Thursday, August 30, 2007

my 1980 end time vision

hi all...

Here is my very first end time vision that I ever had, back in 1980; the beginning of my series of these visions.
Sometimes the very first dream, in a series, is the most powerful and revealing!

I was "into" sathya Sai baba, at the time, in early 1980, I began to read books about him, this living
master who lives in India, followed by millions, here in this country some people feel that he is not "true".
He appeared in some of my dreams, then , too.

Over the years he has built a number of colleges for both young men and girls, all over India.

He claims that his past life was Shirdi sai baba, another Master who lived in the 1800s. A beloved saintly master still worshipped as an incarnation of Vishnu.

about a couple of months of baba-reading, i had this here Dream, a dream that was much more than an ordinary dream!

The vision began when I stood before an old man in a white robe, a bearded old man who *might* indeed have been Shirdi Sai baba!! I could see that he was standing upon a pavement of what appeared to be the entrance to an imposing public building. But I could see the grass growing through the cracks in the pavement stones. The sky did not look "right" either!
This person then said, slowly, in english....."all is wreck and ruin". Then he vanished!
All I could then see whas this building, and I began to walk through it. There was just one huge building, and there was utter abandonment here. not ruin by "military attack", not ruin by "riots", this ruin was just done by weather and time. I saw drooped awnings, dusty offices with nothing in them, dust and wind-swirls of litter in the halls.
Suddenly the scene chnages!! I am standing in front of this same building, but now there are hundreds of young men wandering about, doing their business, all wearing white clothes and carrying books and briefcases. the grass is green on the lawn, the building is used by these men. All look about the same age.
---end of dream.

[my interpetation]: that this building is one of the colleges that sathya sai baba has built, in the 80s and 90s and maybe in early 2000. For men only. All of the campus is on this one hall.
But I was shown its future, ahead in time, and by inferences *OUR* future too!
for....there were no people living in it or no people using it, this IS omenious, sports fans, very VERY bad news indeed!!,
---because in India there are 800 million people and if a building gets to be abandoned, it will fill with squatters immediately! And, if not dwellers, the Red Cross or the government, will use it, in case of some national disaster!
[ my inference]: that whatever makes this college collapse, will be SO complete, that there will be very very few people left, in India, to BE "squatters", and there will be no government or even a foreign
"red cross" to come to give aid, as other countries will have problems of their own!

I suspect that this vision is telling me..."end of global civilization"!!
no timeframe is given.

baba claims that he will die around 2020, he also claims that there will be no major earthchanges, globally, during his lifetime. Thus then either he will die before 2020, or that this envisioned future will be after 2020.