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--OBE faq, how to have them

OBE faq

From: freestone wilson freestonew@y...

hello everyone!

i have just joined the obe and the "how" lists!
as i have written this out...i will post it for you
perhaps someone who is interested in out of body
travel, may find this of interest!

i have had many OBE's over the years....Great ones,
where i was taken, or went, to heaven itself! places in the afterlife worlds...

here, now, i wish just to post my "obe faq"
article that i once posted for a nameless usenet
thread, and saved it...


hello....this is an article that i wrote for the
"out-of-body"...some time ago...

>i guess it is time to put out my little
>i have not done so...for awhile...
>I do not consider it the best that i have seen, on
this group, but it MAY
>of help to you...
>there are other faqs and guides that get put up well as leads to

new version

Freestone Wilson (free)

feel ok, to share this with anyone.........

I have noted, over the months of reading these
newsgroups...that the same
Question is asked
over and over........
-----how can i have an OBE?
----i can now Obe...but what can i DO with it?!!
----why does so-and-so, happen, as i do this?
---are Dreams also OBEs??
----and other questions.
I have put together some of my experiences and
observations..... my "two
cents worth"..from my years of having out of body
experiences. I have seen
what I thought are BETTER faqs\articles...on this newsgroup, or
in letters: but each person can contribute something:
bear that in mind as
you read this, that this article is NOT the final
wisdom-filled word in
OBE information!!

We have a "Soul body"..that looks just like our
"real body". It occupies
the same space as our
body. It is "IN" the earth body..just like water is
"in" an Orange!
while this body is in the next upper dimension, from
the physical world,
this body is linked to the physical body...but from
another dimension.
Think of that orange; but with its juice in another

At night.."the juice separates from the orange....and
keeps the shape of the
orange": but this "Juice' is in another dimension,
away from the earth.
the Soul body separate from the earth body and
"hovers" above it...right
near the sleeper.
the "Silver cord" connects the two...linking the
bodies together. If it
well........ you take the Final OBE: you die!! but
this cord NEVER breaks
in a matter if you go around the planet or
20 dimensions away---it
can stretch infinitely!
I will call this body..."the astral body"!!!!....from
now on.
your astral body looks like you. or maybe just a blob
of light colored
material...if it is not awake. it even wears of your pajamas!

MOST of the counsciouness...moves over to this sleep.
think of two boxcars side by side on two adjacent
railroad tracks at the
same speed: cargo is transfered from one to another.
Just how MUCH cargo is transfered...will depend upon
IF you can AWAKE into
this body: most people just lie in it and dream brain
the day's living. but SOME astral stuff gets
through...that is what make
the dreams often so wierd....
a combination of brain and astral occur.

All of the Trainings...for Soul
sleep...depend upon getting one
the astral body and then be able to use the
astral-body ears and eyes to
hear and see...what is OUTSIDE of this body!!
---and those strange noises and paralyized body...this
is where the awareness
is only partially
transfered over to the astral body.
Ah, folks...this is the Trick----to become AWAKE
.in this astral
body..while "sleeping"!!
that is what all these excercises and Spiritual
trainings are FOR!!

And, ya know...I think that MANY people have many
Bona fide, real, astral
trips and
experiences...and do not realize they
think it is only a dream!!
Many old souls do Travel nightly: but they think that
"it is only a vivid
How can you tell if your dream is a hidden OBE?!!
----do you fly or float..through the scenery?
---do you actually float/fly through walls, doors, if they
are not there?
---is the dream in vivid color..or in very LUCID
awareness (LUCID DREAM)?
Is even the
more awake than even while awake in the daytime?
do you go to somewhere else, on the earth, to have
your dream??
---do you see incredible scenes and places? Is the
color of the sky of a
translucent blue color??
---do you see and talk to "dead"
relatives..friends..???----or even be
hounded by "demons"?!!
---do you receive teachings from people or
do you get the strange feeling that your dream scenery
will be not only
"there"...during the daytime after you,
having a reality of its
own, that you did not create: but that this scenery
would "still be there",
even years later?!!
.............these are some of the signs....of an

now that you can do this, or have this obe...
WHAT is it GOOD for: what can ya DO with it?!!!
or is it just another occulty toy?!

