Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dream of water leaking out of everything!

hi all....

oh dreams!

I have straaaaaange ones!

like of a few nights ago!

it began when I was sitting in some unknown old house that was a large apartment house. this was not "my" apartment, though, probably following the astral counterpart of someone else.

I was playing a game on a computer, my new lcd monitor that I had just bought, in my dream, made the game very immerse and "real".

I was then distracted by the sound of running water, behind me. water was pouring out of the sofa and also out of the speakers on my boom box!! then I heard the SCREAMS!

[I woke up, then; but the dream sort of continued, where I was half awake]

screams and shrieks of ladies. the kind of sound made when a lady has a spider fall into her hair! I went out into the hall and looked through a open door into another apartment. I could see water on the floor, the rug looked like a swamp. water was coming out of the electric sockets and also out of the seat of a chair!

more screams from upstairs. another tenant came running down the stairs and her cell phone, in her hand, was a-gushing water like ya can not believe! water was also coming down the stairs.
Then the door opened and a policeman came in, but he stopped cold when his police radio sprung a huge leak and a shower-head's worth of water streamed out all over the floor. his badge was leaking too.

"occult....occult", someone shouted!!

"I know who to ask", someone said.
"my friend across the street is a Minister of a spiritualist church and she is a medium, lets get her and ask her why the water is coming out of things that no water can ever ever come out of!

this psychic sits down in a wet chair. quietly she asks her Guide and the guide's spirits, "what is going on"?!

[now this is where things get REAL interesting, people, as what she says had nothing to do with what I would have created from my own mind, thus i post this in the prophecy section, not the dream area!]

she says, or rather, the guide speaks and she quotes what she hears.
the personage who is the guide, is NOT her guide this time, it is MOTHER MARY!

" the water has Broken"....
[the "B" is pronounced as if the B were capitalized.]
"the water has broken, the womb membrane is rent, the Birth of the Baby comes quickly"!
"the baby is the whole human race, and the Birth is immanent; the whole human race is to be Born, collectively, "ready" or not"!
["born" as in "reborn, when one accepts Jesus as one's savior and then the Baby is now the Christicised soul. as if every human being on the planet is to become saved all at one time and it matters not how "evil' or sinful one is!]

there. my dream offering for today!


Friday, November 21, 2008

we all are doing better than we think!

hi all.

yes, I think that "things are better than they look"!

I am not writing, here, about the economy or the politics. These are only aftereffects of other events.

there is something of an artist's painting, that I saw way way back in June of this 2008 year.
He painted this work, showing some natural scenery of Florida. he was utterly unaware, however, that embedded in his work was also the workings of spirit and this is not the first time that I noted this in paintings, murals, songs, movies, during the last 50 odd years since I went to college.
[this second i am in the Florida state university library, the exact same place in this library that i did my homework and researches in, in 1960...63!]

I have seen this Message delivered in many works of art, as i say and it is the very same message, delivered over and over again. cannot just be a "coincidence" or maybe just my own "seeing eye projections".
[do not even ask how many paintings and murals showed the 9/11 trade center being taken down, months and years before it happened, why nearby from here, Tallahassee, there was a library mural that even showed the very two planes, painted in about 1990!]

[freestone stops, here, for a moment, and looks again at about four paintings and murals and book illustrations, that he has seen over the last ten to twenty years, then he adds the Information from about ten of his DreamVisions too, each and all saying the very same thing!!

what do they say?!
In short:
---the human race is Cultured, just like the kids in grade one to twelve, are "cultured" by the curriculum people to advance through the grades until they are supposed to graduate and then go off to college. the kids never ever see these puppet masters, all the kids think of, at least in the grades, is that they all want to go outdoors and to play, after school is over: for the day and for the year.

being Prepared for Adulthood, that is what this Manipulation is for!

and *our* adulthood is to live forever in a spirit world where there is no more earthly incarnations...reincarnations!

these paintings and murals, at least, show to me the list of Avatars of the Race, all ten of them.
Krishna is # 8 and Jesus is #9.
the "actions" of the 10th avatar is upon us all, does not matter if there is a Incarnation of such, the ever looked for and feared by many...the Second Coming, itself, of Jesus!

