Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vision: telling the dead lady about Jesus!

Telling the dead lady about Jesus.

Last night I had another one of those wonderful dreams where I begin the dream in what looks to be a "standard dream setting", although very Lucid and vivid, but nearly immediately I realize that I am in one of the afterlife worlds, one of the heavens!

[I go, am taken there, nearly every other night, now, but not very often are there dreams to "report"!]

There are many many worlds, there, the dream begins where I am in a room in what appears to be a very large farmhouse, I can see the countryside and the fields outside of the window. The dream begins as I note that I am talking to a lady, just she and I, sitting together; the room has some furnishings that infer a sort of "Victorian new age" look, to things. I seem to have been counseling her about something and have been for some time now, as if I have a second soul-self, there in heaven, a self that is self-aware and functioning, utterly apart from me here on earth!

As I realized that I was talking to her, I then realized what her problem was, it was that she had died and she did not know this! She still thinks that she awoke from somewheres, and is now in a strange pretty room. I begin to broach slowly the Subject that she might be dead. As i begin to do this, i suddenly get up from my chair: there seems to be some "urgency' to walk out of the room! I do so, walk into the hall and through another door to see....

[I have been telapathicly Summoned! I am wanted and wanted Now: some crisis of some sort in another counseling room, apprently this house is a counseling center and each room has a client and counselors.]

I come into a room to see about five people surrounding a young lady dressed up in a formal white wedding dress! She is very very upset, and the counselors cannot calm her, and she *has* realized that she has passed on, died, and Is now in a heavenworld, but she is very upset that she died *at* her wedding time! here she is getting ready to be married and like maybe she has an auto accident on the honeymoon drive, away from the church ceremony [a guess!]

They wait for me to say something to her, and i hesitate for just a moment and then I "read to her the riot act"! I told her in no uncertain terms that she is now dead and she is now in heaven and that it is sad to die at your wedding time but then you can make a substitution to become betrothed to Jesus, to have Jesus as your bridegroom! I told her that "of course this does not mean that you live with Jesus: this means that you have Jesus in your inner life of the soul, in the sense that the Bible writes of the Bride and Bridegroom, Jesus and his devotee"! i then, very loudly and in serious grave tones, told her,


[direct experience, outer and inner.]


I mentioned, in addition, how here everyone is empowered by the Christ, that the very fabric of this heavenworld is upheld and empowered by Him. One is awake, aware, and lives, by Him energizing and upholding one's soul.

I then walked out into a main room, a room full of people who were apparently leaving from another room, a room where there was some kind of Church-like service finishing up.

the concluding organ music was very very nice. I never ever heard organ music like this before, the most beautiful I have recalled hearing. I leaned up against the wall, absorbed in this music. Now, in this moment, I tried NOT to pay attention to any one of the 20-odd people in this huge room, I knew that if i did i would break the focus and wake up!

The music finished, the last person came out of the chapel room; I entered to see the organ and was very very surprised! I could see a very tiny telvision set next to the wall, a set with its screen going off, shutting down, as if this set was a VCR/DVD player, but with an 8-inch screen, and probably one inch speakers too.

But the Organ was 100% "there" in complete alive presence!

[Yet another surprise of heaven: how the physical presentations of events can be
"like living in the Matrix", where a tiny tv can produce this production, somehow. Or...at least this was the only way that I could visually Accept what I was looking at, the actual object of Transmission might have no earthly correspondence at all! what probably happened here, i think, is that the whole wall opened up to another place, maybe 100 miles away, and that the whole wall was a "window" into a Service of some sort, involving Jesus and how to live the spiritual life]

Yes, people, here is an afterlife world where there was some sort of counseling center to tell

new arrivees that they had died, many were utterly unaware that they did die, after all, nothing had changed for them, they could see, hear, etc, as *if* they still were living on earth! And, of course, many many living people have no idea of a spiritual life, at all. or maybe if they did, it would be of what the dogmic church tells them is true and thus every other possibility is only the wayward directions of Satan!

I am now very very Impressed, of the Importance of having an inner spiritual life with Jesus as a living presence, and not just going to a church where there is only "dos and donts", and dogmas and doctrines, "toxic religion". One should get this going, while still living on earth: one never ever knows if that heart attack
or earthquake is just around the corner of time!

for in heaven....
Jesus is a Living Being, a person, and one will meet him.

For me, this is what "persoan salvation by Jesus" is, for the afterlife, He empowers the very outer and inner life that you have, there! Your very counsciouness is Supported by Him, as if there are two souls there in you: yours and His!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

end times: a dream gives three years!

hi all...

Ah, yet *another* dream, that I just today, the 16th of may 2007, that has within it a statement that says the end of civilization is coming!

the dream begins when I am driving somewheres in my yellow car, the brand new Dodge Dart that I bought after leaving the Us air force, in 1967.

[this particular car, when it is in my dreams, represents my true self, the car is me, my identity, in this case, this yellow car is my soul symbol.]

As I drive, I find that the road is getting more and more ragged, the paved road is becoming a dirt trail. I get out to walk a bit along this road to check if I can continue any further. I then turn around to see that my car has utterly VANISHED! I also find that my pocket watch and my wallet are now gone too!
Then, as I am shocked at how everything is gone, in the dream I realize that this is a "out of body" experience into the astral planes.
That I am not on the earthplane; most of my dreams are like of this, going to visit the various planes of the heavens.

[cannot bring my "Identity" with me, here. perhaps after death one not only leaves behind material goods, but also the very concept of a self-from-the-earthlife! no memories, even, of one's earthlife, the only thing that remains is the important stuff, like how one's morals are and how one can love and how one can think, these will choose each and every choice, in the infinite time ahead! the ability to moralize, to think, to love, back on earth, will carry over. I could go on writing on this subject, but not in this dream write-up!]

Next to this road is a house. In it are many many people, appears that they are either teen agers or young adults. I also have the impression that many or most of them are not Residents of this plane either! That is....they are not dead. They also are living on earth but are traveling out of their bodies, using this house as a meeting place, why they could be from many places all over the world.
I stand next to the house and there are about four to ten people standing around me, and i begin to give to them all a *VERY* stern lecture! In my most "sermon-like" voice and Tone, I tell them all that
we all have THREE YEARS before civilization ends, that the world will
essentually end, for us all, then. "Civilization dies, and you all had
BETTER get your acts together and to try to live as soul-fully as possible, in love, mind, goodness, imaginations: Get Your Life's Work Done Now", I nearly shouted to them all!!

[what, people, impresses me most about my litteral "rant" to these kids is how 'unrantful" this rant was! I spoke with a Geat Knowingness, as if I were privy to some great Timing secret and Action, of the karma of the end times, as if my oversoul KNOWS, even as I, here now, as "freestone" knows little! That is, I told them all this, as if it were a Fact, an absolute, objective, thing.]

[However, since this dream occured not on the earthplane, my own intuition tells me that the Timing could be a bit "off". there could be an extra year. I have seen, and read of this, before, that a date given *in* the heavens, to an earth person, is one year off, a year of extra time.

FOUR YEARS, maybe.

still, four years is like three years.

I cannot "validate" whether or not this Information is real or not. I recall a dream that I had, somewheres around 2000, where I met a group of people and Told them, in the same manner, "that the 1996 beginning of the end times has been delayed", with this same aura of Knowing, a Knowing, apparently, from my overself from a higher plane, a knowing beyond my earthly learnings!

well there you allare. yet *another* vision of the End. not of the planet, not of the earth, but of our civilization. And probably most of our lives, all happening at once, within months or a few years!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

why things are so stressful today! Asension! end times!

I posted this summery of my end time and spiirtual beliefs, on a forum, here is a copy.


About 1980, or so, I began to have a series of dreams, where now from retrospect, I was being set up by Guides to be able to leave my body and go into the spirit worlds to see places in heaven and hell.
Another Gift was to be able to dream dreams using other people's memories as part of the dream story, thus I could follow a person's life. It was soon soon appernent that these people were also having memories, that i could use, from the afterlife, as life continues on after death.
And, yes, there are hells, and you do NOT want to live there, after you die!

And then there were the dreams where i was shown the future. a future. maybe several futures.

One of my visions had it where I was shown that the "end times" was to have begun in 1996, but is delayed. Thus some of these visions recieved before 1996, inferring the future to come, might have been over-written by the Grace that has now been given to us all. but I do not know.

my own personal philisophical summery, from my experiences, is that the bad stuff, of earthchanges, was to have begun indeed in 1996, and ongoing, slowly, so that by 1999, many many people would then be refugees, the Good Times would be by then over. Eventually, even the survivors would be mostly killed, and down down hill from then on, until 2012, or thereabouts! by this "date", [i pick 2012 for the obvious Marker reasons, the actual end of the earthchanges may well be another year!] only a very few would survive.

