Tuesday, May 1, 2007

how I would improve our kid's schools!

how i would change the schools

how I would change the schools to make them a better
place for our kids to learn in!

--- XXX wrote......
> School 'on edge' over violence
> United Press International - May
25, 2000 08:50

yes, XXX...and others....i was
thinking out loud to
someone the other day about our
schools. I told this
person what i would do for our
nation's schools to
make them a better place for our
children to learn in
and to live in, as they spend three
to nine hours a
day there during the week. IF i had
some God-like
power to actually do this!
i would not approach the political
or the cirriculum
changes, as yet, at first; i would
start with the
PHYSICAL changes as i feel that most
of children's
influences begin WITH the physical
envirnments that
they live in.

so here is what sweeping changes that
i would do,
folks...in the K through 12th grades,
for all our
----make each and every classroom
have windows on at
least one side of the classroom that
more or less are
the whole side of the wall, from
floor to ceiling!
in my old Interlaken central school
built in
1936...there were these windows in
every room.
And have them openable too!! they
should open WIDE to
let as much natural air in as
possible, when the
outdoor temperature is good for this.
there are SO so so many schools
today where there is
not a single window in many of the
---air conditioning as needed, but
not too cold...and
be sure there are no mold spores in
this forced air
---NO floresent light tubes AT ALL!!
have natural
light from the windows and use
regular light bulbs for
the fixures and be sure that there is
not a single
floresent light in the whole school!
---No insecticides at all in any
---be sure that there are no "hums"
or "buzzings" from
motors and electrical things that
fill the air with
bacground irratating sounds!
---use "soft" cleansers and floor
cleaners that will
not irratate the tender mucus
membrenes of children
and aggrivate asthma and allergies.
---be sure to have RECESS...let the K
through 4th
graders, and beyond, have LOTS of run
time outdoors to
use their bodies in activities.
---i read the criticisms of letting
MacDonalds into
the schools to substitute for the
school lunch
BUT! from what i also read...often
that would be a
MAJOR nutitional ADVANCE over the
crud that often
passes for a school lunch program!!
thus....folks...I would suggest that
the food that is
served to our children should be of
the Very best
Quality...and "homemade' on the
premises, by living


ya cant walk very good if your shoes
are not good!
gotta start at the FOUNDATION
first...the physical
world! gotta have that barn built
first, of the
physical foundation, before a weather
vane of
Idealistic ciriculums and Advanced
teachings Methods
are installed in our schools!!
in practicality..who is gonna learn
much if the food
is rotten, the air is stale...the
light only comes
from floresants that buzz...and the
air smells of
pesticides and mold!!

betcha the behavor problems would go
down 60% at
least...if these actions were taken,
betcha the attention deficet
hyperactivity problems
would deminish!

[i think that i actually read
somewhere that in one
school they compared the natural
light classrooms with
another school's that had artifical
light...and the
test scores were 30% higher!!]

If the needs of the physical world
are not met first,
i feel, then anything else will tend
to fail, as the
foundation of our being is there.
....houses built upon sand tend to
come apart!!



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