Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--PROPHECY: a report from the future!

WAR soon?

here is my weblog entry for today, an astral travel to
perhaps the future where was is occurring on earth!

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because i cut and paste some of these entries *from*
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Thursday, November 21, 2002
"War---end of the world"!!

I had a *very* interesting out of body Dream last
night, one that i will remember for SOME time, until i
die...[next year!]!!
Oh, it seems on the surface a simple dream, but....

An astral travel dream. I am in some place a few
hundred feet inland from the shore of a lake, there
are houses and places. I am told , somehow, that i am
to meet some of my old friends at 8 AM in the morning
and that they are coming to meet me, and meet me by
coming in their car from Iowa
[they are not dead, not Spirit-land dwellers: this is
spirit-land, now, where i am, and they are coming to
see me from the earth, as they are still living.
"Iowa" because it is mr. MacN......., an old friend
from the air force and he has his hometown to be in
the state of Iowa! the "car" is his "vehicle" for
himself and his wife to astral travel to come and to
meet me. my guess that ""8 am" is perhaps the year
8 am has not yet occurred as it is still very early,
so i go see yet other people in a house on the hill by
the lakeshore but back away from the lake. [in the
spirit world, the shore of this lake is the shore of
the physical world].
I meet several other of my friends and it appears that
they too, come from the earth to see me and it is
BEFORE 8 AM so that they come to see me before the
year 2008. [ I am already dead, of course, dying
probably in early 2003!]
My "reunion" is rudely interrupted by someone who is
floating in the air near the ceiling of the room! he
shouts and yells, all bothered and very
disturbed.....yet another astral traveler who comes to
the spirit world and he see me and my friends and he
Is Disturbed! he shouts to me....
i try to calm him....
[before 8am, before 2008, but near 2008]

i then see that it IS near 8 am and i excuse my self
to float down from the second floor of the building,
amazing my friends; i tell them that i have an
appointment with others. they come, the iowa
couple, and we all have a wonderfull reunion!
Again, an interruption! i could see several
"japanese-y" looking girls standing near me. i told my
friend that i had to leave *this* reunion as i sensed
that they girls were in deep trouble! i shouted to my
friend and his wife....these girls are "????"...a
japanese word for "a lost spirit"...or a"spirit in

the japanese girls told me that their vehicle is stuck
on the bridge between worlds and they cannot get back
to earth....
So, we all go along the path, me floating through the
air. up ahead i see a bridge, a narrow narrow bridge
going from the 50-foot hilltop down to the lakeshore,
crossing a small stream in the process: a bridge
between worlds, and i see a small bycycle/sled-like
"vehicle' in the middle of the bridge, stuck between
posts. yes, they cannot return to earth unless this
vehicle is unstuck! the earthly body could DIE soon
unless help is given!
as i pondered what to do, the two girls were "wringing
their hands" and muttering about the WAR and the
headlines, in the paper, that were so huge and
[some terrible war was going on and now TWO spirits,
at least, have independantly reported it: i go into
the future, as well as into the ASTRAL spirit world,
thus i am in the future, a bit before 2008, and the
Reports from other astral travelers are Not So Good:
war war...a war that is much more than just a local
conflict!! Course it is "terrible" if you are in the
middle of it, even for a local small conflict, but
somehow i get the feeling, here, folks, that they were
experiencing, on earth, these people from TWO separate
cultures, a war that is larger than just a "Iraqian
Saddam take-out"!!]

the dream ended as i pushed the vehicle free of the
posts and pushed it so that it could go back down the
bridge towards the earth-plane!

---this is my Report from the future.....

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