the message really is....from the paintings, for me, personally and broadcast in symbols for everyone who looks at these art works, is: that the human race has a good grade!
that we all and each are doing well, the "grade" that i saw, in a dream, once about ten years ago, was "95%"!
over 90% are vibrating in soul such that they are "passed" and will Graduate into heaven.
and...back about 200 years ago, the level of the human race was about maybe 20% passing!
this was NOT good! most of the human race would have been left behind, in some great ascension earthchange event, and might have to REPEAT the grades on another planet around another sun, maybe another 12,000 years and never ever to rejoin those who passed.

truly the heaven of the Elite. this was what was....

there were masters of the white light who feared that the new heavens would thus ONLY be for the elite, alone. then there were "masters" who wanted it this way!
[great conflicts in heaven, nearly a war in heaven: over if the "asleep" and the "sinful" would never ever be worthy of living permanently in the afterlife worlds!]

I feel the Christ, himself, intervened. He aimed to treat those 80% failures like he thought of the "other thief" or that woman of the well of Samaria!


one of my very first clues that massive intervention was taking place was to read a footnote in a book about the Master maher baba, written by a devotee. this writer wrote that baba was initiated by SHIDI SAI BABA, a indian master who lived from about 1850 to 1918.
he wrote, in his bombshell of a footnote, that Shirdi had a 'self-aware" higher self, a Self that could do independent actions, in the spirit world, beyond shirdi's living incarnation self.
Thus this Higher Shirdi,
[quote, more or less....]
"wrote, produced, directed, ; the whole 5 to 7 odd years of WW I, and did this for both sides, allies and axis, and that he did this to give to humanity the curriculum for lessons to learn"!

[I read this in this very library that I am now sitting in, the book was probably 50 feet from where i sit, now long moved to ???? place.]

ooooh the pain of accelerated learning! to get this 80% fail rate to less than 5% fail rate, means
a LOT of "I, Jesus, bring the soul to fire...anvil..water, to Forge the hardened blade of the soul"!!

so in the 40...50 years since my College, I have had many dreams and "Showings" like of being directed to look at artworks, to see that most of the time of the last 50 years has had us cultured like pearl-oysters!
the conspiracy people have a clue; they only see the material influences though, they do not see the puppet strings going up to spirit, from the puppet master hands of the "Illuminati" and the
Manipulators of the oil and the wars!

thus the 10th avatar's Influence is upon us all.
thus, and it is very hard to put words *on* my intuitive feelings, it is thus so that most of the sufferings of people are due to this accelerated learning, to get more souls to be able to "get on the boat", as one of my dreams told me.
my own earthlife was extended at least three times, since 1993, or so, so that I could be an ASTRAL helper in the dream worlds, a spirit helper to work with people who are dead but stuck, and also help other people on earth, from my astral vantage point, directed by angels and guides.

why in one dream, a few years ago, I was directed to visited the astral counterpart land of some eastern country. certainly Arabic. I was Invoked by the healers of the temple of arrived-from-earth, souls, who come to heaven very needful of healing. there was a severe, a VERY severe case of a troubled soul, in one of the back rooms. i was supposed to bond with him, so that a connection could be made between his 'earthiness" and my "spiritness", then i would leave and they would pick up from there.
they led me into his dark small room. a man on a bed. his face was bloody and his beard was raggy. as I peered at him, suddenly a kind of "before" image of his face overlaid this ruined face: thus i now knew who this patient is!
yes, the man who the cia/military people dragged up out of a hole, on that farm there in Iraq, the leader was now caught, tried and then executed, the once "great" king of Iraq!
and I "had" to meet and to bond with him in soul!

hu.....mility!! if he is Worthy, then in my humbleness, all could be worthy!

for...if HE is now one of the 95% saved [that 95% was a number given to me about ten years ago, now this percentage is probably much higher!]
for if He is Worthy, then what about anyone else?
[fill in the blank] the homo...the abortion doctor....the CEOs of name them; you might indeed get to know them each and all, in your afterlife, and they could be *just* as saved as you are, fellow Christian!! and you and they live next door to each other in deep companionships, for years, in heaven!

