Wednesday, April 18, 2007

heaven and hell in the same astral place!

Well well well, another Dream where I was another person and I went
to somewhere in the heaven worlds!
[I seem to do this a lot, dream another person's life experiences,
as if I were that person. I get to see things that I ordinarily
would never ever see.]

[In this account I will use "I" and "he" and "my"

[the dream is in "fragments" as if ten minutes of a "day"
were shown.]

Well this started when I got up from
my hospital bed, at the
urging of a hospital orderly person: he wanted me to follow
him to somewheres. As we walked down the hallway, he told me that
I was now
in the Air force, drafted again, and my Orders await, in the next room.
As I walked along, I pondered how this could be, I was once in the us
air force when I was 20, but now I am in my 60s.
Through the door and into an office where a uniformed 2nd lieutenant
sat at a desk, I sat in the chair by him and he pulled out of a folder
a stack of orders. My name was on them, he says and he gives to me
a bunch of them and he tells me to walk through "that" door.
Another long hallway, no windows. Another door, another officer
who took some of the copies and told me to go into the waiting room
for the airplane.
The I sat in a airplane seat, the plane took off, yet not a window
to be seen.
It landed, I walked through another set of long long windowless halls.
desk with uniformed officer who told me to wait in another room with
the other men.
Then we all walked into an auditorium that looked a bit like a church.
A speaker gave a long speech about ????. Next to him was a large
window covered with a curtain, I could not see through it. Then just
at the end of the speech, this curtain became transparent, and I
could see blue sky with a few orange clouds.
Another hall.
I stopped at a bathroom, there was no urinal or toilet, but there
was a sink, so I washed my hands. There was *just* this sink next
to the wall, not even a cabinent under it. The water flowed through
the drain, down to the rug, no drainpipe, but the water disappeared,
not a drop hit the rug, I pondered this....As I walked to yet another
office to receive some more orders!
orders to join some "help people" group. I then walked out into
the sunshine, at least the sky was blue! I stood with other
people, awaiting some mission.

[much later]

I looked at my shoes, they were black military shoes of good quality,
but there was some small irritating something inside them, that
bothered my heel.
someone directed me to a cobbler, they said that he was "over
here was a man who had a workbench outdoors without a roof or walls.
He sat the shoes on the bench and then he muttered a bit about how
good the quality was but that
"all of these shoes have this one small defect". He then took some
tools to pull out the offending strip of rubber. All of a sudden one
of his assistants calls to him for some help with another "case"!
He directs his assistant to go over to the bushes where a metal
"boat" sat, a long john boat about 20 feet long, full of supplies
and tools. I saw that as this assistant pulled on the rope, this
boat levitated to about a foot off of the ground! It came easy, this
boat sank back down to the ground when he stopped pulling it. I could
see several wooden barrels full of stuff, in the boat. I was struck
by how these barrels were of wood like as of about "1880" year, but
they were brand new barrels!
The "case" behind me, that the cobbler was directed to, was strange
some "policemenlike" men were holding a man by the arms, forcibly,
where the cobbler and his assistants placed a large bucket on the ground
and then placed this man's foot in it and then poured some concrete
like stuff in this bucket, so that this man would essentially have a
heavy bucket as a "shoe"! I could see tools in this bucket too, and
as he walked slowly away, I could see an electric welder and
car garage tools "stuck" to this bucket so that this poor guy had to
DRAG all of this stuff with him where ever he went! The "police let
him go free. I could then see that this man was nearly naked, and his
whole body was utterly covered with tattoos!
hi face, his arms ...All of his body. *not* tattoos like we have
here on earth, but these tattoos were of words! I could not read
them, the language was not something that I could read.
[I had a thought: that this man was a mechanic of some sort and for
all of his life he stole from his customers, and deliberately
mis-repaired things so to make more money. The "tattoos" were of a
heaven language that tells of his Sins! His very sin-life was burned
into his skin, for all to read!]
I then watched him walk difficulty away. He walked downhill from
the cobbler shop, on a rutted road, the hill was about 50 feet down,
he could drag all of this junk with him. At the bottom of the hill
I saw something utterly strange! From further up this road came running
to him a bunch of about 10 to 15 "critters".
They walked upright like men, but were very very hairy all over their
bodies. They moved fast and they began to taunt and to torment this
man with the concrete shoe!
Then, some of these critters changed into "evil looking" men, men with
old raggy clothes and beastlike faces!
---end of dream!!

---the critters? Well this man got off of his hospital bed all right,
he DIED!
he was taken to a welcome place in the lower heavens and eventually he
saw what
the "New Agers" would not like to see exist: DEMONS! Yes, Demons, and
yes, Virginia, there is such a place as HELL, in the afterlife realms
and the hells are *NOT* at some deep realm, far far off from the heavens,
hell exists right along with heaven and they intersect! They are
in the same place: what makes the difference
between one seeing and experiencing hell, and one seeing and
experiencing heaven, is
What kind of life you live, now, here on earth, determines your
afterlife fate.

A good person, trying to live well, might only have a bit of
"slightly irritating" shoe leather, that any cobbler can happily
fix, but this same cobbler will also devise a devious Device to
torment a "sinner", for years and years, where this sinner has to
live with the Fruits of the Sin that he committed with his
"eyes wide open" to what he had been doing!

just imagine wearing on your very skin, the Names of your sins,
for all to see and to read! Then to be endlessly Tormented by
Demons, for ????? Long of a time!
the "good" person might walk by these demons and he might not even
be able to see them, or them see him, or maybe he could actually wave
to them, and they wave back, then he walks on.....

I do not Choose these dreams, sports fans, I cannot help it if I say
that hell and the heavens co-exist in the same vibrational place!
Or...Say that there IS such a thing as hell!!
I have been there. Seen it, experienced it.

I saw, about a month ago, a scene from "Hyromious Bosch", in my dreams!
It was REAL!!
These places exist, I saw a whole open field, miles in size,
where there were hundreds and hundreds of people tormenting each
other in ways of utter terribleness!
Think: "Bosch with modern stuff"!!

so please life your life, now, as if you were already in heaven!

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  1. Hi Freestone, I have a question. How long would someone like this man stay in this hell? Till he feels regret for what he did? Would that free him? What is the deciding factor that he can move on to the next realm?


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