Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--a soul-rescue experience

Rescue dream last night!

I awoke to find my self on what looked like a vast
plowed field, of grey dirt that looked plowed under,
done a while ago and barren of any plant. there was a
man standing in front of me and i could see that there
was fog all around as if there was a small circle
about 50 feet across where there was no fog: just him
and I, in a circle of clearness surrounded by fog,
where the dirt ground was plowed.
I said "hello" and he half-awakedly replied back to
me. i then recalled, in the dream, that i was sent
here by a group of people for some reason, a reason
having to do with this man on the field. some
counseling group somewhere were concerned about his
welfare, that he was lost in some way...My "higher
self" knows much much more than even my dream to what was going on here.
we talked. chit chat. small talk, avoiding some
issue, he was.
i tried to talk around this avoidance, this
uncomfortable-ness.....but then i went directly to
this point!
i said...
i said, then, "do you remember where you were before
you found yourself here on this barren garden?"!

I said..."do you recall that hospital you were in?"!

THEN he began to remember! he told that he was a
cancer patient in a "finial care" ward, dying of some
internal organ cancer, that was his last memories.

I eventually convinced him that he was "dead", that
now he needed to "go onwards" into the real heaven,
away from this barren halfway place!

I pointed out to him that now the rescue wagon can
come to pick him up...."and, HEY, fellow---look behind
you: HERE it comes"----i told him!
Behind him the fog was lifting, to show a what looked
like to be a 1890 farm covered wagon, not the "pioneer
kind", but the "town wagon" that is horse-pulled and
seats about four or six people. this wagon was coming
towards him, was not pulled by horses, it came by its
own power.
I said to this person...."the wagon comes to pick up
the heaven-bound souls from the waiting area, usually
there are one or four relatives along with the comes for YOU now and you now will go with
them into the heavens where your people are waiting
for you"!
there was the driver and one other person in the
seats. i saw him off.

yes, used by Spirit for a "rescue" of a disorintated
newly-arrived soul, into heaven!

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  1. Hello, I am known to you as someone who is called kentstarchild, but my Google email account is under the name of magic.thoughts. Do you often help the spirits of people who have recently died to successfuly cross over to the other side like you did in this message about the spirit who was finally picked up in a wagon that was going to take him to the place where he really needed to be in the spirit world, which is what some call the otherside?



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