heaven is not for the elite: it is for you and I.

my little rant is done with. it is hard to put words on intuitive feelings, that "we all and each are OK, in the light of spirit's final judgements". the only way that i can "explain' it, is to give examples from my visions and from what i see Inspired into artist's works, by Spirit!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

my astral rescue mission for a man who did not know he was dead!

hi all.

another one of those astral travel dreams last night. In this one, the experience began when I awoke to find that I was in an open field near someones home and the owner of the house was sitting on the ground. the air was dark and gloomy, and i could feel that he was depressed. the surroundings fitted his mood well!

I stood before him and in one of those Knowings, knowings that I would never ever have as "freestone", i told him that he was DEAD!
"YOU ARE DEAD, I yelled. I shouted that he died and that he did not know this at all and that he was only sitting in the low astral, thinking that he was still alive.

no response.

I then Invoked the name of Jesus and invoked that he with his angels come to fetch him to a real heaven.
Suddenly i saw that there was a ring of light about ten feet across, slowly descend upon him and over his shoulders. I could then tell that "they" were taking him upwards to a higher and real heaven plane.

In most of people's rescue missions of this sort, and in many of my own others, I would normally see that he would bodily rise up and vanish from sight as he would raise in vibration to go into that Place.
In this one, however, I went with him! that circle of light included me too! Both of us appeared in what looked to be a kitchen in a house, a large kitchen. Then about four people came over to embrace him: his relatives, or angel helpers, probably. they hugged him very tightly, as if they were afraid that he would go into denial and then slip away from heaven to go back down to his "haunt", the backside to the earthplane!
They took him away, i was then alone. I could, however, see through a window into the dining room; around the table were about ten people of different ages, probably his relatives.
As I left this place, I saw above me through the ceiling, several people getting up from their chairs and they each was taking off of their heads some kind of "instrument" that looked to be exactly from a science fiction novel i once read where a person could wear a kind of large helmet where he could imagine a scene and then this scene would appear before them in the world!
[this house, kitchen. etc, was Imagined by souls higher up in the heavens, just for this rescue mission!]

I was getting to leave this house when apparently I was "Noticed" by the guides there!! The inference was that my presence there was not usual.
As I stood near them, I saw the Person in charge, of this heaven project of soul-rescue. Someone told me that this person comes from the 21st plane. [21 levels of heaven, i read once that the 21st level is the first of the GOD-PLANE levels]
He briefly appeared and slightly out of focus at that, but I could see his wide smile and his "afro-like" hair.

I betcha: Sathya sai baba!!

Then the guide told me that I must stay AWAY from this Overguide!! not to have anything to do with him!
[I can see WHY: he is utterly of India-path and i am utterly of the western way of living, spiritually as well as technologically. a "cat and dog" comparison.]

end of dream.

no dream, this, of course. I would call these experiences, "near death experiences", really, as they are not dreams!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

vision of astroid hitting the earth! From Mother Mary?!

hi all....

Oh this ole freestone had a doozy of a dream last night, the 23rd of October, 2008.

Not too often do I have one of those "end of the world" dreams; this is one of them!

The dreambegins, innocently enough, where I dreamawake to find that I am in the U S
Air Force, working in the computer room. Since I was in the Air Force in the 60s, working there with computers, this dream scene appears to me about 3 or 5 times a month.
[symbolizes "me" in my inner mind]

There was a bit of "astral" feeling to this dream, as there sometimes is, the people that I worked with seemed to be real people and people I never knew in life.
[probably astral traveled to meet a group of people, bringing some of my own scenery with me! I do this sometimes, to meet people, we meet in a place that I "bring with me" from my earthlife: if I had not paid attention to the astral "scenery", I would think upon awakening that I had just another dream!]
I took a small break to sit and rest, alone in a room next to the computer.
Suddenly I noted some "disturbance" on the wall to my right! A scene appeared there, a scene like of a mural, a scene about five feet across. I had trouble understanding what I saw, a still frame of what looked to be of a group of "royal looking" men. men of Authority, like of Head Priests. They stood in rows, about
10 to 15 men, with "Egyptian" looking buildings behind them. They did not move, the scene stood there for many minutes. I could not recognize what culture gave to them their clothes, but the clothes and headgear just oozed...."authority".."ruler"...."chief"..."head priest".
[These Guides came "down" from a higher heavenly plane, to give to me their Knowledge of a future event-to-come, where I came up to the astral plane to receive this message]

