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--a visit to hell.

another visit to hell again
9/02/2005 09:18:00 AM

Another spirit realm dream visit to HELL last night, the 2nd of September.

This visit was very very Instructive about how our racial heaven will play out as all of us arrive there, so that I will call this dream a "prophecy"!

This realm seemed to be in "compartments. Like of sizable blocks of land, each with a slightly different atmosphere. I seemed to be amongst a group of souls, maybe other "out of body" dreamers, souls on a tour of hell.
I was led from one area to another, and what soon became apparent was that in each area souls were sort of under a "tutorledge" under a teacher or leader of some kind. These "teachers" all looked to be of one race type, as if they all came from one region. They were NOT "Human"! They each looked to be about 6 to 7 feet tall, and thin. Their face was not quite human, dark and thin.
[I hereby call these people "demons" and I mean by this that they are the native residents of this place, this world, this realm. Maybe all, if not most, never incarnated as a human. I do not call them "evil", just like I would not called the native American Indians "evil: they just were the native residents.]
I saw several souls undergoing "treatment" of some sort. One soul, who took out his earthly rages by battering his relatives, now had to Suffer a "reaction"! He had to wear a kind of "cutting knife" on his butt, a Knife which spins and cuts his rear end, his testicles, his private parts, every single minute. I went from "punishment" to punishment, with the tour group, seeing that in each area of this hell, the souls had different Lessons of pain to undergo. I left this hell, then woke up.

As I went back to sleep, I went out of my body yet again and I actually LOOKED, for an entrance to this place, on my own! I wandered the astral open spaces and low and behold I saw a familiar archway, from my last dream minutes ago, and then I entered. Now I engaged a long talk with one of the "admissions people", to this
college of Pain.....
One of the demons of course. He then told me about the curriculum.
there were two types of "classes"! The actual names were pronounced and the names were sounding like old medieval Latin language!
But I learned that the first type of course was just a "tour", like what I had just had, usually several people do this at once, the lesson is just to learn how one's life and the needed balances occur. If the spiritual meaning of this life action is "negative", then the hell world "Result" would be seen, in advance, before one dies, thus one could then correct the life to have a positive afterlife experience! Every life act has a symbolic meaning, in heaven, and if the symbol is good, then one goes to live *that* result.
if one had a Negative life act, like battering the wife or a life of crime, then the "life meaning" would then have to lie in the hell worlds and thus one would then go there after death, for at least a while. These tour groups often consist of sfterlife heaven living souls too, as they might need to visit hell just to learn about human suffering after live lived: like of a heavenly counselor trainee, who needs to learn all about Karma and the consequences of one's earthly acts.
the second type of Course, is the real "resident student" courses.
These courses are the same as the tour people's, as the tour people's just visit the ongoing resident Purging, as "purging" is what these souls undergo. This is what the admissions person told me.

I then went out into the "Field", back into these hells. In one section I saw a large barnlike building where I could hear several people screaming

on and on and on......

I then went to another section where I saw pupils learning MAGIC!
real magic, real teleporting of objects and a real levitation of objects. I then watched a "show", a presentation, by several of these magic students, to the rest of the class. This presentation consisted of a "traditional" magic show with pulling a rabbit doll out of a hat and of other "theatical stage magic tricks". The presentation was this way, as a "thing" to
use this show magic that all the students were aware of, back on earth, but that there was NO illusions here, all the magic was REAL!

I then watch a fire tipped arrow hit the ground, shot out of the sky, hitting the main road over and over, about every 40 seconds or so, in a regular 40 second pattern. Woe to anyone who gets hit. The lesson here, I was told, was that as everyone had to pass this point on the way from and to
major areas, the lesson was to know that advisory can be avoided, just like one can time the arrow so that one can run by it, or avoid this road altogether. Like: one can live in a dyked city and when the cat 5 hurricane comes, one can avoid the inevitable by leaving beforehand even if you walk out!
On and on, section after section, I went, then I woke up, forgetting most of what I had seen.


---all these Demons are "on our side". The purpose of this place is to separate the "sins" from the sinner, so that these souls can then go up in heaven vibration. many many people arrive into the wonderful heavenlands only to discover that they have a sort of " rope around their waists" that goes back to huge BLACK boxes, like of lead weights. These boxes contain all of their "stuff" their life material, that has a lower vibration than the heaven Arch of the rainbow, before them! Beyond the rainbow arch, this STUFF cannot exist there! Thus these poor souls are STUCK at the gates, so to speak, they cannot take off their ropes as they "Own" those boxes, own that stuff, it is truly their lives, they worked hard for 30 to 80 years for it! But alas, now, they cannot drag a "vibration 4" box content, into a place where only "vibration 5" is permitted!!
Thus, I suspect that they have to either remain for *MANY* years on the Borderlands, to slowly remove, work out, this stuff.
they can sign up for the "fast accelerated" sin-removal course, down below, in hell. The Ultimate "encounter group therapy"!
so they then *eagerly* sign up, walk down through those arches, where
the sign above, "abandon all hope who enter here" has been replaced by, "entertain all hope who enter here", perhaps; then they enroll in whatever course are needed. But most of these courses are indeed NOT pleasant!

"condensed sufferings"

is the best adjective that I can think of, for them, from what I have seen and experienced. I will not forget that dark dark wood huge barn where I could hear those wails and yells of a tortured soul ungergoing Treatments!
This place is vast. There is probably something here for everyone.

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