Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PROPHECY: Nuclear war, in Isreal

HI ALL....

[october 20th, 2006

oh last night's dream, folks!!
[to come]

[I have often a strange kind of dream. I dream as if I were
another person, dreaming a bit of that person's life, as if I
were that person for an hour, a day, for the time of the dream's
length. Sometimes I dream another person's life after he died,
thus I have found out much about the afterlife this way!
Sometimes I dream a person's life where I, myself, cannot tell
if he is living on earth, alive, or else dead in the afterlife and
I am just using his memories of when he lived on earth.]

I dream of living another's life, in my dream of last night.
This lifedream was after a first dream
about a certain topic. the "[ ]" will be where I interpet
this as I go along.
Thus I had two dreams last night, the second dream was where
I was another person.

the first dream begins. I, my mother, my sister
[deceased] are at the family lakeside cottage.
we all are packing up every single object, as the
cottage is sold and we all have to leave.
[ this life that I am living, now, is the last incarnation
that I will have on the earth plane. I will die as every
item in the cottage is packed up and moved elsewheres.]
we all are nearly finished packing. Somehow I listen/watch
the news
and as I live in the united states, I am eagerly following a
development within the us government. there are riots in the
streets of washington, and other cities, riots nearly to the
point where part of the government is
rebelling against the other part! Nearly to
a "military revolution"!!
the Contention is over whether or not nuclear weapons will
be used in some war that involves, somehow, Israel!
The Washington capital is in "deadlock" over whether
or not these weapons will be used.
I take a walk, in my dream, up the hill-road behind
the cottage,
the sunset gives a dreary red sky, i fear, in my dream,
that nuclear bombs will strike the united states, too!
the newscasters sounded very very worried.

I then wake up and get up to use the bathroom, then fall
asleep for my second dream.

Here i find that as the dream begins, I am some Person,
not me, not "freestone"; one of those
"I dream another person's life" dream.
Here I Know that i am standing in a dry land, quickly
I know that I am standing near the Israel border.
I seem to be just an ordinary farmer, not a soldier.
But I hear the cries of men around me, i do not know if
they are Israelites or of other nationalities.
I hear the cries about whether Israel will or will not use
the BOMB, the nuclear bombs, they too seem to be
in a state of "deliberation"! Suddenly i hear the great
cry that "they WILL use the bombs"!! the stalemate has
been broken, the great deadlock has been passed,
the a-bombs will be used.
[in this dream it is not clear, to me, whether Israel
will use these bombs to attack another country, or that
nuclear weapons will be used AGAINST Israel?!]

I run!
i run away from the Border, i see a ridge of land that
maybe i could hide behind, i see that a certain vine is
used for groundcover on this ridge to control erosion.
[It was Kudzu vine! this vine grows in the middle south
where there is frost in winter, it would grow in the middle
east if it gets enough water.
the Timing must be summer or fall.]

[does anyone here know whether Kudzu vine is planted
there near Israel?!]

I try to get as close to the ground as possible.
several nuclear bombs go off, behind me, the flash of
light is incredible. i can tell that the whole back of
my naked head has been burned, by the flash alone.
There are, apparently "enemy soldiers" about, and several
of them come up to me and one of them shoots me in the
head: end of dream, i DIE!

---given as seen and dreamed. Did i dream of
someone's fantasy?
or is this a probable reality? this a dream of someone's life in the future?
I am 65 years old, the cottage has now been, in my first
dream, nearly cleaned out of stuff, I do not have many
years left to live. thus if this is a Foreseeing of a
future, this future cannot be very far off in time!


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