Then, the scene changed. I saw the earth from space, the planet was about three feet across, on this wall. Then I saw coming from above and behind the earth, another round body of a planet "toid". the body was very round, unlike asteroids shapes. This object looked to be about 800 to 1200 miles across.
Then I saw this planet approach the earth in a nearly parallel path. This object then struck the earth with a glancing blow and then passed off again into space.

My dream jaw dropped, at this image, I then called the men in from the other room, but I was the only person who could see this image, as it then faded, I heard what I thought was a dim voice speaking from the wall.

"in about two to three years"!!

I wake up. end of dream!

maybe the economic Depression will be the least of our fears, if this comes to pass. Did I have a prophetic vision, given to me by these Priests?! Are they right?

"a glancing blow"?!!

---probably would "merely" give the whole planet Richter 8s to Richter 11s, earthquakes, all over the planet, for hours and hours and days, with 500 foot to 3000 foot tidal waves, to boot! Also ruin a whole continent or sea, as i could see, in that image, the debris of the surface going out into space, as this planet slid across the surface for a thousand miles!
Change, maybe, the orbit and the polar orientation too, maybe the moon's orbit and timing also. Might move the earth's positional orbit around the sun. warmer or colder depending.....
Would NOT be good.

So again I have been Inducted into the List of Doomseers, in spite of what I might want to think!!


Here are some more ruminations on that vision, It takes me, often, days to digest such visions.

Both planets were white. but this could be just due to the way the guides gave the images, after all, the colors and image was simple. planets do look white from space.

...a dull red color *would* be the color of a dying star, the red color would be where the surface temperature would be about 400 degrees.
but if this is a dying star, be bad news! the weight of this thing would then be almostas much as the earth!
but then again the new discoveries of the Planetoids beyond pluto, have them where they all are round. with atmospheres too, mostly of methane. Might be dozens and dozens of them out there, in the Oort cloud.
"only a glancing blow" eh?!!
---even if this thing were to miss the surface by 300 miles, the tidal forces would be immense. think of a high tide of 1000 feet! bethen a real tidal wave of 1000 feet being pulled along with this thing. but i was shown the stuff being thrown into space. maybe just atmosphere, but probably water and surface from the earth.

if this is a true vision.
who were "they", the Givers of this vision?!
---Now i am beginning to think that they were "ALIENS"! from a whole another culture than of anything that I could imagine, thus it was me who described them as being "ancient egyptian"! It would be aliens who would see such an event coming to the earth! But these beings really might be Aliens who live in *their* spirit world, their heavens above their home planet.

Anyway, would not be good. if this were to dig out a 20 mile deep trench across, say, the Pafific ocean, the exposed rocks would be, at that depth, about 600 to 100 degrees, the ocean rushes in and then turns to steam! In a year, the whole surface of the earth is entombed in fog from ground to 70,000 feet, darkeness at noon so so bad that no photosynthesis could occur for ten years and all plants die!
If across land, then dust and haze doing the same. 10% of the atmosphere would be methane gas. richter 10 earthquakes for all, for weeks.


but are these beings TRUE?

I am but the channeler for this vision, I cannot validate it, yet. maybe If if were to Pray a bit, I might soon get an answer.

the depression might be the least of our worries!


I takes me about three days to digest such visions as this one, maybe longer.
[there was a recent event that took me over four months, and there was a dream back in the early 70s that took me until maybe 1998 to decode!]

As I lay half-awake, I meditated upon the images from this vision. i did not get much for the planet image, but I got something VERY interesting for the three rows of the Guides that looked abit like aliens.

