Tuesday, May 1, 2007

why many of the homeless people seem to be angry!

Library is quiet today. I guess that i can still use

I am still self-troubled about the "homeless, from
that article that i wrote yesterday"!
I have to face the fact that i Do Not Really Want To
Be Around Them! but it is not a "political issue" or
a "social issue"! it is due to the bad vibes! If
their collective vibes were a color, they would be a
mixture of pea-green, dark muddy red, and murky
Imagine a person who EXPECTS to step on a dog turd at
*every* step: it has occured---WILL occur, with every
yes i hear it now, from the "peanut
galley"........"why doesn't such a homeless person
just accept Jesus into his heart"?!

yeah indeed!

I can hear this homeless person now-----"Just another
mother fucker, this Jesus, to tell me what to do"!
"everyone tells me what to do.
---- the social worker says that i must take
Thoribenzindrine before she can help me, and all it
does is make me sleepy and wozey and dumb!
----the job counselor says that the only job training
open is for to become a dishwasher at the local
caferteria on-the-job-training.....12 hour days at the
pots and pans line!

many embrace the terrible Secret of ALCOHOL!
what is that terrible secret?
why it is that being drunk gets ya up into the spirit
world, a much higher place than MOST "Mr Straights"
ever go to! "a jug of wine and Thou"......
thus an alcoholic has a kind of spirituality that is
much much higher than most of the sober people ever
ever have!
terrible price though....as a Guide once said, through
a medium, that i read....."the drinker is indeed
raised up to a higher level of spirit, but it is a
dead end, he cannot get the higher! like of a hill
next to a mountain where anyone who climbs it, thinks
that they have Arrived! Once they see that the real
high mountain is next to them, why they have to climb
back down into the physical world before re-beginning
their ascent up the True Mountain of spirit, from that
as that hill is the only thing that is REAL, for the
alkie, he will not let go!
"Sigmund Freud, i think, said...."in order for a man
to let go of his nerosis, he must have something else
better to reach out FOR"!
like a drowning man will cling *very* tightly to a
floating stick, even when a rope is offered to him for
to have him grab it to have him pulled to the dock:
but first he must accept that the rope is a rope!!
as long as he does not see the rope or believe that
the rope is a saving-device, he will cling to the
*ONLY* thing that he knows, and that anyone else's
suggestions could just well cause him to drown!
---more mother fuckers to tell him what to do, for
"his own good", is the very very last thing that he
wants to hear; thus he will cling to what he
knows---that floating stick!

thus, many suggestions for the homeless end up being
suggestions for cure that help the helpers: not the

the only way i can see True Help being given to the
homeless, or to any other people who are not of the
"mainstream", is.....
is to help each individual homeless person BECOME
Each Soul has talants and gifts, brought to the
Incarnation, here, now: but somehow the signals got
garbled and the "launch pad", the parents and
upbringing was lacking in Love, was corrupted.
thus the inner gyroscope of "self-love-acceptance", is
Inside this "stereo system" with miswired speakers, is
am Amplifier with Golden Sounds and Music making
Possibilities. a True Counselor would help such a
"stereo system", that dysfunctional person, to
get in touch with his "true sounds", his true soul's
Talants, so that this person can touch and then to
activate these Talants and then to be able to bring
them out into manifestations into the world and into
his life!
---good advice for us "non-homeless"!

and THAT is my personal definition for what is a
"homeless person"!
Anyone out of touch with his soul! Does not matter if
he is a $120,000 a year CEO with that mansion on the
hill, if he has lost the thread of his soul
missions...he is spiritually homeless!!


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