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--PROPHECY: the end times are delayed or canceled!

hello everyone! Tis a l-o-n-g but important article, here!
i thought that now is a good time to rewrite this out!

over the years i have been given a number of earthchange visions where
terrible things are going to occur to the earth and to us all on it.
In 1995 or so, i was given a "final" vision conerning these endtimic
earthchanges.....that these upheavals were[are] going to be DELAYED
or even canceled!
In shortened form, here it is...

In about the fall of 1995, i had a dream vision.
I went to my high school, to my 1960 Upstate new York Home
Town, with my graduating class of 29 students ---to have a class
reuinion there.
I met with them all, in a classroom and i had news for them!
I told them all something, a "something" that was coming THROUGH me as
if I were channeling this messege from a yet higher realm of Spirit.
I merely said,

"that the Lord, in his
mercy, has permitted an INDIAN SUMMER of the Spirit, to bless the earth,
at this
time. ..and that everyone should take great
advantage, of this time of
grace, to progress one's soul, and to get
right with spirit, and to
finish up all the creative acts, of one's
life, for the end times and earthchanges that were
to have now[1995] to have begun ----they are now to be DELAYED
or even to be lessened in severity when they DO come"!
then I woke up.

later...I began to think about this little vision.
MY! what a symbol!


in my childhood place of growing-up (where this
high school,is) there is this thing called, "Indian
it is where there is a whole stretch of mild
weather, in the late fall. Winter should have begun by now,
but there is a delay of this cold. There are perfect skies, warm
temperatures, calm winds, and the leaves are
so so colorful. The Mildness can
go on for a week, or even for several weeks.
it is a time for to get
ready for winter; and a time to enjoy the
beauty of upstate New York, at
its fine-est. the cold fronts are delayed,
for weeks...and it is
70 degrees every day, under clear blue skies...and all
the leaves fire
off their colors.....sometimes all at once!

so, from this dream maybe we will, for a year,
maybe two..maybe
ten......have a calm earth. no great mass upheavals.
it is a
time to "finish up the Schoolwork", of one's life-missions,
in our high school that is of our earthly Incarnations. We should make
amends with all people, to
forgive one and all, and to be reach out to Spirit, and
to let go of what you cannot take with you.

in the Northlands, if there is an Indian
Summer, that seems to go on,
seemingly, forever: watch out!!!
---for WHEN the arctic blast comes,
it will roar in BIG TIME, and freeze everything
dead, in one Withering, freezing, blast. 40 mph
winds and bitter
temperatures, with snow covering everything, will occur overnight!


during this time of
grace!---finish up high school,
prepare for college! Yes, College!-----the
new millenium-to-come; our "new Earth and the new heavens"!

And, you know, maybe we all will die of
death instead of earthchanges! we all may die of natural causes
instead of mass-dying in
some great Catastrophie of earth-upheaval. Each one of us, then,
if this delay is so, will have our very own personal rapture,
our own personal entrance into the Spirit world, as each of us
dies in accidents, or of sicknessess, or of all the other ways to die.

Five...ten....thirty, years of
time, left, then. Then there will be
time to grow in spirit and Soul. time to do
our lessons of living.

CAN Spirit actually Overwrite this "File" that has sat in the
collective uncounsciousness for all of these years, the "earthchange Files"?! prophets aplenty have seen some of these oncoming futures for hundreds of years----seemingly fixed in concrete for manifestation; but God can do ANYTHING!

The only obsevation that I can give, people, on this matter,
is to give to you an example from my very own life. here it is......


hello everyone......due to "popular request" for my
telling, of this here experience of mine...i think
that i had better re-write here it is!

In 1975, I was spending my summer at my lakeside
cottage, and today, in the Indian summer of early
October, i was sitting on my small porch, with
aftersupper coffee in hand, the Lake was so nicely
still. I could see my next door neighbor walking over
to my cottage.
She had a message for me[i had no phone].
"your mother was just killed in an auto accident"!!

amazing how it is, folks, how one's life can change in
one second, and there is only three more seconds for
to make a 1000% change in attitudes!!

Now it was years later....all the emotional healings
had taken place...all the property and possessions had
been sold...including my cottage.
my mother was returning from a trip, that evening, in
october, and the red sports car came into her lane at
120 mph!! dusk.

