Wednesday, April 18, 2007

END TIMES: the date of it, in a mural!

hi all...

I was looking back through my old posts,
and I stumbled across *this* one!

The True "end of the world"!
dreamed about december 23 of 2005.

oh dreams dreams dreams,
i have often some strange ones!

Like of this one, the world ends in 2021!

I was in the Astral, spirit, worlds and I was in some room in
a small house. someone walked over to a chair and pulled it aside
to reveal a secret
door in the floor. Down the stairs we went, to find a small room
with a large mural of some sort on the floor.
the mural "made no sense" to me or to the others. One of the men,
a leader of the group, pulled out of his bag-like pouch, a kind of
unknown. he sat this object alongside of the painted mural and then
he manipulated levers on his apparatus.
Suddenly this mural seemed to become "3-dimensional" and this mural
seemed to "unfold" and to reveal yet more of itself!

This man with the tool bacme *very* excited. he pointed with
exclamation towards one of the corners of this mural and he made
loud remarks about what he saw was revealed there.

----he said something like----
"It IS revealed, i see that it is obvious and the Old Truth is
now not a secret, the date is revealed. 2021, the year,
is the end of the world, the end of civilization, and that
[he made motions with his hands, on the corner of the mural,
to point out...]
and that there are harmonics here which show that the End has
harmonic reflections backwards in time, in a doubling Ratio,
backwards from 2021!"
....End of this dream!

I then forgot about this dream! maybe I *wanted to*! I have
problems describing the "feeling tone" of a dream, mere words
do not convey what a storyteller can tell with sound and talkings.
There was a feeling with this dream that felt of "utter truth,
utter Revealings"! A real "Indiana Jones" event where some ancient
mystery was encoded in a mural, in the spirit worlds, then other
people built their structures over this shaft to this room.
As if the "Gardeners" of Humanity, those who plan or foresee our
collective future, wanted to place a warning of what
will occur.

what, not "2012"?

[there are many astral travel researchers who think that any dates that are given, in visions, are often REVERSED! In this vision, especially when a "reversing octave" is mentioned, I have a suspician that the date is here for to be

even if "12" is "21", backwards, I have a deep suspician here,
that as I have first read of the 2012 prophecies, these prophecies
indicate the passing of one age to the next age. No mention of
earthchanges, etc, at all. But *this* "Mural" indicates "the
end of civilization"!!
While this is not the "end of the world", it might as well be,
for us all!

[he made motions with his hands, on the corner of the mural,
to point out...]
and that there are harmonics here which show that the End has
harmonic reflections backwards in time, in a doubling Ratio,
backwards from 2021!"

I can sense what he means: that a shadow of this event is casted
backwards in time for a certain amount of years, thus there would
be some reflection, of the end of civilization, a few years back
from 2021. then there will be yet another event before this
shadow-event, but double the number backwards.
like: if 9/11 is the first such Harmonic year-number, 20 years,
then the next event back is 40 years back from 2001.
Then the next year harmonic back is 80 years back from
Thus there would be some earthly, or political, event,
at each of these "harmonic points" in time! These events would
be *like* the
"end of civilization", but only in a small or symbolic way!
One could then assertain, perhaps, what this Final Event will
be like, from studying these echos that occurred before 2021.

but i am intrigued about this "Harmonic"! even if his 2021 date
is wrong, i can very very well feel the truth that the shadow of
any great event will cast itself backwards in time, such that
there are harmonics!

harmonics exist in music. also if you drive beside a powerful
radio antanea, you will pick up the harmonic frequencies at
certain points along the dial, in mathamatical proportions.
thus, take "2011", maybe events will occur backwards in some
number sequence of, say, 16 years, 27 years, or whatever,
Collectively *and* personally in many people's lives.

I know the Interest, now, is in the 2012 timeperiod, but here
is my little Vision for you all to ponder. I have yet to find that
"doubling harmoic", maybe someone else can find it.

15 years from 2006: get your life done now!!

Thus i leave you all with my little near-christmas 2005 dream!

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