However, the Christ Intervened.

It was foreseen that the next age would arrive, the 10th age, as set up by he master spirits with God.
[it, to me, is apparent that the reason why no one can detect radio signals from alien civilizations is that either they are too technilogicly young, or else they have Graduated! All races, on all planets, eventually graduate into the spirit demension, so that *this* is the racial Home, of this race, in perhaps the 5th demension, a place where spiritual laws rule, not earth physical laws of science. Any one who is behind the "cirriculum curve", is not at the threshold of soul "ripeness" cannot come along, and is left behind!]
[think: "the rapture", and the left behinders! there is always a profound truth behind all of the christian dogma!]
these left behind souls are either taken to another planet, or they are the survivors here for the next earth age.

this 10th age is the paradise age, where everyone will eventually en-massee go up to the 6th demensional worlds some day.

of all of the churches that i have seen, the Jehovah's Witness people have it the most right as to what this 10th age will be like! only they think that this place of no sickness and where Jesus rules, is here on earth!
[go read what they say about the new earth after the end times, *now*, if you want to read what the 10th age world will be like! They also beieve that their "144,000 saved souls" are in another heaven above this, of course, this new age world is IN the heavens all right, but separate from the old after death heavens!]

see, our next earth age is the 11th! there is no 10th here on the earthplane, we all go from age 9 of Jesus: fish, picies, to the age of 10, Aquarious, in the spirit world: this is what the new agers would call "the Ascension"!
our next age here on earthis the 11th.
We go from 9 to 11, there is no 10th, here, as this 10th age is not a physical age!
[think of two gateposts, where one is the 9th, the other is the 11th, the 10th is the Path between the two posts, the Age rolls over at the millenium,
the radical liberals have deep problems understanding that there is a Spiritual world!]

But the High masters and Jesus was dismayed at the unpreparedness of the human race for ascention; years ago, why way back, I have read that the ascended masters met in the astral plane just about the earthplane in about the year 1820, they were VERY upset as
the human race was not anywheres *NEAR* ready for the mass ascention! at that Time, only the very very Elite would be able to graduate; the spiritually elite, that is! maybe only 10% of the 1820 human race would be able to go there, at the 1996, onwards, end times, latter days graduation!

Something had to be Done!

----first strike: STIMULATION! the industrial age was MAXIMIZED!
[A guide once wrote, via a medium, that on most planets, steam trains last 1000 to 10,000 years, before gasoline is developed! In other words, there is a very very slow development of the technology so that the soul life can catch up. Imagine: radio for 600 years, black and white tv for 300 years!
Thus now slavery was abolished, abraham Lincoln was to come to do this, for america. Edison was to come for the technology, i read that he was one of 40 to 90 souls, in the souls group of engineers, who Came, the others stayed in spirit and fed the info down to him, as guides!

maximum sufferings of the growth of souls, of course, you can hear the squals and squeals of the wheels
upon the rails as the train speeds up and makes that 90 degree turn at maximun speed!

Got To Get The Souls Up to Speed for the New vibratory world!!
the faster you vibrate, here, now, the more "pre-warmed" the oven is, to bake that new age bread!
the more ticket punches in your soul's ticket, here, now, the more heavenly temples of art, music, healing, etc, can you go to there. each punch hole of admission, is a life-experience here on earth.
Rudolf Steiner: " for every window of your earthly house that you open in this life, there is a corresponding window that opens in your soul's house in heaven, that has another vantagepoint on another vista of heaven, when you arrive there"!
thus the more you learn about Love, goodness, truth, here, the more you can enjoy this new age, when it comes and you are there!

---second strike: the delay of the end times so that more souls can be able to ascend! delay it right up to the very end, perhaps, until 2010 or 2012! have only "local' disasters" so that life can go on, that souls can learn their lessons so that many many more will be able to graduate! lessons of knowledge, of love, of goodness, of imaginations!

by now, probably , and I was Told this in a dream, actually, that over 90% of the earth's souls are now graduation material!
[the "dark side" of this is that many of the "women of the well of Samaria" are also now capable of ascending too!! they very people that you might, as spiritual people, dislike, like abortion doctors, drug dealers, despots, CEOs of mega-corporations, might very well be *just* as Saved as you, oh christians with Jesus in your hearts and feeling that these people are hell-fodder!!]

[I once read a channeled book where the son, killed in a car accident, automatic-writing through his father, the son, writing either in the 50s or the 70s, as "rock and roll" are mentioned, the son says, and this is one of my favorite sayings...

"the reason why the young people of today are so unrestful is that Jesus himself came down in vibration to the very astral boundry line between the astral and the earthplane and His Presence there is STIMULATING
ALL OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE as they are the most flexible!!"

got that, readers?!
--this explains ALL of why 1960 to present day is so stressfully advanceful and so stimulatingly multitaskful!!

Got to do 2000+ years of cultural and personal soul evolutions in just a few years!!

thus this is indeed the SECOND COMING, one more inch futher down in vibration and He would Incarnate!

for He comes to save the *other*thief on the cross, the one who would not say yes to his offer of Salvation!

the rest of us.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

the Party House

the party house!

hello, everyone.

here is an OBE experience where i "volunteered" to be
used in what is called by Guides..."rescue work"!
this is where someone has died but needs a little push
by some guide, to get up to heaven. Because
out-of-body souls are still connected directly to
earth...they sometimes can be used by Spirit for this
aid....as they are of spirit and also the earth...thus
the dead person can see the obe person but not the
Guide....and the obe person can help the dead soul
connect with that guide. then the dead person can go
with guide, to heaven!

my experience begins....
I awake to the experience: I am standing in a very
dimly lit room with several young people. I see that
there has been a college student party and it has been
going on for quite a while...must be 4 in the morning!
there are empty beer bottles on the tables and cig
butts everywhere...and the students are dazedly
staring out into space...
a party house.
stale air and tired funiture and beery smells.
i walk around this dark house...i see that every room
has several kids in it...maybe 18 to 24 years old...
I, having a bit more awareness...noticed something
quite WIERD...there are *no* windows or doors, to this
house!! not a one...i begin to earnestly look for
even a window...let alone a door: NONE!!
I began to prod these kids...to get them to notice
that something strange is going on...
"how long has this party been going on"?...i asked.
[ here is a house with 20...30 kids with no windows or
doors and they have been here for days and days, in a
drawn out party-binge. not one of them are even aware
of the strangeness.]
I ranted.
i raged!
I managed to get most of them to be suddenly aware
that there was not a single way out!...and that they
had been there for days...i tried to get them to see
the INCONSISICY: how could they be IN the house if
there were no way to get in?!!
i got several kids to try to remember what they did
before they came to the party: one kid recalled that
he was on a hospital bed, being sedated for an
operation...another kid was in a car and it was about
to crash into another car!!

[they all had just died! massive denial was going
on..each of them had died from some condition: being
very young...the matter of death never occurred to
them...even when alive, thus their coping with the
fact of their death, was very very difficult: at
21 years of age, most people think of DEATH...as an

"there's GOTTA be some door somewhere" i shouted!
"there's one"
...i saw a door, in the kitchen...i could see the
light framing it!
"all together...shoulder to it"
three of us pushed it open..it flew right open....
to reveal....!

the sea!

this house was on a point of land..I could see a fog
bank behind the house, and another fog bank out in the
ocean. the waves were crashing upon the shore, about
three feet below the grassey yard, about ten feet from
the door; the sea was right in their faces, as they
all filed out, mouths agape!
tis it was...the elecric blue sky overhead with fog
all in the distances...
they stood there...suitibly HUMBLED...sober to the
seemingly, the water calmed in a few moments and the
tide went out. we all saw that this fog was lifting,
on the other side of what was now apparent...to have
this sea actually to be just a harbor, with a small
seaport just on the other side of this harbor, from
the party-house....maybe only 500 feet away!
too...it was now clear that this harbor was very very
shallow, SO shallow that one could walk across it!
we all did...the water was about three inches deep!

