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-PROPHECY: tidal wave, a psychi map of the usa after the Changes!

Tis now winter of 2001. I am retyping this 1999 vision, to give it to you all, again!


so here it is, a couple of days after the 17th of march, 1999.
This date is an Anniversary date, the 13th year
anniversary date
of my Sister's death. She was my only Sister...we
were close...I lived with her, just before she died.
We we living in SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, just
of Carbondale, near Southern Illinois
University...yes, right at the
very bottom of that state, where that New Madrid fault line is.
She went to the bathroom, about 7AM, before driving off to her
Typing Business office.
she did not come out of that bathroom, the ambulance people had to
carry her out; the funeral was the following week!!
so, on the anniversary date, march 17, 1999, of her death..I had
this DREAM, the dream that I am going to give to you, now!
---And as in many of my other earthchanges
vision-dreams, I
followed a one person, throughout the if
I WERE that person!! Seems I used someone else's subcounscious
memory-images, to make up this dream, but this person is in the
FUTURE, from "now"....someone ahead of us, in time!I followed
what must be weeks of his life!
---so here I sit, reflecting upon that Vision-dream, and
rewriting it out-------

This dream begins....

I am At a house. I was a younger member of this family, 10 to
15 years old, perhaps. I went down to the basement to talk to my
my family were checking their apples, in cardboard boxes, that were
winter storage, and had found that some of the apple-filled boxes
were rotten on their bottoms and they had run out of boxes,
to replace them.
they wanted me to go to some family next door to get
more boxes.
I left the house....It was night.
in this dream, it
was soon apparent that the next door family lived
quite a ways away and down at the bottom of a
very high hill, a hill about 200 feet high.
I soon walked down this hill, knowing
that my home was
at the top of this hill, and that i could see my
hometown, way off in the distance, in the valley...I
also knew that this hilltop was only the
top of the
valley; the land was flat, back behind the into the distance, behind my house.
I vaguely recall talking to the people at the base of the hill
and getting some boxes.

next scene...
I am climbing back up...I am half way up this
several hundred foot high gentle hill, between
the bottom and my home. Pitch black night, i could see stars.
SUDDENLY i fell to the ground: I see my three or four
boxes [like the kind you find behind
stores, to be recycled.."Kraftco" cardboard boxes], get thrown
aside. I see that i threw these boxes to the
an EARTHQUAKE suddenly began!!! the ground shook and
shook, i rolled all about. this was no small tremor, either!!
I was tossed to the ground and rolled all about, over and over,
cushioned only by the grass!!! somehow, i made it back up to the
i do not know what condition that house was in,
but it seemed that the earthquake was not so
bad...the house seemed more or less OK!!!

next dream scene

it was early the next day, apparently.
I stood on the hill to look at the town..not a small
town, see that in the middle of this
town was a factory-like four or five story
building: it was in FLAMES...high flames....
there were strange looking [to dream-me!]...strange
looking machinery about this
building, in the
streets...these machines looked like CARNIVAL
RIDES!! [I could tell that the "ten year old
boy-mind" first thought that these machineries
were carnival rides, from within this
they were....these trucks with
extension-ladders,the kind of
trucks that fight six story
fires...that my dream-mind interpeted as "carnival
Then...suddenly i saw ANOTHER frightful strange
sight! A wall of muddy water came like of a
tidal wave...and sweeps through the town's
streets..maybe FIFTY FEET high. I vividly recall the

[burned forever into my brain,

..the dream-picture of the wall of red-brown water
sweeping through these fire trucks and
twisting them into a tangled pile of metal, as the water
engulfed all of them, slamming them all up against old
victorian red-brick buildings, which
themselves, were being
water-crumbled into rubble!!!

next scene....

It was later that morning. I was walking on the dirt
road, behind my home..hundreds of
feet away from the
house. this road was on the land above the valley,
away from the flood...up high enough to escape
the water. I was all upset: probably I
walked away from the house to get a quiet perspective
on what i earlier witnessed!!

I turned away from looking at my home
that was on the
crest of the hill-by-the-valley, to glance at some
commotion that was occurring from far off in
the distance. Suddenly, a number of
things occurred to me in very quick succession....

one.....a horse came running up to me
and tried to attack me, or maybe run right into
its running away from something, in its GREAT
PANIC from where it came from on further down
this road! probably that horse was so
in PANIC that it did not even see me; thus running
right into me!! {dream me would see it as an "attack"!]
It was running in great distress, from something
very threatening to it, at any event.

then i saw what it was, that this
horse was in blind-panic over!!

[yet ANOTHER image...burned forever
into my Freestone brain!!]

I saw a very very vivid scene
It was summer or early fall, the
grass was very green and the leaves are out, on
all the trees. I could see, furthermore...that the
dirt roads were made of orange-red dirt.

