Tuesday, May 1, 2007

someone dreams that in six years they cannot come back home

here from this site, below, is a vision.


[there are many many user-submitted visions, dreams,
etc, here; a treasure-trove of amazing prophecies for
the next few years. Their forum is good too!


One could spend a day reading these forums!]

Catastrophy in America
Posted on: Wednesday 02 August 2006 @ 15:02:55
slyth3 writes"A few years ago I had a very vivid and
memorable dream. I dreamt I was in south west Ireland.
There was a sign with writing in the Irish language and
I was near the sea.

I was living in Ireland, and something had happened in
America - something that cut off all air travel and all
communications. I did not know if my family was alive or not.

I did not pay this dream much attention until I found
a post graduate program I wanted to attend in that
area (when I had the dream I hadn't done much in my
undergrad and wasn't thinking about a future beyond that.
The program I will be attending is in south west Ireland

I leave in September. Nothing will happen until after that
point, if it does. My guess is that the time frame is
6 months to 3 years."


----this dream could infer that she will make a
psychological separation
from her homeland and thus live for the rest of her life
in Ireland.
But I pondered, when I read this, just what event
could do this?
Must have to be a major event indeed, to cut off the other
communcations, like of radio!


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