Here was a empty looking town with a dock.
we scrambled up onto this dock and began to walk down
the one main street.

here, folks, i saw something a little strange...for i
saw that as we walked inland from this dock, along the
street, there were side streets that branched off from
it. Here, one by one....these kids would walk away
from the group, as IF each side street was calling one
person to come along it!
[of course!...each path leads to a
PARTICULAR "welcome home", tailor-made, by Spirit and
Guides, for each arriving soul, in my group of newly
dead-to-earth, souls!]

one by one...each kid went off to a side street, to
meet his relatives and friends who awaited his
Homecoming...all of his people who died before him,
who cared lovingly for him...would be there, to greet
him and help him to adjust to the New Order of

by now...i had only three or four kids with me...and
the street had now come up to the hill at the back of
the town. there was a "ski lodge" type hostel,
I took these kids inside...the hotel clerk was
saying...as i left this vision...to awake into my
body..."welcome to the Lodge..there are always rooms
availible here for people without greeters to meet

live an incredible life

Freestone Wilson

the ring sing

another visit to the Spirit lands last night in my

I went to Somewhere. tis a place i often go to and it
seems to have some vibrational association with
"southern Illinois" as i lived there once. tis the
same place each time i visit, out of body.
last night i went "running" along a road, flying,
actually, flying about head-height, along a road. at
least one other person was running with me.
[i read that is one form of travel in the
heaven-lands....like of a very fast running at six
feet off the ground]
i went to a settlement of people where they all were
going to DO something. the field next to this village
was open to the sky, Hawks of immense size were in the
air, off to the distance....there was a feeling of
"space" in the air..."electric peace"...a feeling of
all of the people, i knew not whether they ALL were
residents or not: i feel that many were also "night
visitors", like of me!......all of the people gathered
at the base of a small hill, in the field, the field
that reached to the horizon, and they got ready for to
do something.

[now i have read and seen pictures of this which is to
come. i knew that in heaven there were these: but
this is the first time that i can REMEMBER being in
one; i have been in them before, but this one event is
the most vivid, of late.!]

all the people gathered in a ring about 80 feet in
diameter, there were sometimes three or four people
deep behind some people: a ring utterly open in the
center, all holding hands and getting ready for some
Sing or Ritual of some sort. Interesting....i stood
very very close to being behind someone, as if i
almost WERE that person! the event began: i
immediately woke up!!

this happens a lot, the waking up JUST as the event
begins. i have my suspicians as to why i woke up in
this ring-sing. has to do with me being practically
on the back of this large middle-aged lady, in front
of me!
my guess: that i was a "bridge"! I BROUGHT, in some
manner, this lady from her sleep, a "fetcher" of a
soul i was, so that SHE could experience this
sing-festival! Spirit used me to fetch her to this
event, as i have seen this process before, with me: in
this case the lady was almost able to do it on her own
and my counsciouness added to hers made it possible
for her to be there. once she was there, i was not
needed anymore. but why was i not also there to enjoy
because if i were, it would not BE her experience!!
my counsciousness was SO blended with hers that
her own experience would be overwrote by my presence!
be like getting a cup of coffee to get ya up in the
morning: but if you drank ten cups of that coffee per
hour from then on, that coffee would "arc out"
your day! color it!
my presence AS her, at the sing, would end up adding
my ego-loops to her subcounsciousness and COLOR her
this is why i ferry many many many people to see Sai
baba and masters and events like this: but never never
get to experience even ONE of them, in my memories of
over 100 such events!
Tis a "spiritual honor" to be a Enfranchised Ferryman:
not my Calling to be there for it! i have 1,000,000+
years, soon enough, to go to any one of these that i
want to: NOW, here on earth, my WORK must be done!
[I seem to dwell on this point a lot in this post: but
i only saw this AS i was writing it out! now i know
why i never never see that Master or sing with the
people! this is why people keep journals: to help
them think out what has happened to them in that day's
entry. thus my weblog helps me almost more than as
it would communicate to someone of my experiences!]

now i sense a meaning of that word..."Spiritual
SACRIFICE"! or...what is meant by the
not merely giving of money or time to someone or
something, giving up food or time....here i would
sacrifice any experiencing of the events that i help
Spirit fetching, carrying, souls-from-their-sleep, to.

my role would be to add my awareness to "prime
their pumps" like of a cup of coffee so that they are
awake IN their dreams, at the event, so that they can
begin to experience it: then i leave....the sacrifice
is where i leave so that this experience will be
THEIRS, not both of us together where some of my
value-system judgements do not bleed into the fetched
person's awareness and COLOR their experience with my
subcounscious "stuff"! thus by leaving, i give to
them their own experience! I defer experiencing such
"spiritual celebrations" until after i die, or even
far far later, as my Role may still be needed even
after i arrive and live there...fetching souls from
earth! may be far far up in the levels of heaven
before i ever get to do one of these FOR ME!
like that man of the Movie..."the last picture
show"...where he enables all of the young kids to go
off to the big cities to Do their Dreams: but he
himself will never never leave the town, and will die
there of old age!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

how to deal with autistic miseries!

asper miseries and depressions

in another list, someone said....
>> "Being an asperger adult is miserible"!!

and.............from someone else!

> "I think that the social aspect of my life is not
> for people, like of me, on the spectrum of
aspergers and autism."

I tried to give some Advice!
here it is, my letter of reply....... for you all, on
your list.

and hello all!

i feel your pains. I wish i could write some good
words to chear up you two, but maybe my own asperness
keeps a good counseling answer from coming.
that is a "biggie"....your question.

i will have to give it a try, maybe, perhaps i will
hit or miss or even irratate a bit; but i will write

from 500 feet away, i do not see your problem as an
asper problem, so much as a problem of
"self-acceptance and self worth"! i see it under the
file "i am depressed and somewhat bitter
because of my own conception of myself versus what i
see is out there, in the world"!
---wheelchair people, lonely people, heart attack
people...actually this is common to all people who see
themselves as not being part of the action of life.
actualy, this depression can be a first stage on the
way to healing as one is now discovering that there is
a lack, somewhere, in the personal life...you are not
anymore "dumb and happy"!

i know a man from india. Bombay. actually he is an
urban man.
he is depressed and angry, he now lives in a small
city and has no likes for the 20th century.
same thing.......he does not Fit, he is Lonely, he
must feel that there is nothing that he has that is
valuable enough in him, to be able to use in life. he
grouches about the "small conservative city of
tallahassee...boring boring and dull"!
not Bombay...but hey...there are THREE universities
here...FIVE major libraries. the public library has 20
to 30 internet computers, and the open-use FSU
library, that anyone can use, has 300 computers!
museams...galleries...singles clubs...parks...
-----i could go on and on and on-----
only Boring people find life Boring!!

can you change yourselves?!
I once lived in a town of 600 people, my home town, a
few years ago.
a year after i left, for health reasons[air polution],
someone whom i told that i lived there, he asked
me..."were you not bored out of your mind?"! i
replied that i had unanswered letters on the shelf and
ten books that sat half read on the table, all of that
year... as i had not a moment free to do anything
about them. then i went into a 30 minute rant about
all of the things that i would do in a day, in my home
walk about the pretty quiet streets, shady with trees.
Volunteer with the Food Giveaway program at this
cafe coffee.
hikes in the country.
talk talk talk to the town people.
---let alone personal maintanence!
.....and i a single man with no car!!

A man once told me how boring it was to look out of
the train window for hours at a pine woods, in South
georgia where the pine woods is 200 miles across. i
told him that i could talk for HOURS about what was
about that woods.....the people who live in it, the
weather and climate, the bugs and animals, the
terpintine gatherers and their lives, the Culture of

two suggestions follow.

try to get out of yourselves to have some greater
purpose to your lives. whether it is a Spiritual life
or another person or some idealisms...Get that Compass
of your life away from you iron belt buckle, so that
it can point to a True North. then you can walk true
through the Woods of Life: otherwise you will wander
around in circles with your North being only your
belt buckle self...self-centered!

try to see what GIFTS aspergers has given to you, and
then to use them in your life! maybe you are good at
mental imaging or of scetchings with a pencil, or of
some way of seeing the world, attentionally or
visually, where you see and hear things that no one
else can sense.
thus then you can share with others your UNIQUE
sensings. in your lament that you are not like all
other people, there lurks a self non-acceptance. you
can NOT be like anyone or all everyones!
no one can! thus try to capitalize on your talents!
like: with me, i can tell if a cookie is homemade or
stale, in about .00042 seconds, at the first bite. i
have a very good mental picture talant...of course few
people can take the time to hear me talk it all out,
in this harried age, but that is NOT my problem, it is
too, i have a spiritual life and have been blessed
with Out of body/near death type .....visions of the
afterlife worlds, complete with talks with relatives,
a TWO WAY conversations...thus i KNOW that life is
everlasting![i have about ten of these accounts on
file, ask me if you want to read them, if you had not
already read them!
who else can "rerun" a whole inner image video, of the
streets of the town that they used to live in, like