right is obvious that an astral
body...will still be
"there" ....even when the physical body DIES! Your
awareness will just
transfer over to the astral body, for keeps, when you
Thus..there is no death!!

then there are the WORLDS that you can go to!!!!!
to see the scenery of....
to get teachings from Guides.....
to see your "dead" relatives and friends....
to talk to spirits....see Masters.....even Jesus!!
and more...more...more....more........more!!!!
one can be taken even to see the records of Probable
futures..of the planet

True prophecy.

I, myself, have been so my visionary see end-time well as to see various places in the
afterlife worlds.
if you want them...please ask me....

From my experiences and from what i have read and was
Taught, by teachers
and life.....up IN the astral worlds....
there are two genaral places that you can go
ONE...the astral "backside" to the physical world. In
effect; you will
become a ghost!!
you will move through walls and a ghost!
and you can go to China..Russia..france..or to see
your friend next door!!
In fact.."real" ghosts...are Souls who are stuck on
next-to-the-physical twilight world.
I have actually Traveled, myself, onto the
earth-plane, in this
level.....where someone living, on earth, saw me! I
WAS a ghost...a living
He thought, indeed, that it was a ghost that he
saw.....he fired a gun
at panic..then he threw
tools at i floated up the wall! I was a
ghost...before i died!!
also...i have seen ...for instance....i had a OBE
where i spent the obe in a
chinese-looking city.
every single sign on the buildings was written in

Then, there are all the worlds of spirit!!
Lands for every Country..every race...and for every
period of history....
they tell me that the astral lands are in layers of
dimensions...each layer
a little "above" that
of a lower one.
think of a FM radio..tipped up on its side: every
station is an astral
world: and this radio is on top of a building in New
York City...just THINK
of the vast number of FM stations that you could pick
up, there, in that
city, from that high vantage-point?!!! AND...this is
just the ASTRAL
LEVEL!! they tell me that there are many many layers
of heaven above
that....all reachable by an astral traveler!
Vastness beyond compare...worlds and worlds and yet
more worlds.....
MAGIC ...exists here! Mind does indeed influence
the surroundings. the
mind, see, is now CLOSER to the level of the astral
outer world in
vibration: thus mind can actually affect the scenery.
"final Fantasy 7", or
a good role playing computer a good
model..for many of these worlds, for what they are
like to actually LIVE
in. In fact , ...i think Spirit gave to
like this...
as a "training
course"...for heaven....for when we get there, after
we die, it will not
be so strange to us!

How can one help to encourage these sleep astral have more and
better ones? Here are a
few of MY observations.
---you should ask..of have
these experiences. Many
of them, you do not do, yourself...but you have an
Angel or Guide, to lead
you. Spirit would send such a helper. (This guide
is usually unseen, while you are obe-ing. He takes
you to the places that
Spirit wants you to go to.)
---sleep on your back, facing the ceiling.
---Try to be sleeping between 4am and 7am---i find
that the best times for
obe..are then.
---try to be in a good state of mind and heart.
(One of the MAJOR Spiritual laws,
up there, is..."like
attracts like". You are
in scenery and people, by what is in your
heart...FIRST! And foremost.
Remember: the mind draws to you the places..and can
create some of the
and the mind is driven by the feelings of the
So...the more you LOVE everything about your
waking life: the
better your astral travel experiences will be, for
taking you to "nice"

Yes...i have seen HELL!!!
It is NOT nice!!
Have compassion for those who can never leave it!!!
all negitive
feelings\thoughts lead one to be drawn to
there...before AND after death.

{{even though the physical world is "thick
density"...mind and the heart
will draw reality to you, here, too!!!...
"LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" they say!!)

---read up on astral travel and OBEs...books on
astral travel. There is a
very good internet site..that has a whole section on
"astral travel"------

---just before you fall asleep...ask of Spirit, to
have an experience!

You will see and experience some of the places that
you will live in,
after you die!

