Friday, November 16, 2007

a nice hellworld!

hi all.
Yes, this here Freestone has had another astral travel dream, yet another one of these: of course I have such a dream nearly every single night, but some experiences stand out above the others, or is better remembered, such as this one.
These are not dreams, these experiences are real, "real" when i have them and "real" as in "these places exist"!
If you wonder why this topic is here in the prophecy area, it is because
this realm is *your* future!!
The astral experience has been going on for some time, but I cannot recall the scenes at all; the intensity and the recall picks up when somone of some power and authoruty asks me if i want to come along with him to meet his friends. Then both of us travel on some kind of open topped "car" along a city street and even along the open air above the streets. I will not forget the scene, people, a vivid colorful sky of colors and clouds and also maybe over 100 industrial smokestacks belching black coal-like smoke up into the sky! In this "industrial hell", on the ground, was spread out a huge huge city of low buildings, buildings to the horizen, as we both now were maybe 300 feet off of the ground. He lowered the vehicle and i saw many many small buildings and many people walking about. the city had a slight
"Mediterranean" look to it, low buildings with balconies.
After this craft landed, he invited me to come with him to meet his friends. I stood there, awed at the intensely colored sky mixed with industrial smoke. I then turned to my guide and asked him something, but I phrased my question to infer to him that I knew very well what this place is.
"How long do people live here?" I asked.
"hundreds of years" he replied. Then he placed his arm around my back, a sort of "bonding signal" to infer that he Repects me, as he
know knows that I am not an ordinary "sleeper" who bungles his way into the planes.
[I read that some guides "shake their heads" at the number of sleepers who astral travel to the spheres and stumble in to meetings, disrup concerts, often the very pajamas are seen; usually they are nearly asleep and are uttery unaware that they are stumbling about the heavenlands, they upon awakening will think that they only had an interesting dream *if* they even can recall that they had a dream at all!
---there are many many people who astral travel and do not know it!--]
So now this guide figure, a black man of the negro race, gives to me Respect, as i asked a question that others do not ask, and he knows that i know, *exactly* what this place is!
and...that I do not freak out, immediately! !
As I walk with him, he tells me that I would make a good manager for the "Art gallery"! We turn a corner and there it is, the Gallery. Most of it is out in the open air and the focus of the currant show is an Installation that amounts to most of the space.
This Installation schulpture was that of an apparent man having a freaky sex with a religious figure, a posture that would offend anyone, practically, christian or not!! the Tone of this show was that of..."cynicism/ sex/"muck you, cultural authourity of goodness and the High Art"! The rest of the paintings seem to show "indecent" sex scenes!
I was then introduced to some of the other people at this "opening party". There were several near-naked men, all hugging each other, and i was introduced to them. I hugged them back, they looked very very "masculine" but talked in "effeminite tones". "Homo", of course.
Getting ready for an Orgy, very soon.
The others? Think: "the more worldy cynical of the new York art scene, who see through all of religion and even the meaning of life, that life could have a meaning"!
---end of dream.
Where was I?!
In one of the hell worlds, of course. Not the first time and certainly not the last time in the Hells.
think of an urban "Hieronymus Bosch". But there are NO demons here. And no demons and devils torturing the residents either. no one here is paying for any sin! This plane is only here to *celebrate*
what christians might call "sins"! Live your inner demon! let every self-oppression hang out on the laundry line. Anything goes, all of it, and one is intensely encouraged to do something that reflects his inner soul's life, on earth, before he died. Anyone who has inside of them anything that is of this world, they can live here for a while until they tire of this way of life! this will mean, "nearly all of us, both you and I and everyone that you know"! Oh, a very *very* few "saintly" people might walk the streets for an hour, then pass onwards, but most of us, I feel, will spend months and years here, and many many of us will indeed spend hundreds and hundreds of years here.
[of course even if you were to live here for 1800 years, this time period is only just a blip of time in Eternity!]
So why is this place, like the other hell places, even here, if there are no Punishments. I strongly feel that we come here to burn out the "non-spiritual" parts of our natures, before we each can slowly progress to higher realms. the "punishment" of living here is only to eventually see that all of the stuff of this realm is of a Separation from Spirit, from God!
As the rock group says..."gotta do a bit of hell before we go to heaven"!
never ending parties of the most bacchtial means, sex orgies, cynical
attitudes of fun and games: here *EVERYONE* belongs to the "Mafia", and eveyone lives in this "Mafia" power hierarchy, where there are Lords of power and newbies and....[think: the hierarchy of a prison]

As most of us has a bit of "hell" inside of us, most of us will go there to live, and to party and to indulge all of the "non-spirtual" ways of life that we could not permit ourselves to do while on earth, behind our families or cultures backs!
As this stuff is part of our souls, it CANNOT go to the upper lands with us, and if it IS part of us, we cannot leave part of our soul behind, thus
this Land is one of the "entry levels" to the heavens and here is where this lower nature is workd out. here many many will NEED to embrace, say, the homo way of life, or to sex sex until we burn out on it. to BE a "mafia" Don, to indulge in power and manipulation and self-indulgences.
Eventually each of us will *hopefully* tire of this separation, then go onwards.
have fun everyone!

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