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why things are so stressful today! Asension! end times!

I posted this summery of my end time and spiirtual beliefs, on a forum, here is a copy.


About 1980, or so, I began to have a series of dreams, where now from retrospect, I was being set up by Guides to be able to leave my body and go into the spirit worlds to see places in heaven and hell.
Another Gift was to be able to dream dreams using other people's memories as part of the dream story, thus I could follow a person's life. It was soon soon appernent that these people were also having memories, that i could use, from the afterlife, as life continues on after death.
And, yes, there are hells, and you do NOT want to live there, after you die!

And then there were the dreams where i was shown the future. a future. maybe several futures.

One of my visions had it where I was shown that the "end times" was to have begun in 1996, but is delayed. Thus some of these visions recieved before 1996, inferring the future to come, might have been over-written by the Grace that has now been given to us all. but I do not know.

my own personal philisophical summery, from my experiences, is that the bad stuff, of earthchanges, was to have begun indeed in 1996, and ongoing, slowly, so that by 1999, many many people would then be refugees, the Good Times would be by then over. Eventually, even the survivors would be mostly killed, and down down hill from then on, until 2012, or thereabouts! by this "date", [i pick 2012 for the obvious Marker reasons, the actual end of the earthchanges may well be another year!] only a very few would survive.

However, the Christ Intervened.

It was foreseen that the next age would arrive, the 10th age, as set up by he master spirits with God.
[it, to me, is apparent that the reason why no one can detect radio signals from alien civilizations is that either they are too technilogicly young, or else they have Graduated! All races, on all planets, eventually graduate into the spirit demension, so that *this* is the racial Home, of this race, in perhaps the 5th demension, a place where spiritual laws rule, not earth physical laws of science. Any one who is behind the "cirriculum curve", is not at the threshold of soul "ripeness" cannot come along, and is left behind!]
[think: "the rapture", and the left behinders! there is always a profound truth behind all of the christian dogma!]
these left behind souls are either taken to another planet, or they are the survivors here for the next earth age.

this 10th age is the paradise age, where everyone will eventually en-massee go up to the 6th demensional worlds some day.

of all of the churches that i have seen, the Jehovah's Witness people have it the most right as to what this 10th age will be like! only they think that this place of no sickness and where Jesus rules, is here on earth!
[go read what they say about the new earth after the end times, *now*, if you want to read what the 10th age world will be like! They also beieve that their "144,000 saved souls" are in another heaven above this, of course, this new age world is IN the heavens all right, but separate from the old after death heavens!]

see, our next earth age is the 11th! there is no 10th here on the earthplane, we all go from age 9 of Jesus: fish, picies, to the age of 10, Aquarious, in the spirit world: this is what the new agers would call "the Ascension"!
our next age here on earthis the 11th.
We go from 9 to 11, there is no 10th, here, as this 10th age is not a physical age!
[think of two gateposts, where one is the 9th, the other is the 11th, the 10th is the Path between the two posts, the Age rolls over at the millenium,
the radical liberals have deep problems understanding that there is a Spiritual world!]

But the High masters and Jesus was dismayed at the unpreparedness of the human race for ascention; years ago, why way back, I have read that the ascended masters met in the astral plane just about the earthplane in about the year 1820, they were VERY upset as
the human race was not anywheres *NEAR* ready for the mass ascention! at that Time, only the very very Elite would be able to graduate; the spiritually elite, that is! maybe only 10% of the 1820 human race would be able to go there, at the 1996, onwards, end times, latter days graduation!

Something had to be Done!

----first strike: STIMULATION! the industrial age was MAXIMIZED!
[A guide once wrote, via a medium, that on most planets, steam trains last 1000 to 10,000 years, before gasoline is developed! In other words, there is a very very slow development of the technology so that the soul life can catch up. Imagine: radio for 600 years, black and white tv for 300 years!
Thus now slavery was abolished, abraham Lincoln was to come to do this, for america. Edison was to come for the technology, i read that he was one of 40 to 90 souls, in the souls group of engineers, who Came, the others stayed in spirit and fed the info down to him, as guides!

maximum sufferings of the growth of souls, of course, you can hear the squals and squeals of the wheels
upon the rails as the train speeds up and makes that 90 degree turn at maximun speed!

Got To Get The Souls Up to Speed for the New vibratory world!!
the faster you vibrate, here, now, the more "pre-warmed" the oven is, to bake that new age bread!
the more ticket punches in your soul's ticket, here, now, the more heavenly temples of art, music, healing, etc, can you go to there. each punch hole of admission, is a life-experience here on earth.
Rudolf Steiner: " for every window of your earthly house that you open in this life, there is a corresponding window that opens in your soul's house in heaven, that has another vantagepoint on another vista of heaven, when you arrive there"!
thus the more you learn about Love, goodness, truth, here, the more you can enjoy this new age, when it comes and you are there!

---second strike: the delay of the end times so that more souls can be able to ascend! delay it right up to the very end, perhaps, until 2010 or 2012! have only "local' disasters" so that life can go on, that souls can learn their lessons so that many many more will be able to graduate! lessons of knowledge, of love, of goodness, of imaginations!

by now, probably , and I was Told this in a dream, actually, that over 90% of the earth's souls are now graduation material!
[the "dark side" of this is that many of the "women of the well of Samaria" are also now capable of ascending too!! they very people that you might, as spiritual people, dislike, like abortion doctors, drug dealers, despots, CEOs of mega-corporations, might very well be *just* as Saved as you, oh christians with Jesus in your hearts and feeling that these people are hell-fodder!!]

[I once read a channeled book where the son, killed in a car accident, automatic-writing through his father, the son, writing either in the 50s or the 70s, as "rock and roll" are mentioned, the son says, and this is one of my favorite sayings...

"the reason why the young people of today are so unrestful is that Jesus himself came down in vibration to the very astral boundry line between the astral and the earthplane and His Presence there is STIMULATING
ALL OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE as they are the most flexible!!"

got that, readers?!
--this explains ALL of why 1960 to present day is so stressfully advanceful and so stimulatingly multitaskful!!

Got to do 2000+ years of cultural and personal soul evolutions in just a few years!!

thus this is indeed the SECOND COMING, one more inch futher down in vibration and He would Incarnate!

for He comes to save the *other*thief on the cross, the one who would not say yes to his offer of Salvation!

the rest of us.


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