"This is not Kansas
anymore, Toto" the "Wizard of Oz"!!

What are some of the places and scenes..that i have
seen?? In no
particular are some.
The descriptions will not be of very good
grammar..and will be
save bandwidth!!
You can use examples of some places that
YOU can go to!....

------i have been taken to a healing center, in
heaven, for newly arrived
souls, after death. these are Souls who
need to "take a summer school remedial course,
before entering that fall's
college!". For souls who had never gotten around to
develop their
soul-life, while they were still living on earth.
I have that obe, on a
flopply-disk..if you would like
to read it, please ask me.
I will send it to a few
others...visits with deceased relatives, and seeings
of masters.

--------i met someone, that i knew, here on obe.
....i saw her, the next day...and she tells me that
she dreams of seeing me the night before. And the
scenery is the same!!
Yes, "i will see you in my dreams" the
song quite real!!

--------i have seen a temple of prayer...where
earthly prayers are routed
through, to God.....Spirit; and not
one prayer is lost or not paid attention to!!
--------i had a drunken man ...on earth..wave to
me..he could see
me!!!...he protruded a bit, into the astral, in his
-------i have been blessed with seeing Sathya Sai
-------i saw my deceased sister..being taken, with
her class of students,
too....from a lower heavenly a higher JESUS. {I have
that one on disk: if you
want it...ask me please!}
-------i have had Long Talks with all my
relatives...mother, father,
sister.....many times...and seeing the
homes and scenery where they live!....there, in
heaven. { i have several
on disk..ask me}
-------i have done magic and worlds
where this IS the Basic
law...that magic, IS!
------- i have obe-d to foreign earthly
----------seen lost Souls, rescued..into higher
realms....[ on disk..ask
--------i have witnessed people being taken to
heaven!. Once, i saw a car
accident. A lady was standing
by the wrecked car..dazed. But, none of the rescue
squad could see her!!!
She was dead!!
I then looke up to the sky, and saw a hole in the
sky! It was a round
hole, maybe twenty feet across: the "sky" above this
hole was very bright!
there were Angels or Spirits standing around the edge
of this hole, looking
down to the ground below and they all were holding
hands, like in a ring.
Suddenly, i saw ANOTHER band of Angels descend down
through this hole, from
further above...about five a smaller than
the hole, ring..also
holding make another ring.

they descended to the lady who was standing there on
the ground, "dead". As
this band of angels came to the ground...this lady was
the center of this
circle. Then ALL of them..including the lady...rose
upward into the sky and
THROUGH the hole and onward, upward, out of sight,
into the light.
{ I have read that often an OBE person volunteers or
is "drafted' to
perform a rescue service to the dead! the out of body
person has the
energy of both worlds, in him...thus the angels can
use it to BRIDGE the
gap, between the person to be rescued, and themselves.
----like of a "clutch plate'..between the car's motor
and the axle!}
so this is something a OBE person can do: help to
rescue lost souls...and
just-died Souls!

---------I have seen some hells, too!
Hell is NOT "fire and Brimstone"!!---it is of
a Grey Day, if it were 36 degrees fareinhiet,
..and the lidded grey drizzle..covers al, with a
permanent northeast

---ever pay "Riven"..or "MYST"?.....i have seen
places like that.
That is where we will go, after death......
Open that mailbox...and look at that letter...and
off we ZORK..ian
universes and worlds!!! our sleep...or after death!

The BIGGEST learning experience..of these years of, is that
I now know...that the but a
Door...into heaven...and
not a "dead end"!!
..all the cynics are laid to rest, before wonder and
....our Adventures...have just only just begun...a
billion worlds to
explore...and a near-infinity of
to explore them in!
Child-like wonder...and awe......our lives have only
just begun!!
as a spirit wrote through a medium..." the purpose of
the earthy life---is
to assey, to prepare, to get live"!!! I
read that the
Birthday..a Soul, in heaven NOT his
earthly birthday, when
he lived on earth...but the Date of his EARTHLY
........Freestone (Free)

Live An Incredible Life!

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