Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--yet more visits to hell

hi all....

yet another astral travel dream, it was astral all right as i floated over the scenery, flew and floated to a hill top, then into a Land of some sort.

I came to an open field near a wall, to where there was a person.

there was something "not nice" here.

For here was what looked, at first, to be a old child of a woman. a short skranny lady, almost naked and chained to the ground by an iron chain, running from her waist to an oron ring on the rocky ground.

She did not look like a pretty lady, she looked fatless and ugly, her face was nothing but anger and 'bitchyness"!
when she saw me, she began to curse and yell and try to get to me to attack me in the greatest anger that she could muster!!

bitch bitch bitch, her words were not understandible, they were so emotional.

there was several people standing nearby, one of them had what looked to be a lit ciggarette and this person walked over to her and then stuck this lit ciggerate onto her arm, the lit end, that is! she spamsed in pain and then i could see the red welt on her arm. he then burned her scalp on her head in the same way. she then huddled in the corner of her rocky wall.

there were many many other scars on her arm and face from other burns, the men had been tormenting her for some time!
---end of dream.

a guess, by me.

She saw me as a "higher spirit being", than her beings around her, and the world she was in, thus she blamed me for her life, there. blamed me for "eeeeeeeverrrything", her life on earth, her placement into this Place, her punishments.
[she would blame every being from every heavenplace that was a level above her!]

"the Bitch", i call her!

[i hear "her", and "him" all around me, in some of the people that I see everyday! some people *are* the bitch! they approach life with a
red-hot needle of a tongue and complain with this tongue about something and everything, the sound of fingernails scratching upon a blackboard. NOW she HAS something to complain about.

do not let the psychic new agers tell ya otherwise: there *IS* a hell and there *ARE* hellworlds, in the afterlife! i have been taken to see some of them, they are NOT nice!!!
---there was one hell, in particular, where I was told by a master-demon, that this is a place where souls come for Pentenence of their earthly spiritual errors
[work out sin-errors, while living in heaven for 5000 heaven years, or work it out in 50 years, in Accelerated hell-punishments, in Hell!!
You would *run* to embrace this grace of a privilage as you cannot progress
up into the higher heavens untill this lower crud is removed, *would* you want to wait for those 5000 years?! thus you compress 5000 years of nickle and dime karmic retributions into 50 years of Condensed retributions with devils and demons in attendance!]

and yes, devils and demons, who never ever incarnated *as* a human being, do exist, i have seen and talked with them, in my dreams!
I could see souls being tormented, I saw off in the distance where there was a grim brick building where I could hear the screams of people being tortured in some manner, the screams sounded like they were tortured to the MAX....think: the most hidious torture that you can imagine!!
my master demon guide told me all of this, in the parenthesis above, how souls come here to remove their earthly sins, or maybe I think: "forced"
to come here by spiritual law.

so this lady will remain chained to the ground for probably a while, tormented by any Bully that is near, over and over and over....
a year?
ten years?
till she goes utterly Insane?!

break her will so that there is no more Self left, probably?!

not a nice dream was it, sports fans?!

but I have to "report" what i see, this dream is NOT a "psychological dream", these astral travels are to afterlife worlds, a preview of where we all will go to some day, in 3-D real Time Preview!

---and some of these places are *NOT* nice: try to live today on earth with Tomorrow in heaven in mind: not "preaching", i am, just describing the facts of cause and effect and one's Future!!

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