My father and Mother were born next door to where they
now lived...and they got my childhood home in 1938.
after this accident, my father still lived there.
so here was 150 years of Tradition...GONE......
It was too too much for my father...he went over the
edge of sanity...35 years of marrage, and now
he could not even cook for himself...he would burn
water if he tried to cook it!! when he went to the
nursing home for the last time, his friend found only
half a hot dog and a potato in the refridgerator!
Dudley blamed it all, on me: the accident...the
my social work master's degree sister...spoke of
"Psychosis" and "nervious breakdown"!!
Dudley threatened to shoot me with his shotgun, if he
ever saw me around my home town!!

years went by......
I stayed away...Oh, i forgave him for his pain...but
he had to make the first move, in order for me to ever see him again!
around 1983, Dudley began to have a series of heart
attacks, and nearly died.
At this time, my Aunt[His sister] sent to me some
clippings from the local paper...he was now a writer!!
he put in articles every week.
It was quite apparent that he had some type of
Spiritual Conversion experience, as he now wrote of
"angels, spirits, relatives-in-spirit" who would visit
him, all the time. he even wrote of seeing jesus!!

In 1986, he lay again in Intensive Care..after yet
another heart attack...he asked my aunt for me...that
he wanted to see and talk to me!!
I drove right up, a 1200 mile trip!!

So i saw him nearly every day...for a year! His face
glowed with joy, everytime that i walked into the
room...of the hospital or the nursing home!
all was forgiven...the several years of living that
spiritual life had softened his heart...
I would sit with him for twenty minutes and tell him
of my own out of body experiences where i went to see
heaven[many of them i have on file and have
posted!]....the nurses and other patients would gather around...
twenty minutes a day was all about what he could
take...all those STROKES and heart attacks had made
him "dementia" brain-dead!!
[he had little short term memory: none of his last
five years did he recall, not even his conversion
experiences!! but they were, folks, WRITTEN ON HIS

One day....while talking to a friend of Dudley's, back
in Interlaken; this friend says to me,
"you know, dont ya, Stoney, about your mother's
--and, NO, i did NOT!!
so this person told me the story of my mother's
dream...a dream story that i had never heard, ever,
My mother, folks, dreamed, about ten years before her
death....that "within ten years...she would be killed
in a car accident, at dusk, with a red sports car
coming into her lane: but that Dudley would live until
he was 72 years of age"!!

No wonder, as i knew her, before she died, that she
was always very afraid to drive at dusk!!

It was now late November of 1986. Dudley had turned 72
on october 12th!! I came up from Florida to see him
in the Intensive care unit, after a massive heart
attack...around the end of october: he nearly died
from this attack!
and he had yet another near-death heart attack in the
middle of November!
Obvious that Mom was quite right!!! Dudley was near
death and he could have died from either heart attack:
surely the next one will do him in...and there are ten
months to go before he turns 73!

so I remained with my aunt for about a year, seeing my father
nearly every day...I was always amazed how full
of light his face was, everytime that i saw him, much
more lit up with light than any other "old man" that i
have ever seen, before, or since!!
He died on Christmas day of 1987, walking down the
hall of the nursing home, fell over a
moment, gone.
He was 73. two months into 73!

he lived a year and two months beyond his 72nd
birthday: was mom then WRONG in the exact date?!


For i saw,Intuitively, that mom's Seeing was right:
but that Spirit stepped in and gave to Dudley an
EXTENSION of one year, so that he could make amends
with his Son!
He would indeed have died in one of those two heart
attacks in October/November, of 1986, at 72 years of
age, if Spirit did not intervene!
Due to his Senility, it would really take that whole
year, in twenty to sixty minute near-daily increments,
for the forgiveness to "take" into his brain!
and so----Dudley was given a Gift of one year, to make
forgivenesses with his Son...and he died on the DAY of
Gifts, as a sign that his gift was for real...where it
was the Day that Jesus was born in order to give us
ALL the Gift of Eternal life in Him, if we only were
to ASK, first!!

so my Mother was a Prophetess...but she was only
correct and true, according to the reality that was in
effect in the years prior to her 1975 death: Spirit
overwrote this prophecy with a new reality, due to
Dudley being able to forgive his son, in his heart,
just about the time that he turned 72! thus, this
overwriting occurred AS he was 72, nearly at the last
minute of his alloted span of he, in his
heart, forgave his son, and asked his aunt for to see

perhaps this story could be applied to the
"earthchanges" and "end times" too!
for here it is, like of Dudley, right *AT* the time of the
prophecies to fullfill---and yet there is STILL
TIME for Collective repentences...and for us all to
get our acts together, collectively and individually,
so that we all go into the new Age of Spirit, dying of
individual deaths----old age..accidents...sickness...etc...etc:
we all may not have to die of collective "earthchanges"
after all!!
If a little prophecy can be overwrote: than so can a
big one!!


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