Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fall of rome and our future

hi all....

yesterday my ordered computer game came in the mail. "Rome's darkest hour" an adventure game about 200 AD rome. the introduction wrote about how Roman empire was on the verge of using steam and electric but that they went into a dark age that last for nearly 1000 years.
This got me to thinking, as I walked to this morning's library. Thinking about that teaching Guide
that I read about where he channeled this info through a medium, I read of her/his book, years ago, and the FEELING of his wisdom was good, for me, I feel his truth and *what* amazing, all-encompassing, truth was told, the whole of recent history in one paragraph *and* a suspician about our tomorrow!

the "[...]'s" is where I will add my own comments, not the Guide speaking. I am doing this from memory, also bear this in mind.

He talked about how the dark ages were so profound, after Rome's fall, that even the painters could not even now paint images in perspective! Then he told why. he spoke of how there is a legend about Jesus, one of the many many legends about him. This is where "all of the dead saints, who died before jesus died, waited in the lower heavens for jesus to ascend, then they all went up to the celestial levels with Him". This guide then spoke about what this really meant. He says that there are "racial graduation" times, for when old old souls have finished up their last earthl lives and then all Go at once to live permanently in the Spirit world with no more earthly incarnations.
[my local university has something like this: a semester that runs to end of december, some people graduate then, as they also do after the sumer term. but 80% of the graduates graduate at the end of the spring semester. thus there are "small" graduation times, then there is the Big One, the end of the 10th avatar age, when shiva\Kalki, the guy in the red robe on the white horse, that ends the age in Fire, all souls graduate at once!]

The guide then told how when Jesus died and then Ascended, it was a signal for all of the old souls to asend with him and thus at that time, there were no more old souls in the West! Rome then fell apart as there were only young souls left to rule it and to keep everything going!!
Then this guide added this; that as there were only young souls left, the idea of reincarnation, in the Bible, would only confuse there young souls. thus Jesus, HIMSELF, took it out of the bible, via the council of trent and Nicea!
[ooops: it was Jesus that removed all references to reincarnation, not the "evil" council menbers!]
[Even today, it would be far far better to focus on the "now" instead of the past lives]
So for hundreads of years, only a few older souls kept the knowledge of history safe, in the monestaries, the few older souls in the rest of the world maintained civilization.

there. 1000+ years of history in several paragraphs! I will now add this: that i also feel that Rome itself and the Empire, was also stimulated by the Christ so as to give to souls the opportunity to grow!
"cultural enrichment 101". In the stable civilized times of Rome, souls could develop far better. Thus the Roman empire [in the humanities area, at least ] was set up *as* a enabler for the Harvest of souls that this Guide writes of!
[think: a month before high school graduation, they bring in special teachers and begin programs to
stimulate faster and more and better learnings, amoungst the students, then they all graduate, the program is over and then dismantled. thus i see Rome and the Empire, now, in that light.]

I hope you all are now "ahead of me", pondering OUR age and its great enrichment possibilities for soul growth!! What is the Christ Doing, now, behind the scenes?!
I, myself, would guess that soon, very very soon, a mass graduation is due!
as advertised in these forum posts!

thus I see now how our 2000+ plus of History is really a Cirriculum for the growing and culturing of souls. the cirriculum masters Set it up, the "conspiricy people's" have it right, that all of history is Manipulated, but I see that the Source of this manipulation is from the Source, the Christ! Even, say, if it is so that 10 ruling families control the oil, for 200 years, there are puppetmaster strings going down from their hands to manipulate industry and politics, few see the strings on *THEIR* hands, going yet up higher, they are in turn manipulated!

Thus i see this Guide's telling, as a Prophecy for our age.