Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the changes of the Shift, have stopped!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hi all....

last night, the early am of the 18th, I had a small dream, the last dream of some astral series, that was dreamed this morning.
Here I was, standing on a road out in the open air countryside and there appeared in front of me, as I had walked up to it, a two inch wide crack in the road! Not only a couple of inches wide, one side of the ground was about an inch above the other land on the other side of this crack. Ah....What struck me was that this here crack stretched from horizon to horizon! I had also the feeling that this crack extended downwards to bedrock and then way way down below even that bedrock.

then I heard a voice! The "proverbial voice in the sky"!
the man's voice said, The two ages have separated, the new age has begun. However, the Changes have for the time being, stopped, and this stoppage will continue for an unknown period of time"!
....End of dream.


after all, I had been warned in dreams for months and months, now, that I might die soon. If this dream is personal, then it means that my life on earth is over, but I will "stand at the Threshold" of heaven's gate, for awhile, almost as if I live a bit in heaven while still here on earth! I might have one year, two years, or many more; living as if I am "stuck" with one foot in heaven and one foot still here on earth!

If this here dream is referring to the collective, in addition or also, this would infer that the
"new fourth [or five, depending on how this is counted] dimensional vibrations, of the new age, for us all, has started very very recently, but that we all are still here on earth, instead of living in the "ascended" realms! Thus we all are living a bit, now, as if we are living in a spirit world with SPIRITUAL LAWS activated, to govern our soul lives, while still living in the material world with ITS laws still operative!

there could be great opportunities for spiritual growth, to manifest your dreams; but great conflicts too, such as the person who genetically needs to eat meat, feeling the ever
increasing "feeling pain" over the killing of animals!
also "dangerous" as this also infers that "cause and effect" is quicker, that is, what you pray for you will get ever the faster, now, with more intense results and one had better begin to "work" on the negativities that are buried deep in the unconsciousness, as these negativities will ALSO
get what they want, in the life expressions, too!!

Too, the message also says that this condition will be here for awhile, until ????, the speaker/guide did not know or that "only the Lord knows"!
2011 is 6 years away. Could last that long, maybe not.
Also, this dreamvision infers that there will not be any more "crack separations"?
for awhile either: the foreseen great earthchanges, seen and foreseen by the psychics and prophets, here on the forums, and elsewheres, why their changes are now on Hold too!

so we all, at least myself, have a bit more time, more Grace, more time to have our "Indian summer".

this Condition must be Unique, In the histories of galactic planets in our galaxy[I ramble a bit more on this]. Here the
higher dimensional laws and conditions are supposed to becoming Operative, as if we all have become Ascended, but instead of living in a spirit world with its laws and Conditions, we are still on the earthsphere with its laws and conditions!
thus we are now living with one foot in heaven and one foot still firmly planted here on earth! Use your Imagination to consider what our lives will become like! [make for a good fantasy novel: the conflicts and opportunities abound, for each soul, for each nation!]
In a sense, as two worlds cannot co-exist in the same vibration, our immediate futures could be very *very* interesting!

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