[this vision can now be perhaps DATED! is summertime
or early fall...maybe the location of
this dream is in Southern Illinois...where I and my
sister lived, in
the 1980's. The leaves change there
in late October, being Carbondale is about the
latitude of Richmond, Virginia. the red dirt roads make me
even more feel that this location was in Southern
Illinois! red dirt is found in the south and the dirt
was red, in the area where my sister lived! there are apples
that get ripe in September...and even into early
Apples grow in southern Illinois, well as
in the Ozarks of Missouri..and, of
course...most of the North!
and the land is hilly with deep cut
valleys and rolling low hill, there are high flat lands,
behind these OF southern Illinois, or the
Ozarks or of western
Kentucky...or of the lands of the
foothills of the Appalachians.
thus...the timeframe for this event
must be late summer or early fall. I would say, from the
green leaves
and the red dirt and the NEWLY ripe
apples...and this in southern Illinois...that the date
of this event must be from the middle of August
until late October. that would be the time-frame
allotment, to meet the conditions!!]. Maybe!

too....because of the anniversary date of my sister's
death, of this dream; i would tend to
think, now, that this WOULD be southern Illinois.

so what, folks, did i SEE?!
the sky was INCREDIBLE!!
half the sky was ORANGE..a
very vivid
orange..the rest
of the sky color was GREEN..a solid
green!! electric green!
Cloudless looking sky, but it was as if the whole sky
were of these two colors! This, in turn, made the grass
and road even the more intensely colored green and red----as
like of where a red sunset would accentutate the green color
of the tress and the grass. But this time that i saw this
seemed to be in the middle of the day!
I stood at an intersection of two dirt
roads..maybe 500 feet behind my house...on the
flat hilltop, maybe 200..300 feet above the valley-floor,
where the
town was.
I could see that one road led up to a low rise...AND
MUDDY WATER, coming towards me, from far off,
rolling OVER that
small hill!!: and there was a smaller
wave of this same colored water, coming up the other
I ran back toward my much the same
panic-state as that horse!!!

[200 feet above the town,
folks....water is pouring over the crest of that small hill!]

I must have got home OK!
the house must have been above the high

got that, folks??!
the red clay roads infer a location
far far from the
sea. Southern Illinois is WAY from the
sea...and the
Mississippi river does NOT have enough
water to flood 200 feet, in a tidal wave, above the
valley floor!!
the New Madrid fault is here, yes an
earthquake is not a surprise: but the water??!!!

the next scene....of this dream...

I sit in someone's house...another person's
several men are gathered very somberly around
a table with strange looking big black
boxes, on it.These boxes had all sorts of DIALS
and GAUGES on them! One of these men picked up a small
object that was attached to one of these boxes,
attached by a wire...and he talked into this small
Another man's voice came out out the big box!

[Ham radio! no electric power or
were calling for help, via ham

the next scene....

I am home is night...
I dimly hear a "hunka..hunka" of some war movie sound track...

next scene...

I am walking across a parking lot, of
what looks to be
a parking lot, next to a military what looks to be a military base! there are
NO cars or vehicles, on
this parking lot

i "know" that i am supposed to go live, on this base. the clothes that i am
wearing have been given to me, recently...
i am supposed to "report to that
I do so.
I sit down with an older lady who
tells me that i will
have a small room, there, in this
[someone is cooking scrambled eggs, on
a gas hotplate,
behind her; eggs that I will soon eat some of---]
this lady then welcomes me to this
barracks, and she apologizes for the
kitchen behind her.
She says, "in a couple of days the two chow halls
will be finished being fixed up; then you will eat there".

[meaning....this is a REFUGEE
CAMP!...maybe an old
military base, a decomissioned
military base that is now being used to house refugees.
there must be THOUSANDS of people on
it...for two chow halls to be readied!!]

next scene.

the story-part of this vision
ends...all i see is a grey void, the usual void between
dream and awakening. but something appears, folks, before me.
it is a MAP!!

a map of the united states and of
southern Canada!
yes, folks..I have joined the CLUB in
BIG TIME, the prophet's club..induction
only!! I have, now, entered this club's upper
"inner circle"!!!
---for i have now been shown a
"PSYCHIC MAP" of North America, after all the Damage has been
done, to the landmasses, after all the
earthchanges are done with!!
NOW...I have a Map of "America
afterwards"..of my very own!! yes, my very own psychic
map.....and i have to live with the knowledge of this

yes..i know there are maps out
there...i have seen several, on the Internet....

what did I see?!!
I can only recall a little of
because, what i saw of North
America made me think of the phillipine Islands!
think..."the Philipine Islands"!!
think..."the Southeast Asia Islands...Borneo...Celebes...Java...Timor
New Guinea...and all the little islands
in-between". This MAP had it shown ...where
North America looked like the Philipine Islands, in
that this whole continent was made up of dozens
of islands, all of which were no more than several
hundreds of miles long or wide!!
The whole of the continent was maybe
30 to 40
there must have been four to six
islands, alone, between New England and Florida, breaking
up even the
appalachian mountains!!!
there was NO land that was maybe
further from water than 100 miles!!
i DO recall seeing that the whole of
the Mississippi valley was of fact ..the
whole continent was split up the middle..from New
Orleans to the Hudson bay...all of water...but about
the Latitude of was only about 100 miles
[probably between the Ozarks and the

ALSO...there were colors on the
islands...some faceless, bodiless, guide
was inferring to me, somehow, in this
vision, that the
colors refered to how many people
SURVIVED, on these islands.
Some islands had many of their people
to live...and some islands HAD ALL of their people who
lived there...killed!!

that is it!!

I read, recently, on the internet, that one of the
originators of the first "psychic map", tells
us, now, that his map is "going grey"...meaning that the
probable-reality conditions have changed and that
these disasters will not occur!!
BUT: my map has a worse condition for the Continent than
his map depicted. My map was given to me,
after this person's "grayed out" article was read by me!

So there it is, my vision.
I went into someone's subcounscious
mind, into the future, and picked the
memory-pictures from his mind, from scenes that he already had
witnessed as having occurred in his own past, or in his Present
Moment of Experiencing these experiences.
Is there a possibility of a Parallel Reality where his experiences
are of another world, a world that will not ever appear here?
Is his world OURS, ours yet to be?!

better enjoy this "INDIAN SUMMER"
WHILE YE CAN...get your Soul's work done now!!
If his world is ours...we may not
have long!!


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