Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a pretty heaven but all people there are self-centered!

my visit to a Place of beauty but no one Notices this beauty!!

hello, everyone!
may 20...99

here is an account of a 1990s visit to a place that my
guide called..."a Homosexual Hell"! that was HIS name for it,
not mine! the place sure did not look
like "hell" to me, being as pretty as a northern June summer
day, the countrysides!

....At the time, I knew several Gay men, probably one
of their guides took me on this guided out of Body
experience, to show me something..for his or my own
I do not have bias....towards the gay world! I did
not choose to have this vision, on my own!
I would well imagine that there are quite indeed,
counterpart "hells" for all the other "types" of

thus...I am not responsible for CHOOSING my visions!
please do not become offended, thusly!!

here it is....

Freestone's visit to a homosexual hell

I am out of body, floating in a grey void.
this is where many of my visions commence....a grey,
dimlylit void, free of all shape and form....
Then, someone appears by me, apparently my guide for
this particulat trip!
he tells me that he wants to take me to experience a
"homosexual hell"! those are his words.
we go.
that in the grey distance, a circle of light
appears which resolves into a door into a place. we
float onto the ground, of this place.
---and what a place!!
i am standing at the edge of a great wonderfull
garden-yard, a very beautifull mansion lies off in the

the distant hills and the soft blue skies reminded me
of what the summers of England must be like, in all
their glory!
---think: upstate new york at the end of June!!
Thia place has got to be one of the most lovely
country scenes that i have ever seen!!

I turned to my guide to ask...."you said that you were
bringing me to see a hell: this place IS so
wonderfully pretty: what gives??!"
---I heard a sigh of sadness, from him!
he says..."let us go meet the people and then maybe
you will Understand"!
We approach this mansion of a house. off in the
distance on the lush lawn, i could see that there was
a stone platform, directly in front of the house,
maybe 80 feet in front of it.
I looked in puzzlement...for i saw something *very*
strange, folks!
I saw that this stone platform was circular and a man
was standing upon it. he was naked except for a small
Brief, around his waist. he was very muscular...a
vertable "mr Atlas"....a body that a man could be
PROUD to have! He was *exceedingly* proud of his

His skin was Golden with tan...the muscles rippled
under his skin...
he flexed his arm upward, showing his muscles...but
the strange thing was that this platform rotated so
that it was as if he stood upon a rotissory grill
going round and round like of a display in a jewelry
Shop window, of some precious stone upon a dias!.
He looked so so proud, showing off his perfect body.
he wanted SO much to have someone notice: but i could
see that no one ever saw him!
he was alone.

Later, inside of his house and in the houses behind
his, and in still other dwellings....i dimly remember
that each and every man that i met, was self absorbed
in some way....each person wanted his neighbors to see

how so much better he was than anyone else...there
were roomfulls of men where no one paid any attention
to the man next to him; each craving adoration from
the group!

Later, my guide and i stood near the spot where the
rotisorrary-man was still rotatingly showing off his
perfect body[he never even noticed me or my guide!]
I asked my guide about how ......
"how could this place be so beautifull and yet it is
billed by Spirit as to be a HELL?"!!
my guide replyed..."that IS the hell: no one notices,
they are all so very self absorbed into themselves and
so self centered into a narcissic self love. thus
they can not see or love the great beauty that lies
all about them. No one responds to anyone's
each man is so self absorbed in his self-love, that
he will not notice anyone else's pleas for attention".
then my vision ended!

yes, a hell indeed!
i can well imagine a room of men, where each man wants
all the rest of the men to look at him and to love
no one pays the least bit of attention, though, to each person is so hungrey for this
attention...a room full of egotists,wanting to be
"stage center"...each of them.
---and not one of these homo-men, in this hell, could
even imagine how ANYONE, EVERYONE, there, can create
by mind-alone..a perfect body for himself...thus..the
very meaning of egotisticly having such a body,
becomes utterly meaningless! ANYONE can have a
perfect body, in this heaven-world!

I would well imagine that there are many such places
for the straight people, too....

I believe my guide wanted to show to me the results of
living a self-centered life, here on earth...the
several gays friends that i had, at the time of this
vision...were *very* of these
friends would talk incessently about every little
pimple and ill, on his body...!!
Too....these "inmates" of the hell had very pretty
houses made up for them, the creator-spirits
that made this place....but not noticed by anyone

the hidden lessons-----
Talents and prettynessess are for the
Service of Soul-Spirit-Other people...and *not* as an
end of it for itself.

If you were given a really good HOE, by Spirit, for
you to hoe your garden of should USE it to
hoe out the weeds and areate the soil very well;
instead of
being so infaturated with your super hoe that you show
it off to all your friends and paint it pretty colors
and thusly let the weeds grow high, in your garden!
thus...all those houses and the perfect bodies could
be used FOR perfect-bodied
men could go to other heaven's healing centers and
show these bodies to other new arrivees who are old
and deformed and are ugly in body form; what a model
for what could be, for these souls in need of
healings;these souls still, being new to heaven, do
not yet realize that they can change how they look, by
applications of their own imaginings!! thus, these
"perfect-body" gay men could show these bodies to the
arrivees as a model for what could be...what they
could do with their imaginings!
these dysfuntional souls could use the examples to
create their very own pretty bodies by.

thus...the homo hell could become transformed into a the change of attitudes, of these
inmates, there!!

end of "preaching' for now....!!


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