Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--an Evaluation center for newly arrived souls from the earth plane

Saturday, April 05, 2003


yes another dream, sports fans, another dream where i
went into the astral heavens, into the afterlife

I can recall, after i woke up, where I began to
experience this Place. it was some kind of "testing
center for newly arrived souls that had just come up
from the earth, just after they died or maybe just
after they had gotten past the "orientational phase"
of the afterlife." it seemed to be where
"psycho-social assesment" takes place---in the words
of Social Work jargon. where souls are evaluated for
where to go to next, in their heavenly progressions!
A Guide or guides took me on a kind of tour. I
followed one soul, in his testings, i was told that
ALL souls, here, go through the same routine. The
person was first taken downstairs to a room. he had to
walk down a few steps onto a "funny-looking' floor.
"funny-looking" all right.....He ended up wading up to
his waist in what looked like mud full of garbage, and
WORSE! yuuuuch!
He was then told that this mud-stuff represented his
Uncounsciuosness that was full of the "shit' of
unworked-out life-stuff! [a christian might very very
well call this stuff...."SIN-stuff"!]
all and any "unrepentant, unworked out, stuff", in the
life spent on earth!!
Then he was taken to another room. there was a wall
covered with what looked like ART PAPER , from the
floor up to about eye-level. it *was* blank white
drawing art paper, as this person was given a Palette
with about ten colors of oil-paint and a brush. he was
told to "paint just the colors of his choice, in
smears, anywheres on the paper". when he did so, there
were about four or six areas with a painted blotch:
were not large as the paints on this palette only were
small blobs of color. The Evaluation-team then
pondered what he painted! i was then told that "where
on the wall and what colors and anything else,
there"....showed *utterly* to the counselors what
stuff this soul was made of!! all spiritual Qualities
Revealed!! then this souls went off to see a counselor
to have his "next" heaven-level given to him, to go
to, according to what was discovered from the
"mud-room" and the colors.

I followed a number of souls, being evaluated. all of
them had "mud" up to their waist and sometimes this
mud had "unwholesome-looking stuff" floating in it!
then the guide turned to me and said....."while you
are here and before you soon go back to your body,
lets do YOU, to see where you stand, now"[!!] down to that mud-room! this time I walked into
that floor, not watching someone else.
...funny.....the "mud" was mud-colored, but it was
only about 1/10th of an inch of a brown
rug! then that painting wall....
I placed about five colors on the wall, but
Interesting, in my dream-perception, i recall painting
the blobs of color way up high, actually partway off
of the paper, way up above head-level!
I could now sense that the guides were "shaking their
they then told me that I was a very very old soul,
such that I was even now "cleared"...[as in "security
clearance"] to go, after death, to the Golden
Celestial level, of heaven DIRECTLY, and that
..."when you are There, you can do *anything*"!! they
gave to me a number..."72". [not my grade...some
other...???? meaning!]

I awoke.
! ! ! ....??
my! what do i think of *that* dream, sports fans?!
well after a day of thinking and Prayer, i have come
to this: since i was told, in that may 13th 2002,
dream, that i have one year to live, this dream
probably has bearing upon that. only a month or three
till may 13th!!
"do anything"...also infers..."gotta choose SOMETHING,
as there will be no focus"!
so i meditated as to *what* i would DO, if told this,
in heaven after i die! my first thought would be that
I would be Estatic to be able to ascend to the
Celestial Realm, now! the very immediate "next"
feeling that i had, *would have*, would be that it
would also be wonderfull if everyone that i knew would
be able to come with me; sharing the Blessing with
all. Wince! my soul-age, must be in the top 20% of the
human race, and lots of people I know, and know
of...would be of *much* younger soul-age! they could
never be able to come with me unless they "evolved"
their soul, greatly.
There are, however, vast vast "schools of progression"
in the heavenRealms, so i read, and have experienced,
in my visions....places where souls Learn, Grow,

....a few years ago, Sathya Sai baba appeared, in a
dream and he asked me..."do you, freestone, want to be
a helper, to help progress millions of souls"?! [baba,
and the Masters need all the help that they can
enlist, no doubt: the need *IS* great!] I made a prayer...."Father, I say "yes" to
helping the Guides and Angels and Jesus, in this
activity. helping souls "get up to speed' for the
so i asked, again...."where"?! " I could live longer,
on earth, or come up in that few months ahead, so i
ask you, Spirit, that YOU choose where: stay longer on
earth...or die at the Time Given to me, according to
to the "progressions of souls"!

there. *that* is the Ultimate, for me, "paper cover
rock, rock break scissors"! this choice will decide
all future acts: helping baba...Jesus...the masters,
to progress millions of souls.

I let a few people's memorys-of-them, run through my
mind: the people i met, over the years.
....."twinkle-toes", a man in 1992 Gainesville, who
always seemed to
act like he missed his bus by three minutes, always a
raincloud over his head!
.....a friend who i gave a copy of one of my Visions
of heaven, dreams; and he wrote an e-mail to me..."we
BOTH know, freestone, that YOU do not know what you
are talking about"....and did not even sign the
.....the 689,000 kids who listen to "anger-rap" music,
and feel utterly *like* the music, each and every day
all of the time!
....that bookstore person, last week, who is 78 years
old and crying
all of the time...[death-denial]!
....the 3000+ tallahassee Homeless people.
.....the many CEOs and high-powered lawyers who made
lots of $$$$ off of shareholders, making old people go
back to work!
[I could fill 500 more pages of people!]

yes, what about *these* people? who is gonna hold
their hands, when they arrive into a lower heaven?
can i do anything for them all, HERE, *now*, while
still alive on earth, if only to just smile at them
and say to them all a "kind word", when i meet them on
the bus?!

so this is what is what, on April 5th!

I will Pray to accept an "extension"! to live a long
time, yet, on earth.

my main weblog is
"my life after near death experiences"
I will be posting, there, nearly each day!



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