Monday, June 11, 2007

the homeless shelter

my dream began when I started to dream that i was in my yellow sports car, my spiritual symbol, one of them, for astral travel to somewheres. I pulled off of the road near a wooded rail road tracks and then walked a bit up to a cabin. Then the next memory was that i was sitting in the cabin and there were about 20 homeless people sleeping on the floor; it was now morning and they were getting up. One of them recognized me and called to me by name!

In walked another young man with a "uniform" on, a railroad worker and he motioned them all to follow him out to the rail yard outside of the cabin, there was some kind of open air rail car on it with about 50 seats and they all got on. me too. This car went along to the South, i am sure of this direction. The cabin turns out to be next to a line of buildings, I could see into the largest, a huge HUGE one floor thrift shop of some sort, full of clothes upon rack after rack, going off in the distance for hundreds of feet. I could see a notice on the wall...the prices and the word "vouchers".

[homeless people are often given these vouchers by the counselors to buy things with]

then the car stopped and everyone got out, the car had stopped right next to the highway, a highway running east to west. i could see my own yellow car nearby and I got into it and thus this dream was over.

I used the bathroom and then had a second dream. *again* I was in this place. I was now standing next to the row of buildings, the very same buildings as in the first dream. I wandered, bemused, through offices and counseling rooms; apparently this whole square mile was filled with a VERY thought out counseling center for the homeless, apparently.

I turned a corner to look at the main line North-South railroad track and was surprised to see hundreds of people, in a group. Here was maybe 500 people, with a speaker upon a small podium, and this talker pointed towards the east where below off to the distance i could see what looked like horses pulling vans. Then up came a team of horses, maybe a set of 8 horses in teams of two side by side, pulling a huge huge wagon with many many seats, but on rails, on the railroad track, pointing north. they all got onto this wagon, then as this wagon began to move Northwards, the people tossed coins out to a few homeless people who stood behind.

[i had the feeling these wagon money tossers were saying, in effect, "where we all are going, money is not used, here have some"!]

I then woke up.



--I could tell from the "surrounds" in the first dream that this place was not on earth!

the highway represented the earthplane, "North" was upwards towards the next level of heaven, up. Thus this Zone, where this counseling center was, is the first entry level into the heaven from the earth. this would be a zone where the dead would first arrive, if they had had little spiritual life of Preparations, when living on the earth. the *TRUE* Homeless, as they is really no place pre-set up for them in heaven, and they are not now living on the earthplane. Anyone who died, and had a better spiritual life, would either bypass this first zone, or just pass through it immediately.

the traincar moving south?

--this was for *other* astral travelers to get them to return back to the earthplane. maybe even for the dead who had to be sent back to the earthplane, to be next to it, for awhile, like maybe to watch their own funerals! Or to watch what their friends and co-workers *really* thought of them!

And that they would be the "homeless", as on earth they, even as they are still living there, having an astral travel dream, they do not have much of a soul-development as yet, thus they are "homeless"!

the traincar moving to the North?

--filled with the Counseled, and helped, Dead, who are now sent onwards to a higher heaven.

[this Zone must be one of the entry-points for souls to enter heaven from the earthplane, after they die. It is also a place to help visitors from the earth, in their dreams, to try to get their inner spiritual life "ignited", so that they will cease to be homeless. One can, after all, have a nice job and live in a nice mansion or condo, and be spiritually Homeless!]

[the longer that there are no earthchanges, ala "2012", this Center will send incoming souls Upwards with a better preparation for the next level; the longer that we all have, before the end times, the more souls that can be helped!]

Monday, June 4, 2007

no more purgatory worlds!

Yes, last night I had yet another out of body dream to visit heaven, I seem to have one or three per week, now. This one slightly "disturbs" me as the meaning of this dream would challange many orthodox views of hell and heaven!

