Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the dead

the DEAD

hello, everyone....

here is a short OBE-experience, that i had, from the
early 80s.

This begins where i am sitting at a table in a very
lush garden. This has the feeling of a patio behind
someone's house, where all the back yard is of a
southern garden....somwhere in one of the

there is a pile, a stack, of what looks like papers,
sitting on this table, that apparently i am supposed
to read. Each sheet is thick and about two feet to a
side. each sheet is FILLED with hyroglyphic symbols
that i can not even begin to translate!
I have the *distinct* feeling, in this vision, that
EACH of these symbols has information so densely
packed into the symbol that a three-inch-thick book
could be needed to hold the words...to describe the
meaning of each and every picture-like squiggle of
there were hundreds and hundreds of these squggles per
another language!
a language where the level of content-richness is
W-A-Y beyond my poor earthly ability to comprehend.

I, as i leaf through these sheets; there must be
dozens of them: i find a sheet that has a couple of
words or so of ENGLISH language on it!
---and a couple of pictures.....
it had a title..."THE DEAD"
all i could see on this sheet was of a face of a man
with hundreds of these squiggly print-forms coming out
of his mouth...like of a waterhose spouting out
water...i could see that this man wore an orange robe
and his face was round..and he had "afro" hair, but
not as kinky as a "black" person would have it. He
looked like a India-indian person...someone from south
india, as i could tell that he was short in stature.
He was giving a lecture about the "dead"!
that was the subject of this sheet.
Ont the right side of this sheet, i could see
several groups of what looked like dead sticks...like
leafless walking sticks. there were dozens of these
groups...each group had from five to ten sticks: each
stick was attached to another stick, within its group.
Too, a morning glory vine entwined all the groups of
these sticks...the flowers bloomed everwhere...

i laid aside these sheets, in frustration, folks, in
my vision...there was no way i could even begin to
poke at an interpetation!

I looked up...there was a hazy presence before
me...some Guide or Angel....maybe...
then, this presence began to tell me of what the
"dead" meant!

[i can only faintly recall of some of what he said!]

A living, on earth, Master, was ...Out of his own
body, on one of his own OBE travels....was giving a
lecture, in the spirit world, and this lecture was the
subject of this sheet, as the Angels recorded it.
the "dead" refered to all the souls on earth or in the
spirit world, who are dead to spirit..."souls who are
not saved" ---in the Christian symbol-system.
each stick is one earthly life....and the groups of
these sticks???...they refer to the incarnational
succession of earthly lives...of one oversoul.
[ oversoul---the soul of all its earthly lives]
the wheel spins...dead in one life..dead in the
next...if spirit does not get entered into the life!
a day on earth...like a day is the whole lifetime...is
but a "day" in heaven-time..like of the morning glory
flower lasting but a day and is gone to wilt by
there is, as a result, no real heaven-life for these
stick-souls. there is no Spirit to awaken within
them, as they did not have Spirit in their hearts,
while living on earth! the Morning glory flower does
not bloom for them in heaven: they can only live by
IMMEDIATELY reincarnating again onto the physical
plane....as they "sleep" in heaven between lives!
---thus this lecture-sheet is an exhortation for us to
begin to live the salvational spiritual life; not just
philosophy or metaphysics....but to have a personal
relationship with God....to have God as a co-pardner,
in your heart, co-pardner with your soul.
as if you, if you could not approach this path via the
"new age" or "initiation-by-Guru" ways...that you
ought to go right down to the Southern baptist Church
and fall on your knees, accepting Jesus as your
Savior...to have Him in your heart...Soul..and life!!

a "simple" experience!!
there ARE no simple experiences...to these visions!!
there are layers and levels of complexity and

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