Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--PROPHECY: "come see the ruined earth". Sai Baba!

Well today I am going to dredge out of my memory a visiondream
that I had tossed out of my files years ago, as I sensed that
this vision was overwritten by spirit, but now I am not so sure
anymore, so I will offer it here for anyone to comment upon.
Somewheres about 1996, perhaps, I had this dream.
I was aware that I was out of body, floating in a white void.
Off in the distance I could see what looked to be a white
robed figure, perhaps the one who brought me out of body,
a "guide". He then asked me..."Do you want to see the
Ruined earth"?
I must have given assent as then we both began to move somehow
as then the scene became the blackness of outer space, as this
is where we were. The earth was below, maybe we two were about
200 miles above the earth, anyway, the earth nearly filled my
whole vision, below me. I could see other figures near me, and
I could see that they all had white robes except one figure who
seemed to be about to give a lecture.
Turns out he was to give a lecture to this group of souls.
This oranged robed lecturer had curly black hair and he was
short and a bit fat: he looked *just* like
Sathya Sai baba! He probably was! [I would give this guy
being baba to be about 95%!]
I listened to him speak about the ruined earth as
I looked below.
All was grey. There were no clouds, no land, as if
whole earth was enveloped in a grey featureless fog!
All except a HOLE! The hole was large, maybe about
200 miles across and elliptical.
I could not hear all of baba's speech, he spoke of how
this hole was over Arizona, new Mexico, and part of very
northern Mexico. Babe then seemed to have "slides" where
pictures were projected out in front of the other people,
to perhaps illustrate the lecture. I saw a picture of the
land near of a city, only rubble and a corner of a foundation
could I see, and there was one raggy survivor picking through
the fallen bricks! I sensed that the whole of the planet was
like this, at least in the West, not being able to see the
rest of the planet.
Baba then said....."The lord and I are maintaining this
safe zone, to protect the survivors for the new race to come."
I then saw what seemed to be a picture of underground cities,
two of them, under what would be the Colorado
rocky mountains [military underground bases].
I then saw something, sports fans, that scared me a bit,
as I then saw babe get ANGRY! [when a Master gets angry,
that is very very significant!]
I watched baba ball his fist into the palm of one of his
hands, as he could barely physically contain his anger.
He then pointed to the projected image and shook his fist
in anger, saying DARKLY...."Those people in those two
cities have *GOT* to be gotten at, as if they survive and
come out of their cities, their attitudes will
POISON these safe zone survivors with the ways of the
materialistic old way of life"!!
---baba then went on to say how there are "actually 6 or
7 radio stations there in the safe zone". [I am not sure
about the numbers of station, I think that there is a clue here!]
end of dream!
I could write ten pages on trying to ascertain this one,
sports fans!
here is a Master, at least a Master, a living master,
out of his body, showing a group of probably resident
Guides and other masters, something about the ruined earth.
I have NO idea how the earth was ruined! Or when.
Or how. Or if this vision was only of a "probability",
a probability that now I *hope*
has been overwritten! "branching paths", possibilities.
But is this still in our future?
when I got out of the air force, in California, I drove
across country. I drove across this area and low and behold
the clouds had a bank like of a wall, to the north, at
JUST the spot that the north wall of the safe zone is!
date: 1967! As in..."6 or 7 radio stations"!
was 1967 the date that this WAS supposed to have been?
Nuclear war would have been the Do-er of this event, then.
But what overwrote this? What Grace happened?
if Grace stopped this, then just how many OTHER FUTURE
earthchanges could be also
overwritten? Or even CAUSED, by spirit, depending perhaps
upon US, our collective
spiritual life, as we each live our lives.
thus a Difference could be made, by each and all of us,
for our futures.
too too many unsolved mysteries, for me to really say much
if this event is past or future. This little dream, to me,
goes right to the very Heart of Probabilities and
possible scripted futures!
I, myself, have had at least TWO periods in my life where
the dreamvisions gave to me
*very* definite indications that I would have only months
to get ready to die, and then the event was overwritten!
In one event, I was told this: "overwritten"!
now I do not "trust" any such visions ever again!
Even if the Guides get very
"stern" about my time to die getting near, I have to deny
the very Guides and go on Living my worldly life, as any
message will probably be overwitten!
I mean: what do ya do when a India master tells me, in a
dream, that when he was alive on earth, he would go into
astral travel and look at the life records of souls...
somewheres around the late 1930s. He thus had access to
all these records, now, and he came to my dream because
he had MINE in his list and that the Record indicated that
I had one year to live! May 13th of 2002, this was given
in the dream.
when a India master *and* the life records are WRONG, then
all goes downhill from there, for believability!! I might
live till I am 95, unless some collective earthchanges takes
me out along with a zillion others!
thus, if in my life, the Probabilities change, then this
could well Hold for the collective Warnings of
earthchanges/end times too!!

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