Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vision: telling the dead lady about Jesus!

Telling the dead lady about Jesus.

Last night I had another one of those wonderful dreams where I begin the dream in what looks to be a "standard dream setting", although very Lucid and vivid, but nearly immediately I realize that I am in one of the afterlife worlds, one of the heavens!

[I go, am taken there, nearly every other night, now, but not very often are there dreams to "report"!]

There are many many worlds, there, the dream begins where I am in a room in what appears to be a very large farmhouse, I can see the countryside and the fields outside of the window. The dream begins as I note that I am talking to a lady, just she and I, sitting together; the room has some furnishings that infer a sort of "Victorian new age" look, to things. I seem to have been counseling her about something and have been for some time now, as if I have a second soul-self, there in heaven, a self that is self-aware and functioning, utterly apart from me here on earth!

As I realized that I was talking to her, I then realized what her problem was, it was that she had died and she did not know this! She still thinks that she awoke from somewheres, and is now in a strange pretty room. I begin to broach slowly the Subject that she might be dead. As i begin to do this, i suddenly get up from my chair: there seems to be some "urgency' to walk out of the room! I do so, walk into the hall and through another door to see....

[I have been telapathicly Summoned! I am wanted and wanted Now: some crisis of some sort in another counseling room, apprently this house is a counseling center and each room has a client and counselors.]

I come into a room to see about five people surrounding a young lady dressed up in a formal white wedding dress! She is very very upset, and the counselors cannot calm her, and she *has* realized that she has passed on, died, and Is now in a heavenworld, but she is very upset that she died *at* her wedding time! here she is getting ready to be married and like maybe she has an auto accident on the honeymoon drive, away from the church ceremony [a guess!]

They wait for me to say something to her, and i hesitate for just a moment and then I "read to her the riot act"! I told her in no uncertain terms that she is now dead and she is now in heaven and that it is sad to die at your wedding time but then you can make a substitution to become betrothed to Jesus, to have Jesus as your bridegroom! I told her that "of course this does not mean that you live with Jesus: this means that you have Jesus in your inner life of the soul, in the sense that the Bible writes of the Bride and Bridegroom, Jesus and his devotee"! i then, very loudly and in serious grave tones, told her,


[direct experience, outer and inner.]


I mentioned, in addition, how here everyone is empowered by the Christ, that the very fabric of this heavenworld is upheld and empowered by Him. One is awake, aware, and lives, by Him energizing and upholding one's soul.

I then walked out into a main room, a room full of people who were apparently leaving from another room, a room where there was some kind of Church-like service finishing up.

the concluding organ music was very very nice. I never ever heard organ music like this before, the most beautiful I have recalled hearing. I leaned up against the wall, absorbed in this music. Now, in this moment, I tried NOT to pay attention to any one of the 20-odd people in this huge room, I knew that if i did i would break the focus and wake up!

The music finished, the last person came out of the chapel room; I entered to see the organ and was very very surprised! I could see a very tiny telvision set next to the wall, a set with its screen going off, shutting down, as if this set was a VCR/DVD player, but with an 8-inch screen, and probably one inch speakers too.

But the Organ was 100% "there" in complete alive presence!

[Yet another surprise of heaven: how the physical presentations of events can be
"like living in the Matrix", where a tiny tv can produce this production, somehow. Or...at least this was the only way that I could visually Accept what I was looking at, the actual object of Transmission might have no earthly correspondence at all! what probably happened here, i think, is that the whole wall opened up to another place, maybe 100 miles away, and that the whole wall was a "window" into a Service of some sort, involving Jesus and how to live the spiritual life]

Yes, people, here is an afterlife world where there was some sort of counseling center to tell

new arrivees that they had died, many were utterly unaware that they did die, after all, nothing had changed for them, they could see, hear, etc, as *if* they still were living on earth! And, of course, many many living people have no idea of a spiritual life, at all. or maybe if they did, it would be of what the dogmic church tells them is true and thus every other possibility is only the wayward directions of Satan!

I am now very very Impressed, of the Importance of having an inner spiritual life with Jesus as a living presence, and not just going to a church where there is only "dos and donts", and dogmas and doctrines, "toxic religion". One should get this going, while still living on earth: one never ever knows if that heart attack
or earthquake is just around the corner of time!

for in heaven....
Jesus is a Living Being, a person, and one will meet him.

For me, this is what "persoan salvation by Jesus" is, for the afterlife, He empowers the very outer and inner life that you have, there! Your very counsciouness is Supported by Him, as if there are two souls there in you: yours and His!


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