"ah", you say..."why bother to DO that, if life is not
worth living"?!!

there it is...the Real problem-question, of these two
people, and of Most who Ask this Question and who are
depressed and bitter!

what can ya do to make life worth living?!
that is what YOU have to do: find that answer to that
question! it will be different for each and all, the
Answer! to find something that everything else
revolves and centers around, like of a hole in a
record album. and, yes, for some it is becoming
"saved", and having a religious/Spiritual life. but
for others, it is of Other things.
i would say.....at the LEAST: find, valadate,
and grow....YOUR SOUL!
know that you have one. then know it, belive it, live

there...i said something.....

an autistic person probably has a WORSE condition under the Autism!

hi all...

here is my second newtopic of today, being new to the forum.
a new autism forum, mostly for adult with high level autism

I have seen Autism whether aspergers or high level functioning, in adults,
to be the "second condition" of the person, and the "first condition" I
have found, is affecting the person WORSE than the autism!!

what is this second condition?
---why it is the "poor self image" that comes from being put down, from
childhood onwards, from everyone around you and then you internalize this
self-image and then you begin to belive it and then you live your life
from then on believing it! Anyone who walks a different path, is like
that fish in a school of fishes that swims at different angles to the rest
of the fish.

an ice cream shop where there is a line of teen age kids. all of them have
only a choice of vanillia or strwberry, thus the clerk ends up in a loop
routine of saying the same things over and over and he ends up fanticizing
while dishing out ice cream. *then* the 1q140 Aspergers teen comes up. he
asks whther this vanillia is "natural" and also what is in it. the clerk
is angry that his train of thought is interrupted. the kid picks up this
anger like of a shock wave coming at him. thus the kid ends up feeling
that it is his fault that the clerk is angry. he cannot take it anyways
from anything that this anger is directed at him and he is the One that is
the odd man out. repeat this scene about 500 to 5,000 times a year, in
every single social action, or sports clumseynesses!! soon he belives
that there is something wrong with him.

---thus even if there is some "theraphy" that might actually help this
person become more "functioning" in the world, a theraphy that is "kind"
to autism people, the issue of the poor self image has YET to be addressed
and this issue will then become the real "killer" for his higher
functionings after theraphy! For as long as he feels that he is "not
right", or that "it is my fault", his self-functionings will be imared!

Thus i feel that maybe this image-issue should be addressed not only
first, but made to be of more important, in the counselings of the
autistic person, or in his teachings as to how he could have a higher
level functioning!


how to move a cat into a new house

new cat, new house. adapt!

hello everyone.

Something on one of the posts reminded me of
My mother owned a cat kennel, when she was alive. oh
it was a Special cat kennel...grand champion longhair
persian cats, with the lesser offspring sold for pets.

Her wonderfull vetinarian gave to her some advice,
once, on how to acclimate a new pet cat to one's
home...or your old cat to a new house or apt.

I will pass this advice on, here....

First you find or buy a pet carrier cage, one large
enough so that the cat will be comfortable in it for a
week. Outfit this cage with a real comfortable towel
to make the cat feel nice....and add any other things
to it that the cat will enjoy. Before you bring the
cat in, find a place in the living room, or some quiet
room that is always open to the rest of the house; a
place that this cage will go to. ideally, the cage
itself should be in a sheltered spot, like as if this
spot is like the cage itself----like behind the couch
or in the always-open closet.
when you bring this cat into the house for the very
first time, have the cat IN the cage; do not let the
cat into the house before this!
so...place the cage, with cat, in that spot, with
lots of food and water in the cage and keep that door
shut for three days. as you come by to change the
newspaper litterbox and add water/food, say good
things to the cat[ come by often, anyway, just to say
On the third day...open the door. let the cat come
out WHEN it wants to...it may be right that moment or
days later. keep the cage ALWAYS THERE, however..even
after the cat has left it.
keep that cage there with the door always open. you
may note that if a salesman comes to the door or
Company comes or some other chaotic action
happens...this cat may timidly run back to that "safe
spot", the cage! that is the spot that started the
new acclamation to the house ...that one sheltered
place. some cats may not run back, but some cats may
need that cage to be there as a near-permanent thing.
thus, this cat will have, in its small-cat-mind, a
sense of SECURITY as it knows that "if the worst
occurs" there will be indeed a safe place to hide in.
with THAT sense of security, the cat will have a more
"optimistic" sense of cat-self-worth, and feel better
about taking cat-risks, in its explorations of the new
envirnment of that house!

I thought of this, as i read of Temple grandin's book
where she designed the animal hallways for the moving
of cows from one place to another; what and how a cow

so, people...while children or adult autistics are NOT
cats....i feel there is a bit of Wisdom, here, that
could be used for us all humans!

---move into that brand new house with Autistic child?
why...one could go to a small length to make his/her
bedroom be JUST like the old bedroom in the house just
moved from...as much as possible...maybe just a corner
of it: the old and same rugs...the bed, the
---autistic child at large family reuinions?
why have him sit at THE same spot at the table, in
THE same chair, with THE same plates and dishes...for
each and every large gathering at the dinner table
where there would be unfamiliar guests. If he thinks
in images, like many autistics do, that dinning room
will be seen in the exact same image for each and
every meal, if he sits in the same spot with the same
dishes. Maybe, then, he will have enough "safe spot"
feelings...that he will be able to handle and enjoy
family gatherings, much much better.
---autistic child to the dentist for ten appointments?
Have her wear the same clothes for each visit!
---YOU, the autistic adult: go the "maxi-mart" to buy
Go direct with your cart to the EXACT same quiet
corner of this hormongiously large and buzzing place,
without paying attention to ANYTHING else. then, as
you get your bearings, then use this spot to come back
to, after forays into the World of Groceries,
repeatedly, as needed!
---Eating out?
find a good seat...keep sitting there each time you
come back...
---vacation to a large strange city?
find a good hotel and make it you "cat
carrier"...arrive early, spend a few hours in it
before bed...then use it as a base while your explore
the city.
thus if you are tired or overwhemed, you can go back
and take a nap, in your 'safe spot"!
I have a small technique for talking to strangers
with, in light of this 'safe spot' idea. i ask them,
if i know that i will be talking to this person for
awhile, i ask them what they do for a living. thus
the person begins to do a lot of talking...plus i now
know what type of image analogies to use with this
person, to use images and analogies that are like his
Job; like...I would use computer analogies to a
computer programmer, and plant metaphors to a farmer.

Actually, I think that an INNER "safe spot" can be
done for your child...or to yourself! Have your child
develop a constructive, healing, way to cope with
overloads of mind and sense...by teaching some
meditative visualization technique where one can
momentarily disengage from the stimulis...like maybe
of imaging of a CERTAIN picture image that represents
"calmness'...like of maybe a favorite spot in the
garden or by the lakeshore, some place that one has

well...maybe this "cat cage" story, can be applied to
some of us and our kids.....


seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970

Freestone Wilson

how the tv warmed the Siamese cat!

the tv set warmed the Siamese!

hello everyone!

here is a small story to warm your day, with....
i find that there are SO so so many of these here
amazing occurrances, in life....well worth the
experiencing and rememberings of them...


when i was in high school, about 1958, there was the
usual living room tv set. my mother had a siamese cat,
it loved warm temperatures, being a siamese cat. in
upstate new york... where summer is often over BEFORE
labor day...warmth is a precious thing.
this cat discoved the evening television. i mean
the warmth of the top of it, after it had been on for
a while. in those days, TUBES were used , about 30
tubes per tv. they would burn out at least once
perweek it seemed, in those days tubes did not last,
the tv repairman was a usual fixture in the
so about 7pm, the siamese cat would Hold Court atop
the tv, absorbing the heat like a siamese cat should!
once in a while it would discover the motion of the
actors on the screen, below, and would reach down and
try to swat or catch the moving images!
one day, i the middle of september, when the first
fall cold mornings had arrived, i was getting ready to
go out of the door to the 7;30 am bus that would pull
up on the road. the furnace was not yet on, as the
coal furnace was SO hard to get lighted, thus the
temperature was about 50 degrees in the house. so as
i was putting on my coat, i heard a PITIFULL meow
sound coming from the living room. i went into the
room to see the siamese cat pacing around and around
on top of the tv set! it was very agitated!!
----as if it were asking..."where is the warmth when
i need it the most?! this tv has ALWAYS given to me
the warmth that i need...WHERE oh where is it, i need

i turned the tv on, just as i left for the day.
...to warm a siamese.
probably left on all morning...to warm a siamese.
not its purpose, this tv...but it did its second job,
to warm a siamese cat!


a lot of life, i find, is like of that!
something has a Primary purpose....but often there are
Secondary porpuses too...often not in any way
connected to a "common sense" use of this something!


seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970

Freestone Wilson

seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970

Freestone Wilson

how I would improve our kid's schools!

how i would change the schools

how I would change the schools to make them a better
place for our kids to learn in!

