Tuesday, May 1, 2007

how to move a cat into a new house

new cat, new house. adapt!

hello everyone.

Something on one of the posts reminded me of
My mother owned a cat kennel, when she was alive. oh
it was a Special cat kennel...grand champion longhair
persian cats, with the lesser offspring sold for pets.

Her wonderfull vetinarian gave to her some advice,
once, on how to acclimate a new pet cat to one's
home...or your old cat to a new house or apt.

I will pass this advice on, here....

First you find or buy a pet carrier cage, one large
enough so that the cat will be comfortable in it for a
week. Outfit this cage with a real comfortable towel
to make the cat feel nice....and add any other things
to it that the cat will enjoy. Before you bring the
cat in, find a place in the living room, or some quiet
room that is always open to the rest of the house; a
place that this cage will go to. ideally, the cage
itself should be in a sheltered spot, like as if this
spot is like the cage itself----like behind the couch
or in the always-open closet.
when you bring this cat into the house for the very
first time, have the cat IN the cage; do not let the
cat into the house before this!
so...place the cage, with cat, in that spot, with
lots of food and water in the cage and keep that door
shut for three days. as you come by to change the
newspaper litterbox and add water/food, say good
things to the cat[ come by often, anyway, just to say
On the third day...open the door. let the cat come
out WHEN it wants to...it may be right that moment or
days later. keep the cage ALWAYS THERE, however..even
after the cat has left it.
keep that cage there with the door always open. you
may note that if a salesman comes to the door or
Company comes or some other chaotic action
happens...this cat may timidly run back to that "safe
spot", the cage! that is the spot that started the
new acclamation to the house ...that one sheltered
place. some cats may not run back, but some cats may
need that cage to be there as a near-permanent thing.
thus, this cat will have, in its small-cat-mind, a
sense of SECURITY as it knows that "if the worst
occurs" there will be indeed a safe place to hide in.
with THAT sense of security, the cat will have a more
"optimistic" sense of cat-self-worth, and feel better
about taking cat-risks, in its explorations of the new
envirnment of that house!

I thought of this, as i read of Temple grandin's book
where she designed the animal hallways for the moving
of cows from one place to another; what and how a cow

so, people...while children or adult autistics are NOT
cats....i feel there is a bit of Wisdom, here, that
could be used for us all humans!

---move into that brand new house with Autistic child?
why...one could go to a small length to make his/her
bedroom be JUST like the old bedroom in the house just
moved from...as much as possible...maybe just a corner
of it: the old and same rugs...the bed, the
---autistic child at large family reuinions?
why have him sit at THE same spot at the table, in
THE same chair, with THE same plates and dishes...for
each and every large gathering at the dinner table
where there would be unfamiliar guests. If he thinks
in images, like many autistics do, that dinning room
will be seen in the exact same image for each and
every meal, if he sits in the same spot with the same
dishes. Maybe, then, he will have enough "safe spot"
feelings...that he will be able to handle and enjoy
family gatherings, much much better.
---autistic child to the dentist for ten appointments?
Have her wear the same clothes for each visit!
---YOU, the autistic adult: go the "maxi-mart" to buy
Go direct with your cart to the EXACT same quiet
corner of this hormongiously large and buzzing place,
without paying attention to ANYTHING else. then, as
you get your bearings, then use this spot to come back
to, after forays into the World of Groceries,
repeatedly, as needed!
---Eating out?
find a good seat...keep sitting there each time you
come back...
---vacation to a large strange city?
find a good hotel and make it you "cat
carrier"...arrive early, spend a few hours in it
before bed...then use it as a base while your explore
the city.
thus if you are tired or overwhemed, you can go back
and take a nap, in your 'safe spot"!
I have a small technique for talking to strangers
with, in light of this 'safe spot' idea. i ask them,
if i know that i will be talking to this person for
awhile, i ask them what they do for a living. thus
the person begins to do a lot of talking...plus i now
know what type of image analogies to use with this
person, to use images and analogies that are like his
Job; like...I would use computer analogies to a
computer programmer, and plant metaphors to a farmer.

Actually, I think that an INNER "safe spot" can be
done for your child...or to yourself! Have your child
develop a constructive, healing, way to cope with
overloads of mind and sense...by teaching some
meditative visualization technique where one can
momentarily disengage from the stimulis...like maybe
of imaging of a CERTAIN picture image that represents
"calmness'...like of maybe a favorite spot in the
garden or by the lakeshore, some place that one has

well...maybe this "cat cage" story, can be applied to
some of us and our kids.....


seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970

Freestone Wilson

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