Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I confron Koresh at the Waco, texas, branch Davidians commune, in my dream!

I went to confront Koresh

hello everyone!

well it is about time that i put up one of my
Dream/OBE experiences...a new one!
well...not a new one i just had: but one that i had
years ago.

I had it about march of 1993. the Standoff at the
Branch Divaidains at Waco texas with the FBI/ATF
troops...had occurred about a month before.

the dream begins....
I am in the astral on some near-earth level. i am
in a city called "Waco" and i am looking for someone.
I dimly recall that i went from place to place trying
to find his address.
[what i was doing was trying to find the astral
connection with someone...thus i needed to find
someone that this person knew so that i could
jump-to this person!]
next...i was in a music store that also sold a lot of
amplifiers and sound equipment...for rock bands! i
knew that this person that i was looking for loved
rock music and had a band. this store owner knew him
well and was friends with him---aha, a connection!
next scene...i was in some kind of religious
compound, like of a community or commune. i could see
the people going about their outdoor tasks...they all
seemed to wear white clothes or robes. then i was in
the commune kitchen, the ladies were baking bread...i
talked with these ladies and they all were fearfull of
some kind of troops that were stationed outside of the
walls of this compound.
next scene...oh boy, this was a very very intense
scene, burned into my brain forever folks!!

I was in a dark room. in front of me was a man at a
table, a square table with an empty chair on my side
of the table, a chair that i took to sit in to face
this person. i could feel and sense a great tension
from this man and a collective tension from many
people who were behind me watching and listening
*very* expectantly!
you could hear a pin drop, a feather hit the floor!
the air was thick with tenson, with Confrontation!
the man who now sat opposite me, was all in rags and
tatters, i could see healed wounds all over his body
and face...his face had the look of a clean-shaven man
who has not shaved for two weeks or more!
i had the distinct feeling, in this dream, that it was
as if there was some kind of "CHESS match" going on
here, and my qween was confronting his King!
it had that feel...a catharsic moment.
suddenly, folks, another "picture" seemed to overlay
this man...a picture of what he looked like a couple
of months before, like from a newspaper photo: i
recognized who it was!
I then said just one line to this man, with the
greatest ATHOURITY-voice that i could muster, just as
the dream ended...


---as the dream ended...there was a brief visit, a
quick flash of traveling obe-ly though the air to a
building that looked like a COURTHOUSE with an
american flag...there was a lady inside who i talked
to for a moment...JANET RENO!

[[part two!]]

now AFTER the fire, about a month after the fire where
the Davidarian coumpound burned down...i had another
small dream!
i was in a building that was in a Campus of some
sort, like of a college campus or a mental
institution's sprawling grounds.
this building that i visited, was large, it had dorms
nearby where the students lived in.
i had the DISTINCT impression, folks, that this campus
is in one of the lower heaven realms...a campus where
healings take place of newly arrived souls who come
under duress and troubles!
I must have talked to several students...yes these
"students" were all members of the coumpond of
who died in that fire. they were healing and were
getting readied to go onto the "real" heavens...the
shock of their deaths had to be healed first.
but...i did not see or meet David Koresh there...i was
told that he went to another center, somewhere else.
---end of dream

i did not choose this dream-series! as if...who am i
to be a one to confront Koresh?!!
and what GOOD did this confrontation do for him and
his group?! i even followed some of the survivors
accounts to read if any of them ever recalled seeing
this strange man confront their leader, in their
but, from my experience, very few people can recall
such dreams....and besides...most of them died in that

feel free to share this with anyone,folks....on this
week of Comemoration of Waco and the Oklahoma city and
the Colubine tradjedy!!


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