This dream begin when I note that I am floating, or flying, along and over a road that climbed a bit uphill. I then entered a "zone", a place, a world, and I knew what and where this place is, having been here a few times before. This heavenzone appears to be what some people might call "purgatory", or what I might call, "a place where the souls go who have not developed enough, in their lives, enough spiritual life, to be able to ascend to the heaven higher up the mountain place where most "good" people go when they die.

[the "outer courtyard" of heaven, not hell, but not heaven.]

As I entered this Zone, I noted that the sky was grey and the haze was very fog-like, as usual. tis foggey here all of the time. I then entered a village of run-down houses and dreary streets: looked *quite* a bit like some English midland coal mining town or southern Appalachian similar coal industral city.

I stopped to ask a man who was standing along a street.

"I was summoned here to attend a party-like meeting, can you tell me where this house is, I usually can enter to be right near it". he told me of some ...."yes the city's intellectuals and artists are having a get-together just at the end of this street".

I then went futher along this street. I noted some very very strange designs of buildings, all set up to be drama-houses or theaters of some sort.

I also noted that the sky was beginning to clear up, i could now see some blue sky between the clouds, and I "scratched my head" over this as this Zone is always cloudy and dreary as this is the Law, here, as the Operating Conditions of this place!

Yes I found the place where I was apaprently summoned to. In a large house was apparently the Leaders and the highest souls, of this city within this zone. dozens of people and i am not sure if all were residents or some maybe also out of body came here.

For some reason they particularly summoned me, maybe because of my knowledge of weather, having an interest in weather all of my life and went to college to study weather, too, in the 60s. They all wanted to know why the sky was clearing!!

Then I sort of "went into meditation mode" and then seemingly contacted my higher self, much like Jane Robert's Seth, who many feel that Seth is Jane's higher self.

This was *another* freestone speaking now! As if i were channeling my self, my upper Soulself, to these assembled people!

I told them that this cleaing of the skies was not an accident or of some temporary aberation

of astral weather: this is permanent and the fog will soon be gone and the sky will be, from now on, mostly clear. The, I said, that this reason for the changes is that this whole level of

purgatory, in fact all of what was considered to be called, by some, purgatory, is to be changed so that purgatory itself is to enter heaven so that there is just now one heaven for the human race, with all of its small culture-Zones within itself, but yet all under one Arch-heaven.

[the summer "reform school" before the fall college entry, will not now exist, for those who lag behind: the reform school kids will enter college directly!]

Then I told them something even the more strange!

I told them that the hell worlds are next on this "agenda" of Change! That immenently the hell worlds will all be brought up to heaven so that all of their residents will now live in heaven, even the "arch-demons"! Thus there will be truly one vast heaven-universe, for the new age of mankind, eveyone will live in the same vibrational place, when this is finished!

[read that: that heaven and hell and purgatory will be in the very same place!]

I then told them, in "difficult-to-convey" language that the reason that this vast change is being done is that the very nature of "spirtual salvation", having "Jesus in your heart, in your life", has undergone a RADICAL change, over the last number of years.

[i.e that channeled book from the 60s where the son, in heaven, was telling his family through his mother, maybe, how it is like to live in heaven and one family member asked why the kids of "today" are so restless, and the son told him that Jesus lowered himself right down next to the boundry between heaven and the earthplane; his Presence there is stimulating the most flexible people, the young! This channeling was done in the 70s, i think.]

--that somehow now nearly ALL of the "dead arriving souls into the heavens" are "saved", whther they know it or not, or even if they "deserve it" according to christian doctrines!

the drug dealers, the abortion doctors, the murderers, all are now *just* as saved as any devout christian is!!

---and that even somehow Jesus managed to enter the purgatory and the hell worlds to "save" these souls too!

Thus all are now saved, there will be no more need for purgatories and hells, a true one heaven where all souls will mingle toghter to begin the new age of the "new heavens", apparently!



a bit much even for me to grasp! but that is the "dream report" uncensored, given as remembered, with probable slight distortions of recalls!

no wonder the end times are being delayed. Gives time for, not only for more souls to be saved, but to give time to transfer even the very worlds over to another vibrational form!

No more Hell, no more purgatory!