--- XXX wrote......
> School 'on edge' over violence
> United Press International - May
25, 2000 08:50

yes, XXX...and others....i was
thinking out loud to
someone the other day about our
schools. I told this
person what i would do for our
nation's schools to
make them a better place for our
children to learn in
and to live in, as they spend three
to nine hours a
day there during the week. IF i had
some God-like
power to actually do this!
i would not approach the political
or the cirriculum
changes, as yet, at first; i would
start with the
PHYSICAL changes as i feel that most
of children's
influences begin WITH the physical
envirnments that
they live in.

so here is what sweeping changes that
i would do,
folks...in the K through 12th grades,
for all our
----make each and every classroom
have windows on at
least one side of the classroom that
more or less are
the whole side of the wall, from
floor to ceiling!
in my old Interlaken central school
built in
1936...there were these windows in
every room.
And have them openable too!! they
should open WIDE to
let as much natural air in as
possible, when the
outdoor temperature is good for this.
there are SO so so many schools
today where there is
not a single window in many of the
---air conditioning as needed, but
not too cold...and
be sure there are no mold spores in
this forced air
---NO floresent light tubes AT ALL!!
have natural
light from the windows and use
regular light bulbs for
the fixures and be sure that there is
not a single
floresent light in the whole school!
---No insecticides at all in any
---be sure that there are no "hums"
or "buzzings" from
motors and electrical things that
fill the air with
bacground irratating sounds!
---use "soft" cleansers and floor
cleaners that will
not irratate the tender mucus
membrenes of children
and aggrivate asthma and allergies.
---be sure to have RECESS...let the K
through 4th
graders, and beyond, have LOTS of run
time outdoors to
use their bodies in activities.
---i read the criticisms of letting
MacDonalds into
the schools to substitute for the
school lunch
BUT! from what i also read...often
that would be a
MAJOR nutitional ADVANCE over the
crud that often
passes for a school lunch program!!
thus....folks...I would suggest that
the food that is
served to our children should be of
the Very best
Quality...and "homemade' on the
premises, by living


ya cant walk very good if your shoes
are not good!
gotta start at the FOUNDATION
first...the physical
world! gotta have that barn built
first, of the
physical foundation, before a weather
vane of
Idealistic ciriculums and Advanced
teachings Methods
are installed in our schools!!
in practicality..who is gonna learn
much if the food
is rotten, the air is stale...the
light only comes
from floresants that buzz...and the
air smells of
pesticides and mold!!

betcha the behavor problems would go
down 60% at
least...if these actions were taken,
betcha the attention deficet
hyperactivity problems
would deminish!

[i think that i actually read
somewhere that in one
school they compared the natural
light classrooms with
another school's that had artifical
light...and the
test scores were 30% higher!!]

If the needs of the physical world
are not met first,
i feel, then anything else will tend
to fail, as the
foundation of our being is there.
....houses built upon sand tend to
come apart!!



advice to someone with an Autistic son

advice to parent with autistic boy


Someone from some newsgroup...asked me a question
about their young son who had just been diagnosed with
some type of the spectrum of Autism.
they asked....
> as we go into teen years is there any words of
> wisdom that you might have for his father or myself?
i was a bit taken aback to this...as,one...i never
married or had kids...and two...i am not a counselor
by profession. i am only a person with a bit of HLF
or aspers autism!

but i said something....
and got into it.
i might as well share what i wrote, to you all...maybe
there even might be some help given!

with that understandings...here goes!!

my....what words of wisdom can i give in one minute or

actually, i can give some general advice...

[to give to me reinforcements to write MORE than a one
minute reply...i will write this out to a larger
audience and then remove your personal references and
then post it to a few autistic groups...]

I can IMAGINE the steps of Discovery!

first, your son was seen to be "different".

then there was the taking him to see the experts and
then the diagnosis comes.

there IS Relief...the Demon IS named; there is now a
label that you have that is a kind of handle for his
Of course, your concern has been allevieated; but it
also has grown.....WHAT OF HIS FUTURE?! how can we
help him to be able to live?!

then you go through those "several steps of mourning"
--grievings...sadness...anger...then Healing!!

I sorta see this boy in front of me. he has a label
to his condition.
however...the label "house" refers to a building that
one lives in; that one word "house" covers about
ten-thousand kinds of dwellings!!
thus "aspergers" or "high level funtioning
autism"...is a label that will cover MANY kids of
brain conditions.

simply put...the "trick" of helping the child...is to
MAXIMIZE the Talant-aspect of his symptons, and to
MINIMIZE the "negative" aspects of his conditions...

as in like of this:
some A people think mostly in image pictures...like of
me. perhaps there is a career, like graphic arts,
that would be a natural for this person. if the mind
is good, a high IQ...perhaps the computer programing
field will do...look at Bill Gates!! i read that some
people think that he has HL Autism!!
yes, accentuarate his Strengths, whatever they are,
as each Autistic person will have a different symptom
spectrum. thus...go find out what his strengths are,
though offical testings or by just observing of him!

either by his changing of his envirnments...or by of
a changing of his attitudes...he can minimize the
impact of the "negitive" aspects of autistic symptoms.
if loud noise bother...he can avoid or wear earplugs!
He can put himself in social areas where only one
thing will clamor for his attention at a time.
teaching him some of the social graces and the
language of person to person non-verbal language...may
help, as he might have to LEARN counsciuosly what we
all[you all!] take for granted, and know from birth
often one can only do or think one thing at a time,
like me....and have a very short term memory.
this person should not be a waiter in a resturant!!
try to make his childhood sheltered in some ways to
keep the stress of copings down. then teach him to be
able to do that for himself: an
example......[speaking for myself]...an image-only
thinker may find that
there should be ONE physical area of his home [maybe
his room] where there should not be ANY change in the
room arrangements over time, down to the MINUTIST
small piece of paper! that outer room will be a
butterfly-wing mirror of his inner image of that
room----changing the outer room will cause a great
conflict within him as now the outer image is in
conflict with his inner image...of that room!! this
room area will be his "security blanket" whenever he
is stressed...he can go there for shelter, if he is
overcome by something in the house, for a few minutes.

yes...you son may have sensory overloads...he may hear
sounds that you may not notice...he may put those
hands over his ears, at a noise that you may think is
a soft sound!

so...above all...do not "put him down", or tell him
that "he should come around", or that "you can tough
it out, a real man should not be bothered by THAT"!!
for in the example above...if he contorts with pain,
holding his hands over his ears, at the sound of ICE
falling into a glass, as if he were being ATTACKED by
a hand grenade...why,
he *IS*!!
for HIM, as severe as that, really really!!
...that sound may be that overwhelming to him on a
real physical level!!
thus, well-meaning people who criticise him for being
so "sensitive"...that may well hurt his self esteem!
would YOU not feel good about yourself if you grew up
in a color-blind family where only you could see
orange and all the other members of the family could
not and they teased you without remorse about your
wierd talant!!

too...do not let the "doctor-speak" overwhelm you.
some of those so called experts may know next to
nothing, really!
be carefull about drugs...if they help, there is
always the side effects to consider...AND...be aware
that he WOULD be more sensitive to the effects and the
side effects of drugs!

and keep connected , above all, to these here SUPPORT
GROUPS!! get HIM to be a part of them too...if he is
computer funtional. why on onelist.com...there is a
list for autistic college students!....

my final but most important advice may be.....
the REAL experts in this...are the parents who have
been there, before you, several years ago...who now
have 15 year old...18 year old..children who have
autism. they have been there and done that...and they
may have very very good advice and counsul for you
with a younger child, as they have been though all of
what you are NOW going through!
THEY are the ones that you should get to read about
and to know and to get advice from!!

sigh...i am not a Talanted Therapist...and i think
associational only...thus my suggestions are only
hit and miss general suggesstions...i am sorry but my
own way of thinkings get in my way...but i hope that
my sugesstions may help a bit!


someone dreams that in six years they cannot come back home

here from this site, below, is a vision.


