Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--my friend Sam comes to tell me about the heaven that he lives in!

Sam come out of heaven to give to me a messege

here is an event that has occurred with my OBE-events,

I have an old friend from my high school days. we
grew up next door to each the 1950s.
During the last 15 years or so..we both went our
separate ways of life.
In october of 1998, he fell off his farm tractor and
his neck; he nearly died. He is now paralyzed from
the neck down...ever since in a
veteran's hospital. He not only nearly died, last
fall, but he has nearly died on several occasions
the hospital is 1200 miles away and there is no way i
can ever visit him again.....

near the beginning of 1999, i had an
OBE-experience, that was most impressive.
here it is.....

My vision begins... as i am now aware that i am
floating in a grey usual, for my beginnings
of many of my OBE experiences. Then i am floating in
the air, maybe twenty feet off of the ground, hovering
over my friend's house. it is night. Night in
Upstate new york...
[i must be in the lower astral world: the realm
that is so close to the physical world that it
really is the "backside" to this physical world.
this is the realm one goes to astral travel
to anywhere in the world. I have been to China,
Russia, other places; all in this lower "copy" of
the physical world...the lowest astral that is yet
"above" the sense-perceptions of the
earth-incarnation. Maybe a pet, or a psychic or
maybe a child could see me float above Sam's house!
this is where the Ghosts are]
I float to the corner of his farm to where
his mother now lives. I sink down to the ground that
is behind her house. there on the ground i see some
sort of construction. It is a grave with a headstone!
it is Sam's grave!! Sam's Tombstone!
[Sam is his name: of course he would be buried in
the town cemetary, in reality. he is still alive,
this vision must be some kind of "Prophecy"]
I then position myself to read the stone.
suddenly, there is a blaze of light over the tombstone
and it opens up like a door!! when it opens, i see a
very very bright light within the space behind it:
like of seeing into a bright-lit room.
In the space, maybe ten feet back into the "room"
he then, himself, floats up to the door and then he
floats right out to just before me.
he speaks to me...saying....

"Even though only a few minutes have gone by for you,
on earth, freestone, I, Sam, have been here in heaven
and....Freestone...heaven is so much much much more
amazing than even you, Freestone, have ever known or
have even imagined it to be like!!"

end...of the dream-vision!!

as of may 15th of 1999...Sam is still alive, though
he could have died right at the accident, but did
not...his sister writes to me that he has accepted
Jesus...since the accident...

[as i March of 2000 write this....i can tell you that
sam died, finally, at the verteran's hospital, with
jesus in his heart....on september 24th of 2000.
he lived about one year, after his accident; it is
evident, to me, that he COULD have died right then, AT
this accident, but that Spirit gave Sam a year of
Grace, to get Right with Spirit, before he died.
this strange, this i could have this vision
nine months before he actually did die, the vision
having him already dead! maybe you all can cast some
light on as to the "why" of this!]

this Dream must have been a kind of "Runthrough",
a seeing of what he WILL experience, when he gets will not be very long from now....but i
think that spirit gave to him a delay, like of my that he could sit in his wheelchair or lie
in the iron lung...thinking and maybe forgiving
everyone, and getting Spirit into his he
had had *LOTS* of anger, directed at people, during
his latter years of life...!!

two instructive points, here, that i would like to
make, please!
I read that time speeds up, the higher the heaven is,
from earth...Sam must have gone to a very high place!
But: this would infer that someone, who dies a year
before you, could have spent a hundred years in
heaven, before you arrive! thus, time is very
strange, there.
i find what Sam says about how amazing heaven
be VERY humbling to me!!!
for his statement infers this.....

that of all of these wonderfull visions that i have,
and will, post, onto this aboutheaven mailgroup:
no matter how incredibly descriptive and
heart-wrenchingly wonderious these visions are....
death!!!....and...for a *VERY* long time of
[i do not USUALLY do caps.....but in *this*
---for my visions must only hint a little bit, at the
wonder that awaits YOU and I...

Freestone F Wilson


  1. Hello Freestone. This is me, kentstarchild/magic.thoughts, again. How old were you in this lifetime when you first started being able to remember most or all of your dreams/astral travel adventures? Do you remember all of your dreams, or most of your dreams, which are really astral travel adventures of your spirit while your physical body sleeps? Soon send me some responses via emails to my Google email account at the address of When is the last time that you have had some contacts, encounters, and communications with the spirit of your friend who was in that coma as a result of falling off his tractor?


  2. Hi Freestone. Hope you're still reading this. The answer to you seein your friend's death before he actually died is quite simple, from what I understand. Although we are very time constrained in physical life, the "other side" is timeless. A minute is as hours and a day as years. And 1,000 years can be like the span of a day.


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