Sunday, August 10, 2008

hundreds of Buzzards flying to the east: a dreamvision!

hi all....
last night's dream, as of the 10th of August, 2008.
I was standing somewheres at my childhood home area, in upstate new york, was nighttime. I was outdoors and I some noise above my head and I looked upwards. I saw the lead birds of some great Mass of huge huge birds! Hundreds of these six-foot wide wingspread birds, all flying in a river-like formation, were then flying directly towards the due east direction. They looked, to me, like Buzzards. These are the only such birds that look like that, to me, here in Tallahassee Florida and also in upstate new york too.
the second half of this dream was where I then looked downwards at the ground, and there was essentially a large sheet of paper there with sentences written upon it. I could only read and understand one or two lines, but the Last Line was clearly readable to me in my dream state.
"Study the astrological aspects very carefully, for the next two years"!
end of dream.
I looked again at the aspects for the next two years, in my copy of the ephemeris. very *VERY* bad!!Essentially there is, at the 15th of this month, Friday, a lunar eclipse with mars square Pluto! Dangerous indeed. Mars is supposed to be the "trigger planet" for any long process of aspects. Like of the process for the next two years, with Pluto! Slowly, ever so slowly, Saturn will oppose Uranus and Jupiter, where *both* are squared Pluto in a T-square! Summer of 2010, Saturn , Jupiter, Uranus, mars, Venus, will be conjunct at about 1 degree Aries, all opposed Saturn in early Libra, and the 4 degree Capricorn Pluto will square ALL OF THEM!And....this Pluto thing will last for two years, 2008, late, to early 2011!
Probably, my guess, the Buzzards are now going to where the DEATHS WILL BE! That is....where there will be lots and lots of bodies for them to eat. "now", maybe as in the "Georgia war", and later, as in this aspect of planets! A LOT of the deaths will be in the "east", as in "east of the Atlantic Ocean". Now. And later.
does not look Good, in the ole prophecy department, people!!

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