[there are many many user-submitted visions, dreams,
etc, here; a treasure-trove of amazing prophecies for
the next few years. Their forum is good too!


One could spend a day reading these forums!]

Catastrophy in America
Posted on: Wednesday 02 August 2006 @ 15:02:55
slyth3 writes"A few years ago I had a very vivid and
memorable dream. I dreamt I was in south west Ireland.
There was a sign with writing in the Irish language and
I was near the sea.

I was living in Ireland, and something had happened in
America - something that cut off all air travel and all
communications. I did not know if my family was alive or not.

I did not pay this dream much attention until I found
a post graduate program I wanted to attend in that
area (when I had the dream I hadn't done much in my
undergrad and wasn't thinking about a future beyond that.
The program I will be attending is in south west Ireland

I leave in September. Nothing will happen until after that
point, if it does. My guess is that the time frame is
6 months to 3 years."


----this dream could infer that she will make a
psychological separation
from her homeland and thus live for the rest of her life
in Ireland.
But I pondered, when I read this, just what event
could do this?
Must have to be a major event indeed, to cut off the other
communcations, like of radio!


why many of the homeless people seem to be angry!

Library is quiet today. I guess that i can still use

I am still self-troubled about the "homeless, from
that article that i wrote yesterday"!
I have to face the fact that i Do Not Really Want To
Be Around Them! but it is not a "political issue" or
a "social issue"! it is due to the bad vibes! If
their collective vibes were a color, they would be a
mixture of pea-green, dark muddy red, and murky
Imagine a person who EXPECTS to step on a dog turd at
*every* step: it has occured---WILL occur, with every
yes i hear it now, from the "peanut
galley"........"why doesn't such a homeless person
just accept Jesus into his heart"?!

yeah indeed!

I can hear this homeless person now-----"Just another
mother fucker, this Jesus, to tell me what to do"!
"everyone tells me what to do.
---- the social worker says that i must take
Thoribenzindrine before she can help me, and all it
does is make me sleepy and wozey and dumb!
----the job counselor says that the only job training
open is for to become a dishwasher at the local
caferteria on-the-job-training.....12 hour days at the
pots and pans line!

many embrace the terrible Secret of ALCOHOL!
what is that terrible secret?
why it is that being drunk gets ya up into the spirit
world, a much higher place than MOST "Mr Straights"
ever go to! "a jug of wine and Thou"......
thus an alcoholic has a kind of spirituality that is
much much higher than most of the sober people ever
ever have!
terrible price though....as a Guide once said, through
a medium, that i read....."the drinker is indeed
raised up to a higher level of spirit, but it is a
dead end, he cannot get the higher! like of a hill
next to a mountain where anyone who climbs it, thinks
that they have Arrived! Once they see that the real
high mountain is next to them, why they have to climb
back down into the physical world before re-beginning
their ascent up the True Mountain of spirit, from that
as that hill is the only thing that is REAL, for the
alkie, he will not let go!
"Sigmund Freud, i think, said...."in order for a man
to let go of his nerosis, he must have something else
better to reach out FOR"!
like a drowning man will cling *very* tightly to a
floating stick, even when a rope is offered to him for
to have him grab it to have him pulled to the dock:
but first he must accept that the rope is a rope!!
as long as he does not see the rope or believe that
the rope is a saving-device, he will cling to the
*ONLY* thing that he knows, and that anyone else's
suggestions could just well cause him to drown!
---more mother fuckers to tell him what to do, for
"his own good", is the very very last thing that he
wants to hear; thus he will cling to what he
knows---that floating stick!

thus, many suggestions for the homeless end up being
suggestions for cure that help the helpers: not the

the only way i can see True Help being given to the
homeless, or to any other people who are not of the
"mainstream", is.....
is to help each individual homeless person BECOME
Each Soul has talants and gifts, brought to the
Incarnation, here, now: but somehow the signals got
garbled and the "launch pad", the parents and
upbringing was lacking in Love, was corrupted.
thus the inner gyroscope of "self-love-acceptance", is
Inside this "stereo system" with miswired speakers, is
am Amplifier with Golden Sounds and Music making
Possibilities. a True Counselor would help such a
"stereo system", that dysfunctional person, to
get in touch with his "true sounds", his true soul's
Talants, so that this person can touch and then to
activate these Talants and then to be able to bring
them out into manifestations into the world and into
his life!
---good advice for us "non-homeless"!

and THAT is my personal definition for what is a
"homeless person"!
Anyone out of touch with his soul! Does not matter if
he is a $120,000 a year CEO with that mansion on the
hill, if he has lost the thread of his soul
missions...he is spiritually homeless!!


an OBE visit to an alien world, might be the astral side of Venus!

> > > Subject: visit to an ALIEN world
> > >
> > >
> > > hello, everyone.
> > >
> > > here is an account of one of my OBE visits to an
> > > alien
> > > world!
> > > there is only ONE picture-memory in this vision that
> > > i
> > > can recall!!
> > > just one memory.
> > > but i want to put a description of this event, onto
> > > this list, for you all, to show a scene from a
> > > *very*
> > > different place!!
> > >
> > > ---what i remember is this.....
> > > an outdoor scene, under sky with plants and part of
> > > a building.
> > > the sky was a very very deep blue---not a blue that
> > > ever is seen on earth! cobalt blue or even a deeper
> > > hue of blue...it was not a LACK of light, so much,
> > > that made for the hue...is was as if the very
> > > sun-source
> > > itself was of a different color...nearly black-blue,
> > > or the deepest of Indigo...
> > > ---and the plants!
> > > the trees were too far away to see each leaf, but
> > > these leaves were like as if a pine tree had leaves!
> > >
> > > each leaf was long and very narrow: but not as
> > > narrow
> > > as a pine needle: NOT an earth species!...and the
> > > shade of "green" of the leaves was...
> > > PURPLE
> > > dark purple was the leaf color...in every leaf,
> > > uniformly!
> > > the corner of a building looked to be made of brown
> > > stones.
> > > the whole scene just "shouted"...."alien",
> > > "not of earth"!!
> > >
> > > [once, years ago, i saw a drawing with the person's
> > > descriptions...of a UFO-abduction to the planet
> > > VENUS;
> > > he was taken to venus, via the saucer.
> > > yes...the descriptions and the drawings were of
> > > the
> > > same as my vision-place!!
> > > I have a fairly good Intuition that this place of my
> > > vision IS Venus!]
> > >
> > > A few years ago, i read an account of a class of
> > > students with a MEDIUM, channeling her Guide; these
> > > students were learning of Spirit, through the
> > > teachings of this guide. One of the students asked
> > > this guide
> > > about how could this Guide and his people live on
> > > the
> > > surface of the planet venus when the NASA probes
> > > give
> > > the surface of venus such a bad reputation for life
> > > to
> > > exist, there! (Guide is from Venus)
> > > The guide replied...."yes indeed, your probes show
> > > the
> > > truth, about the surface of Venus...but i live in
> > > one
> > > of the ASTRAL shells around the planet! All planets
> > > have their afterlife realms, about them...and of
> > > course they all are populated with beings. Many
> > > earthlings go to live/visit to the realms of venus,
> > > after they die"
> > >
> > > read:
> > > venus, as well as the other planets, have their
> > > heaven worlds of higher non-physical vibration
> > > dimensions, too! these are very accessable by the
> > > souls of earth's heavens....as well as by OBE
> > > travelers
> > > incarnated upon the earth: as long as they have the
> > > "URL" ADDRESS for Venus!!
> > >
> > > ---my "implant card"...gives me access to some very
> > > intriging places!!
> > > freestone
> > > ===
> > > live an incredible life
> > >

end times: a good "from other people" channeled article on how to prepare for the end times

here is an "outside' channeled article on How to prepare for the ascension, the end times.
just for one's death, and the afterlife!

This Channeling, below, by the RA group though David Wilcox,
is one of the best
articles on this, that I have to see and to read,
to date!

David Wilcox
[ http://ascension2000.com/
the homepage.]

the Ra material, as originally recieved by
the ra group.
then there is the CURRANT RA group, at


The Ascension:
“Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?”

By David Wilcock
9 / 26 / 03

Is “all this Ascension stuff” for real, or is it just the imbecile
fantasy of people deeply divorced from reality? Here is what the
media never tells you, at least not all at once.