I got an Impression: they are of the Roman Catholic church!
the "Ascended Saints"! that is the word that I got.
[*really* old old souls, maybe an Office of archangels, ??????]
Then I saw a full front image of a young woman with a baby in her arms.
MOTHER MARY, of course!

*this* now places this vision up to a even higher level of incredibility!!

If I am right in my morning's half awake, half asleep imaging, I have not only some Expanded further insight, I have now become even the more Impressed and Humbled!
and...a bit "scared"!
[a Messege from Mother Mary in disguise. Up there with the Ultimate in Profoundness of Visions! With also the Ultimate in Authority!!]

---is there another alternative to "planetoid hitting the earth"?!
the only thing that I can think of, is of "a great input of spirit coming to the earth"!

But alas, probably it is the planetoid version that is real.

now...what am I gonna do with this?! Why did I be shown this. I am not the one who will want to yell "fire" in a crowded classroom, the lessons of life will be over for the day if I do, most people should just go on living and growing in spirit and soul, in the time left.

maybe just there for me.
to let me know that my life may well have an End, a dated end. Assuming that I will die then.
since I allready have been shown...."end of civilization in 2 more years", this goes along with it.

thus I can now make choices in my life, reflecting this. simple to profound, things to not get involved with, and thing to embrace, time might be very short, as this vision gives..."in two or three years"!!
choose carefully, everything that you touch takes Time and there is little time left. and everything, today, seems to take a LOT of time, even small things!

even in the Voting, I will choose accordingly, unless there is a great
change in the candidates near election day, I will go with the idea of voting for the Man who will maximize the "poor underdogs and the liberal ideas of these last 50 years"! give everyone a chance to shine, in the latter days, before the game ends, let the people on the bench come out to play, in the last 20 minutes of gameplay.

but of course this image of the Rock, could only infer that a rock of maybe two miles wide hits, doing only small damage, a tidal wave of ten feet and only hundreds die.

but it could be a ltteral image. 300 to 500 miles across, at least 100 miles!

So now i will have to live with this!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

prophecy and a dream

hi all....

[about my prophecy of volcanic winter, and dreams]

Yesterday I bought a computer game called "OUTCRY"!


The original title of Phantomery Interactive’s first game, Outcry,

There isn’t much of a story to be recounted in Outcry. You’ll play the role of a middle-aged writer who receives a strange, confused letter from his brother, a scientist whom he hasn’t seen for years. Upon arrival at your brother’s home, you will discover that in the past few weeks he missed all his lectures at the local university and began a reclusive life in his apartment, where he was working on a mysterious machine, and then suddenly disappeared altogether. From scattered diary pages and incoherent notes, you will learn that your brother was convinced that human consciousness could be separated from the body and that he was trying to test this “paramount discovery” on himself. Something must have gone wrong, and it’s up to you now to find out his ultimate fate.

The premise is surely fascinating: the parting of body and spirit, the possibility of reliving the past and changing it by a mere act of consciousness, and the inner conflict between the Self and its shadowy doppelgänger are profound and meaningful themes, very rarely seen in the majority of today’s adventures.

"astral travel", in a nutshell.
I began this trippy game, yesterday, of course it was Columbus day, the day of adventuring to new worlds!

A game about astral travel.
In the game he uses plant drugs and sound and a small diving bell of a room, to have
this occur.

As I later went to bed, I told myself," I would not need all of those things to Astral travel, all that I have to do is to DREAM!

and I did dream.
and I did astral travel.

I went to my childhood farm country but when "awoke" in this place I could tell that this place was NOTHING like my childhood home farmland, at all! I apparently wanted to go to see my friend Sam, an old childhood friend who lived across the road from me, in the 60s and 70s who turned sour on me later in life.
And..there was his house. It looked nothing like his childhood home and it also looked nothing like of any house on this earthplane! Of course I was not on the earth any more, I was in a heaven, afterlife, world!!
I stood outside of his house and low and behold Sam came out to see me. He looked a bit like of a "younger edition" of himself, as heaven dwelling people do look younger. He was not angry at me any more. Interestingly, I could only see him if i looked out of the corner of my eye, a direct look gave only "nothing", he was invisible!
[slightly different vibrational differences]
Sam was glad to see me and in our conversation he lamented to me that some personal valuable item that he had was not even noticed at the Auction of his stuff after he died.
[Sam was the person who came to me in early 2007 to tell me that "there would be no hurricanes in 2007 and only maybe one storm for 2008". He was an Indian Shaman in another incarnation!]
Then I told Sam something. Interestingly, SAM sometimes comes to me in my dreams to tell me prophetic things, now this time I gave to *him* a prediction!
Oh, a prediction that I already know about, thus I may have only given to him something that has no relation to "objective Prophetic truth", at all!
I told to Sam that.....

