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--PROPHECY: terrible end times vision, you do *not* want to see this one come true!!


Hello everyone. it is the 7th of Febuary of the year 2001.
I almost threw this account out, of my
Terrible earthchange vision, as the year 2000 went by without
even a burp. but i did not, so here yet again i post it.

so here i went to a deep file...and
retrieved an old
Vision that i had way back around 1995
or so...

does anyone here feel that this terrible
vision can
have any possibility for manifesting?!
so here it is.....



[this is a rewrite-up of a 1995
vision where a guide
took me to see scenes
that are so amazingly the most
SEVERE of any of the end-time scerenados that
I have seen, in print, anywhere else! I know not
WHO this guide is....but i did not see these scenes on
my own self-power! This guide figure was a "classical" type
of guide figure---a beaded old man in a white robe who just Oozed "authority"!

My vision begins....

I "awake" to see before me, a very majestic
white-robed bearded figure. the very
archtype of the
"wise old man" , but not old!
I have been apparently have just been
taken out of my physical body, to be taken
somewhere, to be shown
something, by this Guide-figure.

I first see/am shown a city next to an ocean
where there are rows of big date palms along the
streets and
along the waterfront.
It looks like San Diagio or maybe of a
Meditereanian city....
BUT: the streets are clogged with something
that looks like SNOW!
Six feet or more of this stuff!
It fills the streets and all but covers the palm trees.
I can see, though,
that the palm fronds are all still green. thus the temperature
was not really cold.
Snow??-------or is it VOLCANIC
Yes, volcanic ash would look like this dirty snow, and there are many volcanoes
around Italy!

Next, i see a large Rhine-like
river, somewhere, in europe.
I note the deep cut valley and the large castle on
the hill, at the point of land at a loop in the river meander.
I suddenly see this castle roll OFF of
that hill, in its
entirety...falling into the river, in pieces and rubble.
The whole countryside is undergoing an
Now, i hear my guide speak to me!
He says..."an earthquake so strong that this
castle topples into the river"!

I quickly next see an image of a city in flames; I
THINK the city is Rome...what i see the
VATICAN..and the Church of St Peters!!!
the flames are 100 foot
a grey-orange, dark, sky.

[this vision seems to focus on Europe!]
[yes, an earthquake, in Rome, *would* possibly fire the Vatican, many Seerers, who See this, seem to think that the St Peters burns due to riots, There is no indication, in my vision, as to how this happens, I see, only for a tenth of a second, the great fire and the almost-dark air, the smoke is so thick, and maybe it is nightime.

I then see a quiet "American-type" city suburbian night.
there is about a foot of snow on
the ground; i can sense, too, that there
are a lot of older houses here.
This must be similar to the neighborhoods i
have lived in, in Rochester, New york...where a
foot of snow on the ground is not only natural, but it is so for
five months of any year!!
Only, in
THIS scene there was something
very un-natural that seemed to saturate the very air!


an atmosphere of stark naked
fear, an aura of fear.
Again...I heard this Guide
will be FEAR in the air, everywhere"

the very "vibes" felt, folks,
like as if 5000 "little old worrey-wort
ladies" were worrying overtime in
Fear....of Loss, of Death, of the
Unknown, of tomorrow, of the
possibility that "everything" held
dear and precious, will be stripped
away! as if that tomorrow one
might live in a refugee tent with
someone else's clothes on...with
all your loved ones, your property, and
your money...GONE!....and that it,
from NOW
would never matter if you
were a CEO, a college professor, a homeless
street person, a hairdressor, a
clerk at a room, at
the refugee center;
your background counts
for NOTHING!---you all refugees
will be treated the same way...people with no
pasts...facing no futures!!
-----THAT is the nature of this
fear, folks!! that is the stuff, above, that i felt
that this fear was composed of!
["fear of death", drives all of this!]

suddenly, I very quick
succession, a series of "snapshots",
of cities all over the world...and everyone of
these ten to fifteen
pictures had the very same scene,
in it. A massive black cloud, high up in
the upper atmosphere, was creeping
up over each of these cities, making very quick
death, of the sunlight. Was like of a
large black hand with fingers
outstetched, clawing up over the
horizen, of each and
every city...I just
"knew" that very soon each city
will have "midnight at noon"...for
days...months!!...even years!!!

I quickly turned to my Guide...and
asked him...."---and what about the
he replied..."survivors?! survivors!!


On his third repeat, of "survivors",
he spoke loud, slowly, and VERY if "survivors" will be the
LAST possible thing to be concerned
about, as if there will be NO ONE
left to BE
about saving!!!! As if that perhaps
"pollution" and
"overpopulation" will be the LEAST
of our racial problems, in this, post-catastrophy,
terribly-foreseen future!!
---that the Pacific
forest Owl, in its extinction,
due to ASH..not logging..will
have ZERO "tree huggers" to morn its

---the next vision scene comes before me.
I am in a green short cropped pasture, looking off in
the distance to a large farm. it looks a little like of a 1978
"hippie commune" farm! I can see a number
of buildings, with people in the
yards, going
about their lives. There is even a kind of truck in the yard.
quickly see that this is not an
ordinary group of
people! They did not have
the "Human" proportions, somehow,
to their
bodies...and their clothes looked
"wierd", too!
What struck me most, folks, about
them, was
Everyone that i saw, had violet
colored eyes.
I heard, in the background, my
guide speak...
" the future Human race to
come, with mutations, they are the seeds of the
Race, of the new Age"

I saw one more scene, of this farmyard, before I left,
which struck my
memory deeply.
outside of this farm..was a
very large closecropped pasture.
i could see that this farm and
its pastures...seemed
surrounded by woods. I
noticed something in the
pasture...a small hill had a road cut throught
it, but the road was just as
grassey as the rest of the pasture!! This was
NOT a was the ANCIENT
to be a road...from maybe 1999!
It looked like it were wide enough
to had been a paved
road: now I could not
see a trace of the pavement
the roadbed was outlined in the grass......
how long, folks???
how long does it take for a
modern road to completely vanish, from being
dissolved by the forces of nature, from being a paved road,
to be a level section of grass that is undistinguishable from
the grass around it, away from the roadbed??

one hundred years??....two hundred
I would say, myself, that it
would be closer to Four
hundred years, to make
a road dissappear, to MATCH my
vision-seen road trace!!! this farm was far far
into the future.
thus, there WILL be survivors: but
the electric could be off for 500 years!!

----end of vision!

what little can i add to this
it would be nice to think that this
prophecy is a
POSSIBILTY, only: Amenable
and Changeable, by GRACE and of our


may it be so!

otherwise.....soon, VERY soon, the
lights could go out
for the LAST TIME,
all over Europe and all over the
rest of the
for quite a while!

the New Age will begin, as so many new
ages a DARK AGE!!
---and for a very very long time.

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