Tuesday, April 17, 2007


the "Veteran's reuniting center"

hello, everyone!

here is an OBE experience of heaven, that i had,
somewhere in the early 90's. it is of a "Veteran's
Reuniting center"...and of a healing center...in one
of the heaven-worlds.

the vision begins.......
I am standing outdoors, under a vivid blue sky.
I am surrounded by an open field that looks like a
very big park; there is this vast lawn of green grass,
which goes off as far as i can see, to the horizen, to
I can see that there are sidewalks and park-like
patios and certain types of "concrete/stone" park
benches and such...this is a huge public area.
off in the distance, i was immediately
attention-caught to a very very big building. it look
very much like a shopping mall!
There were large windows and ultra-modern building
techniques[don't ask me to spell archytexture!!]
in this mall's construction: it must have been a
quarter-mile across!!
Lots of people were streaming into and out of this
building...walking along the sidewalks...
i asked the nearest person what this building was...as
i was too too far away to ever get right to it.
the person says..."that is the Veterans' reuniting
[veterans of what?! Of all the wars??
vets of the earth-sphere, i think!
thus, this building,COULD be one of the buildings
where newly arrived souls, from dying on earth,
can go meet their relatives and friends, that died
before them; and are awaiting to meet the new
arrivees. thus the interior of this building must
be just filled with many many reunions...."welcome

I then turned around to see what was behind me.
I saw a hill, looked like a high mesa, but i saw that
there was a large building at the base of the hill and
it looked like part of this place was embedded into
the base of the cliff: partly underground!
I then was inside this building. it looked like
some sort of hospital, with small private patient
rooms...all were empty! I noted nurse-type people in
the halls; i asked one of the doctors/nurses...what
was this building for? i was told..."this is a
healing center for newly arrived souls. it is just
getting ready, now, as you can see that there is
hardly a patient in it: we all are getting it ready,
because there will soon be a GREAT number of souls
that will arrive all at once, unprepared for sudden

[I take it that this building is for the arriving
souls that arrive in such a state of shock that they
are essentiually "asleep". they would need a place
to rest...heal..awake into, as they would be too too
weak to be able to go visit the veteran's center, in
their present state of new-arriving into heaven.
too....i was told that there will be a great
number of them come all at once. I suppose, folks,
the 1999
disasters/war/famines/etc....will bring a very large
number of souls into Spirit, all at once....souls
that are *not* really ready to meet heaven, yet.
Many young people, who would be on the upward
mobile CEO-career curve, and die in some
earthquake...they would have had very very little
soul-preparation for the Spirit life!
this hospital would be for them, then!]

I then went back outside the hospital to look again at
the top of the mesa-like hill. I could see a third
building on top of this, maybe, 300 foot high hill.
This flat topped hill had a very large mansion-like
house on it...it seemed to be made of brick and stone
and it sprawled over acres and acres in size.
my Jaw dropped, as i looked at the CLOUD that was over
the top of the house!!
this cloud sat ON the roof of this house and extended
over the edge of the hill. I could tell that it
*never* moved!!....and *never* went away!!
[imagine one of those clouds that sit on top of
one of the Rockies]
---as if this cloud was part of the house!!
"house"!!----this ten story rambling building must
have had a thousand rooms!!
---and that cloud!-----there were beams of golden
light, streaming out of this cloud, like of
searchlights....several of them, and they rotated
about like of being searchlights! as if they were
perched on the top of the building.
I found someone to ask....
i was told that this building was where the Masters
and the Leaders and the staff lived. Newcomers could
go visit and attend schools and further healings,
there, after they had become adjusted to heaven. the
seachlights were of a giving for of more than just
light! they poured out healing vibrations to one and
all of the people below: i got the impression that the
vibrations of this building is what supported the very
greater space that was of these two Centers...the vet
center and the hospital! the aura of the light-beams
saturated every bit of this world, no doubt:
"support"---as the vitamen sellers call it!!

[as if when Jesus were to come to visit this
heaven; there is a suite up there in that mansion,
just for Him to stay in!!]

so this, folks, is this vision: it ended there.
as my vision dimmed, i could see that there were
walkways and stairs, for people to go to the building.
but somehow i sensed that most people would
"dematerialize"..and go there, direct, like in some
star treck..."beam me up, Scotty"!!

thus, we all are in Good hands....for our futures....

live an incredible life

Freestone Wilson

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