We all know that the Earth is experiencing global warming and
other changes, whether the petroleum giants like it or not.
Just read the headlines.


I am Ra. We greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite
Creator. We communicate now through the guidance system of the
entity David Wilcock.

There are doors within doors, corridors to be traveled,
questions to be answered and tools of awakening to be discovered.
The maze of the mind might seem a labyrinth at times, as there is
the question of how one may look upon one’s existence as air
traffic controller and question whether or not this occupational
configuration is a true manifestation of the optimal path for one
who has chosen service as a way of life.

The misgivings of the past have their undoing in the mind,
which chooses to view certain experiences through a lens of
self-criticism and judgment. The corkboard can hold a dart,
regardless of how well it is aimed, after having been fired.
There are those efforts that have missed the mark, so to speak.

The question of one’s purpose is truly the question of how cognizant
one is of the game, in this case the dartboard, and how effectively
that game can be played for the mutual benefit of other selves
involved on your physical plane.

The vacuum cleaner deftly swoops up those detrimental pieces of lint
that have gathered themselves in the carpeting of the house of your
mind. Day by day there are those bits and pieces that fall
to the ground, discarded seemingly without notice, which
form a residue of sorts. This residue then becomes that
which is
tread upon in one’s path.

We do want your pathways of the divine to be well kept.
Therefore, it is a requirement that for greater levels of
soul advancement, there [will] be the karmic housecleaning from
time to time, the understanding of the disparity that may exist
between one’s self-concept and that which is more optimal from a
perspective that looks outside of space and time.

Thus, there are those mousetraps, if you will, which have some
degree of tension in the spring and which have the cheese set
out for the unwary rodent. The tension is not yet understood
consciously, nor is the nature of the trap. We are not intending
to speak in any threatening sounding way, but simply to advise the
ways in which one can be lured by the temptation of having a
derisive attitude toward oneself.

The entity has certain issues with the identification of sexual
orientation as such, feeling that to truly use the “G” word, so
to speak, is to cast an unfortunate label upon oneself which does
then make one the equivalent of the devil in many a
fundamentalist Christian church.

Recognize, now, that we are cutting the tethers that have
anchored you to the world of materiality. If you are to soar
above, there must not be this baggage. The baggage is created
in the ambiance of self-condemnation.

We would state for you, quite emphatically, that this is a
Creation of boundless depths of insight, all of which are
informed by the process of free will.

The action of free will upon experience is that which produces
the catalyst for the remembrance of the One.

Each day, the motorboat is started up at the time of the morning,
and the motorized process by moving through the waters of spirit
again occurs through the process of arriving at one’s place of work
and becoming part of an automated system, such that the automation
continues to float and function in a flawless manner.

Without air traffic controllers there would be no opportunity for
those other selves upon said planes to arrive at their proper

The extent to which the airplane is used as a vehicle for soul
transformation should [also] not be undermined. Indeed, many souls
who would take an airplane flight are not routine business
but rather those who are on a pilgrimage of sorts.

This can come about in a variety of forms.

- It can come about through one who is visiting family
some distance away.
- It can come about through one who has found a Godsend
in a new relationship, but finds that this relationship requires
- It can come about in one who has desire to have a vacation
and break the monotonous drudge of life.
- It can come about in one who is investigating having a new
place to live, and thereby changing one’s external circumstances so
as to form a more fluid and complete life existence.

The tangled knot of sorts that has wound itself into your heart has
been in the process of unwinding. We would ask, therefore, that you
recognize that it is a process, and do not contend yourself
with feeling
as if there is no further work to be done.

We are not attempting to state that you have been doing this, but
that you become more completely aware of the fact there are still
those points of resistance which do impede the flow of energetics
through the mind/body/spirit complex.

We do want you to be aware of the extent to which your speaking, as
David has suggested, is a measurement of the amount of flexibility
of consciousness at one particular moment. When we speak of
flexibility, we speak of the ability to use the spectrum of
levels or instreaming and outpouring rays of vibratory energy.

This flexibility is necessitated for the higher workings. It is a
flexibility that comes about through one being balanced,
self-knowing and self-aware.

The balance, therefore, could come quite surgically and directly
by stating to oneself that if bisexual is the nature, or if gay is
the nature of ones’ personal choice, that this is utterly and
completely acceptable. [Though controversial, especially for the
more conventional religious types, the Law of One philosophy, as
expressed in the L/L Research series of five books from 1981-84,
states that “All paths are acceptable at the proper time and
place for each entity.” – DW]

There are more and more of those in this society of yours who are
recognizing that which is implicitly understood in higher realms;
namely, gender is only a consequence of third density incarnation.
Gender becomes increasingly irrelevant as one moves outside of
third density.

There may still be enough of a leaning in a particular soul so as
to define the soul as more male or female in its overt vibratory
status; however, since the physical body is much more of a
thoughtform in nature, it would be equally possible for an entity
that is feminine in its overall vibration to manifest a masculine
form for a certain period of time and vice versa.

There are increasing cases of those babies that are born with
androgynous sexual organs, meaning that both sets of equipment,
if you will, exist. This is but one form in which the DNA molecule
is rebelling against its third density shacklings. While this
androgyny is not a product of the fourth density body, so to speak,
it rather has more to do with the essence of souls coming in at
this time, which have not yet made a firm decision as to gender

We do want the entity to be aware of the degree to which this
fluidity of thought affects all other areas of inquiry.
The fluidity of thought comes about through the meditative peace
that is gained inside.

The entity has indicated that there was a bout of alcoholism
surrounding your year 2000, as time is measured. This, of course,
is a statement of the sense of defiance and rebellion against the
uptight and stuffy, constricted atmosphere that society has
presented in many forms.

The entity is one who was content with the behaviors that were
predefined by the conservative Judeo-Christian, Protestant mindset.
Thus, one was to be the hive worker and perform a series of maneuvers
along a predefined set of criteria.

The system of rules itself is worshiped as God, though on the
subconscious plane.

It is not truly the thirst for the One Infinite Creator that sustains
entities who follow such paths, but rather the thirst for structure,
the thirst for a very clear definition of right and wrong, seen and
unseen, known and unknown, good and evil, so as to remove the
opportunity for internal seeking, deliberation and analysis.

If one has a rather immature concept of the universal cosmology which
includes such things as implicit forgiveness once one is saved by the
Blood of the Lamb, so to speak, then there is not the need to
pulverize the questions that have required such pulverization. Rather,
they can remain as rocks that tumble about in the mind, and can
temporarily be sealed over with platitudes that state that as long
as one continues to pay tithes to the church or to otherwise repent
for one’s sins, as they have been called, then a balance of sorts
is created.

The relative balance/imbalance of one’s personal vibrations is
never questioned in such a format, but only the extent to which
the predefined set of criteria are then being met.

May we state a very important point, which is that the extent to
which an entity is harvestable for fourth density has everything
to do with making a choice? This, by its very nature, implies that
one must break away from consensus thinking in order to make
sufficient choices to be harvestable.

To put it more bluntly, an entity cannot simply be content with
a given system of spiritual teaching, follow that system without
ever questioning it, and truly be fourth density harvestable, even
if that system of thought is one in which service to others is
defined as being an essential cornerstone of belief.

May we state quite clearly that true Service to Others is that
which comes about through internal deliberation and analysis.

True Service to Others does not mean that you [are required to] go
to a soup kitchen and begin spooning out that which is sought after
by those who are homeless. True Service to Others does not mean
joining the Peace Corps and moving off to some third-world country
that is in desperate need of assistance, or otherwise giving of
oneself in this externalized form.

Granted, these are expressions of service to others in a certain
capacity, but when we state the term Service to Others, we are
attempting to use three words to define something which is
more nebulous.

The true essence of Service To Others cannot be contained within the
overt semantic description that the words provide.

It is, rather, a statement of a status of being that is arrived at
once one has achieved some degree of unveiling of the conscious
motivations that underlie the self.

The extent to which these motivations become conscious is the extent
to which the soul has evolved.

So when we speak of conscious motivations, we speak of the more
complete form of consciousness, which does include that which your
peoples would normally define as sub-conscious.

To become conscious of that which motivates the self is to become
aware of the choices that have been made [in life], and of the
extent to which most entities have declared martial law over their
own free will in their minds.

So when we state Service to Others as being the desirable path, that
path has greater complexity than simply attending church or
appeasing those around you and making them happy.