"December 12th begins the year of the earthquake, which will pass on to the next year, the year of the Volcano, then the year after will be the year of the Cold, be sure that everyone has wood or coal for heating"!

[Someone on forums Told this, that "there will be soon the year of the earthquake, then the year of the volcano. He also writes about the year of the cold winter which will kill hundreds of thousands of people all over the world!
Thus I am using his words, here, to tell Sam, but with the added "kick", that of course a volcanic year will lead to a volcanic global cooling, but what is hidden OMINOUS, here is that I am inferring to SAM that there will be little electricity or gas/oil, to heat with, for the Northern lands affected by volcanic dust making for a cold winter! Only coal or wood, i tell to him.]

After I left Sam, I wandered along to the gardens outside of a healing center for newly arrived souls, to this plane, this world of heaven. A group of people had just returned from some Gospel concert of a sing and they had "fliers" from the event, i could actually touch and to move some of the sheets of paper, to look at the incredible artwork! Really really good illustrative designs on the front of the Program sheets.
Several people then told me a bit of their earthly lives.

by now the time was about 7 AM in the morning, as I live at a senior home, this morning the ambulance came and woke me up, end of astral traveling, the ambulance comes several times a week, in the fall winter and spring; everyone knows that soon it will come for them, i walked out later to see that someone who used to live here, had died yesterday, in her nursing home. Everyone here has to be friends with Mr Death!

There is a very VERY ominous astrological aspect around the end of December of this 2008 year, mars conjunct Pluto at the new moon, 6 degrees Capricorn, it is my feelings, people, that IF there is to be the beginning of this "earthquake-volcano-cold" progression of years, December 27th will be the trigger Time for this to begin, maybe not *on* that day, but maybe months later. the exact degree, 6 degree Capricorn, gives me a bit of the "Chills", in feelings, intuitively, that this is NO
ordinary mars...Pluto thing! [mars conjuncts this planet every 3 to 4 years!]
the Trigger, this is...from December 27th to, say, May of 2009, or even later, the earthquakes *might* begin!!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

hundreds of Buzzards flying to the east: a dreamvision!

hi all....
last night's dream, as of the 10th of August, 2008.
I was standing somewheres at my childhood home area, in upstate new york, was nighttime. I was outdoors and I some noise above my head and I looked upwards. I saw the lead birds of some great Mass of huge huge birds! Hundreds of these six-foot wide wingspread birds, all flying in a river-like formation, were then flying directly towards the due east direction. They looked, to me, like Buzzards. These are the only such birds that look like that, to me, here in Tallahassee Florida and also in upstate new york too.
the second half of this dream was where I then looked downwards at the ground, and there was essentially a large sheet of paper there with sentences written upon it. I could only read and understand one or two lines, but the Last Line was clearly readable to me in my dream state.
"Study the astrological aspects very carefully, for the next two years"!
end of dream.
I looked again at the aspects for the next two years, in my copy of the ephemeris. very *VERY* bad!!Essentially there is, at the 15th of this month, Friday, a lunar eclipse with mars square Pluto! Dangerous indeed. Mars is supposed to be the "trigger planet" for any long process of aspects. Like of the process for the next two years, with Pluto! Slowly, ever so slowly, Saturn will oppose Uranus and Jupiter, where *both* are squared Pluto in a T-square! Summer of 2010, Saturn , Jupiter, Uranus, mars, Venus, will be conjunct at about 1 degree Aries, all opposed Saturn in early Libra, and the 4 degree Capricorn Pluto will square ALL OF THEM!And....this Pluto thing will last for two years, 2008, late, to early 2011!
Probably, my guess, the Buzzards are now going to where the DEATHS WILL BE! That is....where there will be lots and lots of bodies for them to eat. "now", maybe as in the "Georgia war", and later, as in this aspect of planets! A LOT of the deaths will be in the "east", as in "east of the Atlantic Ocean". Now. And later.
does not look Good, in the ole prophecy department, people!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my very first end time vision: sai baba

hi all.

