Saturday, July 5, 2008

my very first end time vision: sai baba

hi all.

Today, here on the 12th floor computer at the senior Home, I type out yet again, maybe a bit differently, my very FIRST "end of civilization"

In about 1980, I discovered sathya sai baba. I thought, then, very highly of him, and I began to buy books written about and by him.
Even in 1980, he was very popular, there, in India.

However, even as he did, and even NOW, he says that the world will not end in his lifetime, he feels that he will die around 2021, I fear that I beg to differ with him as about late 1980 I had a Vision!!

a vision dangerious.......

the vision began, the dream begins....I am standing upon a concrete
patio of immense size, a patio in front of a huge two floor building that obviously is a modern building but done in the "neo-classical" India style. this patio consisted of large concrete sections, much like of sidewalk sections.
there was tall grass growing in the cracks all over this 100 foot square
patio, and the grass was brown colored. Off in the distance i could see the building and I noted that many of the windows had sun-awnings and that many of these awnings had collapsed from Time and Weather.
the building looked "ok", not "bombed" or attacked. The whole scene felt and looked ABANDONED!

there was an old man standing in front of the entrance steps to the building. he turned to me and said, "all is wreck and ruin"!

the sky was not blue, the sky was a dusty brown color.

I then began to walk around inside of the building. doors to classrooms and offices were all open or unlocked. I could see inside "haste" as many of the stuffs were removed. then I saw time and weather making further ruin of what was left.
there was no one in the building.
no squatters, no refugees, not even an Indian "red cross" or government office, i was the only person here!

I then eventually came back out, the old man was gone.

Suddenly the whole scene changes; the scene is the same but now there was green grass and whole awnings. what struck me as "odd"
was the number of male young men wandering about, all purposeful, and most of them were carring books or briefcases of some sort. must have been several hundred men, on the green or on the patio.

dream is over.

----I only found out later, years later, that baba founded a number of women's and men colleges, all over India, since 1980. I had seen several pictures of these, all were in one complete building, one building per campus.
This is very probably what I saw, one of these colleges, maybe founded in the late 90s, or later.

---sometime in the future, this college will be abandoned.
yes, people who read this, all colleges and all buildings sooner or later
end. even Rome fell. thus this Vision strikes me as very VERY signifigent! this "ending" is not a normal "ending"!!
this vision was almost the very first sathya baba dream that I had, after i found out about him!

what I feel is even the MORE omenious, is that in the 2008 greatly overpopulated India, a sound but abandoned building WILL very soon have people squatting in it! what is it, calcutta has over 1,000,000
people who live on the streets?!
*if* no squatters, then surely if a great disaster, then the red cross or a government administrative center would be there, or even the center of a invading country's government.
*this* infers, to me, that there are really no people here!!

no red cross, no governments, no people.

only dusky skies and abandoned buildings are there here.


what is this vision then?!
baba says, no end times. hooooever: I have this vision.
there is no time given, no hint as to when the building is abandoned.
maybe the "event" has now been "over-written" by spirit. maybe not.

that "old man" *might* have been Shirdi sai baba! sathya claims that he was shirdi in the previous lifetime, shirdi lived from 1839 to 1918.
I have had one dream of Shirdi appearing to me, BEFORE this building dream, maybe six months before.
thus then this old man is not perhaps just an ordinary "old man" but a Sad-guru, a Holy man, a personage who is still "worshipped" by tens of millions of devotees all over india!!

amps up the "danger" of this vision being Real and True, by a huge huge amount, if the old man was Shirdi!

so I leave this now "undigestible" vision to you all to ponder upon, to comment upon!

have a good day.....


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