The Service to Others path is a path of integration of self, and
through that integration of self, becoming aware to some degree that
there is no separation between self and others.

This is decidedly different than one only looking as far as to see
it as being a function of volunteering one’s time in such things
as a soup kitchen or otherwise.

Therefore, this path is, in one sense, rather difficult to define,
and any attempt to use one concept or one set of words is flawed
by its very nature.

The reason why we decided upon the term Service to Others is to
hone in on that which approaches the greatest degree of truth as
a system of meditation for an awakening soul.

Yet a soul that only thinks of service in the conventional form
will not truly grasp what it is that we are teaching.

It may seem that we are wasting words or talking circuitously
about this issue, but it is rather important since the Service
to Others path is that which is required for an entity to become

To summarize these musings as have been heretofore presented,
let us state again the overall concept of what Service to Others
truly means. From here we will then move forward to a
delineation to a greater degree of how the entity then plugs
in to such a system.

The true Service to Others path that is required for an entity
to become harvestable is an internal decision that is made
without the props that are provided by the material world.

An entity that practices service to others and yet does not
question anything beyond a given religious structure is not
likely to be harvested, because this religious structure, by
its very nature, implies that those outside of the structure
are not to be served.

In the Christian distortions, an entity that is not “saved by
the Blood of the Lamb” is, by its very nature, condemned.

On the overt, outside level, these entities appear to be condemning
all others who do not follow their ways.

On the more covert, internal, subconscious level, what these
entities are actually doing is separating and isolating those
aspects of themselves that they do not find favorable, and by
making them the Devil, continuing to reinforce the partitioning
and separation of the self.

Therefore, this is a form of war against self. In the vast majority
of cases, those who have adhered strictly to a fundamentalist
religion do not have the discernment to be able to incorporate
the positive path to a significant enough degree in order to
be harvestable.

It is required that an entity read its sacred scriptures, but
not be bound by the interpretations of human beings to the words.

In order for one to cope effectively with the stressors that the
physical world presents, one must have a more fluid perspective,
wherein the essence of service is seen as being all-inclusive.

These words have always been hidden in that which came from the
Master Jesus and other teachers, as in, “Love thy neighbor as
you love yourself.” The neighbor does not have to be Christian
for this to be in effect.

The Service to Others path is a path wherein, truly speaking,
one does experience all things desired. This means that one has
cut off any sense of obligation to a given social structure.
[We often point people to page 170 of the Law of One, Book One,
in which it states, “The proper role of the entity is,
in this density, to experience all things desired – to then
analyze, accept and understand these experiences, distilling from
them the love/light [love and wisdom] within them… Nothing shall
be overcome; that which is not needed falls away… All things are
acceptable in the proper time for each entity.”- DW]

Those who are harvestable are not conformists by their very nature.
Those who are harvestable are not those who go along with the
party line, those who never question the institutions of

Those who are harvestable have superseded the need to be
identified with a system of beliefs that is specific to one
given culture or religion or government.

You will find that those who are ready for fourth density are
those who have adopted a unique system of beliefs that is
tailor-made to what interests them.

We have stated that an entity on the positive path must experience
all things desired, and yet this alone is not sufficient. For once
these experiences are sought after, they must then be understood,
accepted, integrated and forgiven. Only when this is accomplished
is the entity then capable to distill the love and light that
can be found inside ones’ experiences.

The extent to which an entity is capable of distilling its
experiences through free will is the extent to which an entity
has polarized on the positive path.

The negative path is a separate discussion, dealing more with
the love of self and the distillation of ones’ experiences in
the direction of seeing others as being subservient to self.

Therefore, the entity at this time may be feeling as if the
occupational configuration is not truly “service to others
enough” to be a fulfillment of one’s spiritual path.
that in one sense this is, as David might say,
“old world thinking.”

The implication is quite clear. In order to be on the
positive path, one must be capable of doing one’s own thinking.
Doing ones own thinking, by a very specific process, involves
looking beyond that which society would define as spiritual.

And thus we would ask the entity not to fall into often-seen
trap of feeling that one must be doing something that most
entities on your plane would define implicitly as “spiritual”
in order to be moving in the right direction.

In a sense, one could say that society requires all forms of
employment. Every role is spiritual in the sense to which society
requires all these roles to function. If every entity were to
take the path of the Buddha and put on a robe and sit out on
the street with one’s begging bowl, then nothing would ever
get accomplished and there would be no ability for society
to move forward.

Similarly, when you move into those higher realms that are
much more spiritual in nature than the third by virtue of the
degree of unveiling that is then made possible in the
mind/body/spirit complex, we do not have a situation where
every entity is a teacher. There are those who do, and
there are those who teach and there are those who
among many, many other delineations.

There are all sorts of different job descriptions for
entities in higher planes. Many of these jobs do revolve
around service to those in lower densities, specifically
the third. And there are many ways in which that can take

There are those entities, for example, who are responsible for
configuring the evolution process on a given planetary influence
such that the design of the varying insects and animal and bird
and fish and humanoid species, etc., do then fall in line with
the given materials that are present in that particular planetary
influence and with the innate vibrations that are present
in that area. This is but one of many jobs that
can be accomplished.

So, the entity did exist in a similar job capacity prior to
becoming a physical human being in third density. This is an
important point. The air traffic controller is not that much
different from the job that the entity had prior to physical
incarnation. And thus, this job has been gravitated towards,
in a sense, by virtue of how there is a similarity with
one’s previous experiences.

This air traffic control is then considered to be a glorious service
in the sense of how, in the original entity’s position that we are
now speaking of, it involved the coordination of many different
shuttling efforts that were being made to and from what you may
think of as a mothership.

In this process, then, there is a great degree of care that must be
sought after in ensuring that these pathways which are then created
do not interfere with the free will of the beings on the planet,
by being constructed in such a way so as to evade radar and
optical detection.

There are very advanced systems in which the entities can sense if
an entity on the physical plane is detecting such a ship and can,
therefore, offset such sightings by enabling such things as a
cloaking mechanism or otherwise.

And thus, in one sense, the air traffic controller in its original
job description as the entity then sought it was a protector of free
will, a protector of the right for those entities who are still
existing in darkness in third density to choose whether or not
to be on a spiritual path. For if an entity sees such a craft and
does not want to have seen it, then there is a transgression
of free will through an unwelcomed initiation into mystery,
if you will.

Therefore, we want to be ever-more clear in stating that you can
look beyond that which is in front of you and see the deeper
ramifications in which one understands that all is sacramental.
Every job is truly sacramental if one understands the true degree
to which spirituality is implicit in all.

And therefore, again in discussing the Service to Others path may
we state that what you are doing career-wise does not directly have
anything to do with this path.

Instead, the extent to which you serve others and follow that
positive path has to do with making your own decisions,
to accept yourself, to love yourself, to forgive yourself, to
look upon the past and distill the various things that have
to find the love and the wisdom that was present in those moments
when you might have felt betrayed by your mother or father, when
you might have felt as though the world had turned its back on
you and left you bitter and unaware.

A spiritual person touches all whom they meet by the radiance
that they give off of self-acceptance and self-understanding.
Once this becomes the guiding force of your actions you will
find ever-increasingly that your speech becomes more fluid,
that you do not need to use verbal pauses such as “um,”
“like,” and “you know.”

To an increasing degree there will be a comfort with living,
a comfort with one’s sexual orientation and no need for
shame or blame.

If another self on your plane chooses to judge you for any number
of things, it is their position to do so and their right as a free
will entity to do so. It does not mean that you need to take
in this opinion in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, the barbershop pole does then spin and the dancing
colors do then show where it is that you will get a haircut and,
in so doing, transform your physical appearance. The hair that
we wish to cut is that which has grown unsightly on the
etheric body rather than the physical body. In giving
you a haircut, then, we are trimming up the aura and making
it more presentable. It comes about as a presentable
form when you -

- become presentable to yourself, see yourself as whole and
complete and pure, see yourself as the light, as the love...
as the One Infinite Creator.

Recognize it in yourself first.

Recognize that all is acceptable and that you are good in
every way.

And then, move forth to see how all others are reflections
of that One Infinite that can only truly be understood
in its deepest ramifications within.

And therefore, the world is your mirror, as are all

We do thank you and want to remind you that you are loved more
than you can possibly imagine. We have exhausted our time
available for this working. We thank you. Peace be with
you in the light of everlasting love. We require a period
of two and one half minutes to reintegrate David’s
consciousness into this physical form. Adonai and Amen.

Peace be with you –

- David Wilcock / L/L Research