Today, here on the 12th floor computer at the senior Home, I type out yet again, maybe a bit differently, my very FIRST "end of civilization"

In about 1980, I discovered sathya sai baba. I thought, then, very highly of him, and I began to buy books written about and by him.
Even in 1980, he was very popular, there, in India.

However, even as he did, and even NOW, he says that the world will not end in his lifetime, he feels that he will die around 2021, I fear that I beg to differ with him as about late 1980 I had a Vision!!

a vision dangerious.......

the vision began, the dream begins....I am standing upon a concrete
patio of immense size, a patio in front of a huge two floor building that obviously is a modern building but done in the "neo-classical" India style. this patio consisted of large concrete sections, much like of sidewalk sections.
there was tall grass growing in the cracks all over this 100 foot square
patio, and the grass was brown colored. Off in the distance i could see the building and I noted that many of the windows had sun-awnings and that many of these awnings had collapsed from Time and Weather.
the building looked "ok", not "bombed" or attacked. The whole scene felt and looked ABANDONED!

there was an old man standing in front of the entrance steps to the building. he turned to me and said, "all is wreck and ruin"!

the sky was not blue, the sky was a dusty brown color.

I then began to walk around inside of the building. doors to classrooms and offices were all open or unlocked. I could see inside "haste" as many of the stuffs were removed. then I saw time and weather making further ruin of what was left.
there was no one in the building.
no squatters, no refugees, not even an Indian "red cross" or government office, i was the only person here!

I then eventually came back out, the old man was gone.

Suddenly the whole scene changes; the scene is the same but now there was green grass and whole awnings. what struck me as "odd"
was the number of male young men wandering about, all purposeful, and most of them were carring books or briefcases of some sort. must have been several hundred men, on the green or on the patio.

dream is over.

----I only found out later, years later, that baba founded a number of women's and men colleges, all over India, since 1980. I had seen several pictures of these, all were in one complete building, one building per campus.
This is very probably what I saw, one of these colleges, maybe founded in the late 90s, or later.

---sometime in the future, this college will be abandoned.
yes, people who read this, all colleges and all buildings sooner or later
end. even Rome fell. thus this Vision strikes me as very VERY signifigent! this "ending" is not a normal "ending"!!
this vision was almost the very first sathya baba dream that I had, after i found out about him!

what I feel is even the MORE omenious, is that in the 2008 greatly overpopulated India, a sound but abandoned building WILL very soon have people squatting in it! what is it, calcutta has over 1,000,000
people who live on the streets?!
*if* no squatters, then surely if a great disaster, then the red cross or a government administrative center would be there, or even the center of a invading country's government.
*this* infers, to me, that there are really no people here!!

no red cross, no governments, no people.

only dusky skies and abandoned buildings are there here.


what is this vision then?!
baba says, no end times. hooooever: I have this vision.
there is no time given, no hint as to when the building is abandoned.
maybe the "event" has now been "over-written" by spirit. maybe not.

that "old man" *might* have been Shirdi sai baba! sathya claims that he was shirdi in the previous lifetime, shirdi lived from 1839 to 1918.
I have had one dream of Shirdi appearing to me, BEFORE this building dream, maybe six months before.
thus then this old man is not perhaps just an ordinary "old man" but a Sad-guru, a Holy man, a personage who is still "worshipped" by tens of millions of devotees all over india!!

amps up the "danger" of this vision being Real and True, by a huge huge amount, if the old man was Shirdi!

so I leave this now "undigestible" vision to you all to ponder upon, to comment upon!

have a good day.....