out later to see that someone who used to live here, had died yesterday, in her nursing home. Everyone here has to be friends with Mr Death!

There is a very VERY ominous astrological aspect around the end of December of this 2008 year, mars conjunct Pluto at the new moon, 6 degrees Capricorn, it is my feelings, people, that IF there is to be the beginning of this "earthquake-volcano-cold" progression of years, December 27th will be the trigger Time for this to begin, maybe not *on* that day, but maybe months later. the exact degree, 6 degree Capricorn, gives me a bit of the "Chills", in feelings, intuitively, that this is NO
ordinary mars...Pluto thing! [mars conjuncts this planet every 3 to 4 years!]
the Trigger, this is...from December 27th to, say, May of 2009, or even later, the earthquakes *might* begin!!


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