Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--PROPHECY: I was taken to see the "Museam of mankind", and to see the future.

hi all. next to last in the series. I was taken to see the past
and the immediate future, of the human race!

I rewrite my Vision where I was taken to see the history of the
human race,
and our future history too!!


about ten years ago, I had this here dream. The dream began when
I "awoke"
to see

that I was surrounded by several aristrocratic-looking bearded
men in
white robes: Guides of some sort, in the spirit worlds.

they wanted to take me to see the history of the human race!

We all then floated in the air over an ocean of water and we
the beach.

I could see a straight line of a beach with a narrow band of
behind the wavefront shoreline, then about 50 feet back from
I could see a small

embankment about three feet high, then the land leveled off
this embankment and thus slowly climbed upwards, inland.

This is the The "standard"
beachfront and land!

it was "inferred" to me, by Them, that the water represented
the outer consciousness, the shoreline was the counsciousness
itself, and the flat
sandy beach represented the inner accessible subconscious.
The rise of
the embankment represented the normally inaccessible
[the race memories are there]

Also, I was "inferred' that this whole scene was not for any
one person's
personal memories, this whole scene was a representation of
collective important events in mankind's history.

we hovered about ten feet off of the ground looking inwards and
over what
would normally be a path that would have been right next to this
embankment. There was no road or path. I could furthermore see that
this embankment
had little "embayments" in it! As if they were for "exhibits" of
in a museum!

then one of these masters began to tell me about how we all were
the beach which represented the timeline of the Racial Past.
Then we floated, in the air, flying back leftwards to the
very beginning of Humanity's time. Then all of us came to
the ground, to begin our "tour".
[ The whole of
that beachfront was like a long long "hall" in a museum, where
be a timeline, and then we all began at the very
very beginning.]

the exhibits were in niches in the left wall, as we
all walked along the northwards facing hall. We began long long
Unfortunately I cannot remember the exhibits of long ago!! Each
one object, in its niche,
represented an important milestone in the development of the
race, collectively.

we came to what He says is "1 BC...30 AD" I could see on
the embankment
the three crosses of Christianity. The guide mentions the life
of Jesus.
Soon we came up to the only other remembered exhibit: an object
with a
Nazi swastika on it. This represented the Nazi period of the
[i was born in 1941]

I turned, then, a number of feet later along this hall,
around to look out over the sea. Then I saw a very VERY
that looked to be a small tower about ten feet tall and it had
looking objects on the top of it, about 12 of them. This tower
was on
the shoreline, half way in the water and half on the land.

they did not tell me what this object is, it took me until NOW to
what this object is....The only such object on and in this whole

[I now know what this object is! it is, for the tourists, the
of the Position of the "now", back on earth, the currant time!
the wavefront of Time. it moves along the beach, as time goes by,
here on earth. Thus we all stood at the currant time of the
maybe 1994.]

to our North, thusly, is the FUTURE, I turned to look North,
into the

I could, of course, see nothing out of the ordinary except a
beachfront and a long shoreline/embankment, stretching far far
far off
into the distance: the "exhibit

niches" were empty, as the future has not been lived yet!!

but there WAS one thing seen of note! A HUUUUUGE thing of note,
sports fans!

[probably why they brought me here to see this all in the first
as it seemed to be utterly unimportant to them that I could not
any of the past's exhibits!]

About 15 to 40 feet futher North, further into the future,
I could
see a

stream coming down from the highlands and into the sea.
A ten foot
creek. There was no delta or such, just the stream making right
corners with the sea as it entered. I could also see that this
small embankments along each side of it and also a small ten
beach for each creekside too!

[A deep creek coming down from the distant rear mountains into
the sea]

I suddenly KNEW that this creek is not to be Crossed!
No one can
cross it,
wade through it: might as well have been a canyon a mile deep!

the dream ends; message received!!

now *this* is where many prophets err! They make an
*about* their received vision and it looks like, to the reader,
this interpretation is part of the prophecy! Thus the vision is
but the outcome is mis-interpreted, thus the whole prophecy
is then

but i "must" make a comment, mine alone.


what IS this creek?! First off, it is not for me alone.
This is a
collective thing, the creek is not just a symbol for me alone,
it is for us all.

the creek?

this is where the whole human race turns Inwards, where all
history stops! All of humanity's future lies in a spirit world
one or more levels ABOVE the physical, in vibration! Everyone
will turn
left and follow that beach up the creek, up the hillside,
up the
mountain, until the very Spiritual SpringSource has been reached;
to Face God face to face, then become One with Him,
in racial progressions.

[the museam Hall turns inwards, as the path turns left and inwards,
this represents that the future of *this* class of mankind
is "non-physical"!]

