Wednesday, May 16, 2007

end times: a dream gives three years!

hi all...

Ah, yet *another* dream, that I just today, the 16th of may 2007, that has within it a statement that says the end of civilization is coming!

the dream begins when I am driving somewheres in my yellow car, the brand new Dodge Dart that I bought after leaving the Us air force, in 1967.

[this particular car, when it is in my dreams, represents my true self, the car is me, my identity, in this case, this yellow car is my soul symbol.]

As I drive, I find that the road is getting more and more ragged, the paved road is becoming a dirt trail. I get out to walk a bit along this road to check if I can continue any further. I then turn around to see that my car has utterly VANISHED! I also find that my pocket watch and my wallet are now gone too!
Then, as I am shocked at how everything is gone, in the dream I realize that this is a "out of body" experience into the astral planes.
That I am not on the earthplane; most of my dreams are like of this, going to visit the various planes of the heavens.

[cannot bring my "Identity" with me, here. perhaps after death one not only leaves behind material goods, but also the very concept of a self-from-the-earthlife! no memories, even, of one's earthlife, the only thing that remains is the important stuff, like how one's morals are and how one can love and how one can think, these will choose each and every choice, in the infinite time ahead! the ability to moralize, to think, to love, back on earth, will carry over. I could go on writing on this subject, but not in this dream write-up!]

Next to this road is a house. In it are many many people, appears that they are either teen agers or young adults. I also have the impression that many or most of them are not Residents of this plane either! That is....they are not dead. They also are living on earth but are traveling out of their bodies, using this house as a meeting place, why they could be from many places all over the world.
I stand next to the house and there are about four to ten people standing around me, and i begin to give to them all a *VERY* stern lecture! In my most "sermon-like" voice and Tone, I tell them all that
we all have THREE YEARS before civilization ends, that the world will
essentually end, for us all, then. "Civilization dies, and you all had
BETTER get your acts together and to try to live as soul-fully as possible, in love, mind, goodness, imaginations: Get Your Life's Work Done Now", I nearly shouted to them all!!

[what, people, impresses me most about my litteral "rant" to these kids is how 'unrantful" this rant was! I spoke with a Geat Knowingness, as if I were privy to some great Timing secret and Action, of the karma of the end times, as if my oversoul KNOWS, even as I, here now, as "freestone" knows little! That is, I told them all this, as if it were a Fact, an absolute, objective, thing.]

[However, since this dream occured not on the earthplane, my own intuition tells me that the Timing could be a bit "off". there could be an extra year. I have seen, and read of this, before, that a date given *in* the heavens, to an earth person, is one year off, a year of extra time.

FOUR YEARS, maybe.

still, four years is like three years.

I cannot "validate" whether or not this Information is real or not. I recall a dream that I had, somewheres around 2000, where I met a group of people and Told them, in the same manner, "that the 1996 beginning of the end times has been delayed", with this same aura of Knowing, a Knowing, apparently, from my overself from a higher plane, a knowing beyond my earthly learnings!

well there you allare. yet *another* vision of the End. not of the planet, not of the earth, but of our civilization. And probably most of our lives, all happening at once, within months or a few years!


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