["non-physical".....we all will live on a "new earth",
which will operate under spiritual laws, not natural laws.
"in a higher dimension". ]

The other side of this creek?! This is for the New Race to
as they come "down" the mountain to incarnate, collectively,
earth, to collectively begin THEIR "history nich-fillings"
as they
travel up north along the beach, as that clocktower moves
the north.

think: the graduation of the high school class of
Public School
all the kids assemble in the auditorium for their diplomas,
off to College! But in another auditorium, at the same time,
the welcoming
orientation is being
given to the NEW CLASS of the next school year, which begins
on the same
day that the graduation class leaves!

racial graduation to the spirit world, for US all, perhaps
no more Incarnations
ever again back to earth. Collective ascending!
ie..."The Rapture"....
The rapture in slow motion, taking 60 years!


---there is not one single mention, by the guides,
or by any
in the geology of this "creek", or of any "niches
that infer by exhibit"....That there would be any
"end time earth changes"!!
I stress
this, sports fans! After all,

if this Graduation takes 60 years, or so, to take place,
we all
will die

not by earthchanges! By old age, sickness, accidents...etc.

note: if this scene is really really "Objective", then the
True Fact is, that we all ascend. HOW we all might ascend,
might depend upon us all
"getting it togther", between now and then, maybe we all could
arrive merely by dying of old age, instead of by nuclear winter
or earthquakes/astroids! The cycle then begins anew, with new
souls and maybe some of the "class failures" and some of the
masters who will be the teachers, incarnation upon the other
side of this Creek, to begin the next 12,000 to 25,000
Solar Cycle.

Again: I am inferring, just my own interpetation, that what i
was shown is that the whole human race, those who are Progressed
enough, at any rate, will, after they die, make their PERMANENT
home in a spirit world
and for these souls, reincarnations back to the earth will CEASE!

*this* is what i have read, in may places, about the "ascension"
of the Race. "one level up". Our "floor" will be made of
spirit material, wheras
now our floor is made up of terra firma, the earthplane.

So we all have until "2011-12", at the latest, probably.

This dream was one of my most impressive!

the "ra tapes" put it better than I, this process.
And it is in a metaphysical sense that your Earth is experiencing
that which this instrument calls harvest. The Earth itself has come
to a crux in its own development. It is as though the Earth must
needs give birth to itself. The third-density Earth is in the process
of being transformed into a fourth-density, positive sphere.
Your Earth is having difficulty with this birth. There are various
reasons for this difficulty having to do largely with the negative
concepts which have fed into entities choosing negatively polarized
actions towards each other over a period of centuries and millennium.
It is as though the Earth’s energy system were clogged with a good deal
of toxic material of a metaphysical nature. As entities such as
yourselves awaken to their spiritual identity and become more and
more conscious of the positive value of thinking along positive lines
and pursuing positive orientations of polarity in thought, that toxic
material is gradually given permission to be released. For as the
light brightens, the new energies of instreaming fourth-density nature
are able to find more welcome. And in that atmosphere it is gradually
more and more possible for negative energy to be released and
disbursed harmlessly.

The concept of the harvest of Earth is, more than ascension,
in line with our understanding with the way things work metaphysically.
Each of you is a spark of the Creator, and each of you may think of
yourself in a way as that which has been planted in the Earth, for you
have been planted as a soul into flesh. And at the end of that work
done within the school of life, the door of death opens, the Creator
beckons, and through that door each goes. Upon the other side of that
door, the decision for your harvest shall be made. However, it is
not our understanding that this harvest is one of judgment placed
upon one from the outside. Rather, it is a matter of that vibration
that you and how that vibratory energy field works. Each crystal soul
accepts light in a certain range and finds it difficult to accept life
outside of that range. Consequently, the harvest of each of you
consists, basically, of the careful and guarded process whereby the soul
walks along a gradually increasing line of vibration of light.
The light increases as the soul walks, and as the soul walks it senses
whether or not it is most comfortable. It walks into that increasing
light until it is at the spot of fullest light that it can enjoy
and appreciate in a stable manner. And it stops at that point because
it is uncomfortable to go further. Where that soul stops is either
in third density or has moved over into fourth density or higher.
If that soul has stopped in third density, then it chooses, completely
on its own and with no judgment involved, to repeat the
third-density experience. In many cases this decision will not simply
be for another incarnation, because this is the time of Earth harvest.
It will mean there will be a 25,000 year period during which that spirit
will enjoy third density upon another planet. However, it is not a
punishment to repeat a grade. It is simply the right place for that soul
that enjoys that range of light. If that spirit has stopped across
that quantum divide between third and fourth density, that entity may
then choose to begin a series of incarnations in fourth density and
can be said to have graduated from Earth’s third density. For each
person that experience will be unique. To our knowledge, there is no
general harvest but, rather, the individual harvest of each soul upon
each soul’s schedule.


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