Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--the book of the kinds of souls, and the Homeless!

I had a very interesting dream the other night!

very short. A Guide opened a book and i saw him turn
the pages, i only saw the outlines of what he wanted
to aquaint me with. The book was a "book in heaven",
a spiritual text for people in heaven to read,

The book was made up of small chapters with a diagram
or picture at each of the Headings of each chapter and
each chapter may have only been a page or two.


---the Sequence of the Qualities of Souls! Perhaps
the progression of souls. a "species book" of the
types of Souls.

the first chapters were about the animals, their
souls. then it began the descriptions of each of the
of human souls, from the very YOUNGEST to the OLDEST.
As if there were some heavenly way to tell how old a
soul was, in its progression, its spiritual growth.
[the more spiritual growth a soul has done, in its
lives on earth: the older it is]

actually, this book delt with the OVERSOUL, the soul
that incarnates that series of lives on earth, where
each incarnation has a "soul". thus this oversoul, is
the soul of each incarnational soul.
thus, if, say, i lived 100 past lives on earth, my
oversoul would be that "central soul" that is that
soul of all of these Incarnations: this book was of a
kind of "species book", showing the different kinds of
oversouls, ranked by age, from youngest to oldest.
there was no apparent description, that i could read,
as to how a oversoul would progress from one level of
soul-type to a next level. i only saw the pictures,
probably this information is in the text!
I was very Intrigued about the LAST life in the
series, the last soul-stage. this was the last
picture before the final page, which showed that the
next and last stage was Union with God: white more Form, even a subtle soul-form...thus
no more incarnations EVEN DOWN INTO THE CELESTIAL
HEAVENS, from the God-levels, is possible, once the
oversoul unions with God!! there is no more soul from
this point on!
the last oversoul picture...shows that FIVE oversouls
get to form the matrix for a earthly incarnation's
soul: the AVATAR, probably...the "Second Coming" of
the Christ, perhaps!!

I thought a bit about this dream, all of the next day.
On the bus, two homeless guys got on and sat down
near the alcoholic who got on at the mall. this
alkie, i felt, had a somewhat older oversoul than the
two homeless guys, but his incarnational soul was a
bit ruined by his life-centered-around-drink! Oh what
a sad depressing look on his face! a life-long crying
jag, in slow motion, as if he bawled slowly slowly, in
a tone so slow that i can not be heard!
[take a tape of music and slow the playbackspeed way
way down: the music not only gets real slow, but the
tone gets deeper towards the base notes. eventually,
if slowed enough, the music can not even be heard.]
THIS was the nature of this alkie's crying session!
life long, in slow slow motion: in his world the sun
NEVER shines!
He got off at the Hard Liquor Store...only whiskey,
gin, or Vodka, maybe, can now dull his Pain!

the two homeless guys were left. i noted how
"putty-like" were their faces! no one home.
everything in their souls seemed to be down at the
base of their Chackras: survival and sex, but in a
kind of "asleepness".
i suspect souls of this soul-age would thrive best if
the civilization around them was "older" in soul than
they AND this civilization was given Power over
people, in a Fashist manner where the individual was
deemed less less important than the society! read:
the Mayan Indian city-state, where each and every
personal function was dictated by the culture and the
culture was set up by the Gods, channeled though the
In this culture, and in similar cultures, the
society/civilization evolved the individuals.
a good SCAFFOLD for young souls to evolve by, a good
trellis for the rose plant to climb up into the
sunlight upon.

in a culture where the Individuals are OLDER in soul
than the culture, and the old souls in this culture
are active in "taking the old fossilized-in-the-past,
culture, that remains from the past, APART".....the
very young souls are litterally like a boat with out a
Compass, rudder, or even a wheel!!

when the old souls take the snake-skin of an
culture, off, in order to individually grow to the
next soul-stage, the younger souls amogst them Suffer,
as they can not vibrate to that octave of high level
soul, yet, as they are still in a younger "grade" of
soul-evolution. thus what scaffolding that WAS there
for them, is removed by all of the old souls, as these
old souls have outgrown it.
[seen on a 1994 Ithaca car bumper, an old sticker from
some old Campaign..."GET those Christmas Carols OUT of
our Schools"!]
[comment by a New york city teacher, 1995:...."how CAN
i possibly teach the Christmas tradition to my
classroom kids?! I have 30 kids and EACH one of them
come from a different country and from a different
culture? WHATEVER i would teach them, or do with
them, about Christmas, would be DEEPLY offensive to
some of them!"]
no map, anyway, no one to Guide them, the very young
souls, in our culture, today!
----the rose plant spawls upon the ground: no trellis
to climb upon.
so if these two homeless guys had a terrible
childhood, where even THAT type of "trellis" is not
there for them, why they litterally fall through the
cracks of our society and Homeless Shelter is where
they end up in!!
they would have to find a "trellis" and climb it!
give up what little "individuality" that they have and
slaviously "identify" with some "trellis", and let
this "older in soul than they" trellis, evolve them
a Christian Fundamentalist cult, perhaps. the army.
Sun-Moon sect. Alcoholics Anominoious, perhaps.
I think that ANY Cult would do!
even "THAT" one, the One that irks you the most!
pure gold for very young souls....Training Wheels on
the bycycle ARE necessary, for some, even IF you do
not need them! the only "sin" about Cults is
when one still insists upon the training wheels after
one outgrows them!

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  1. Are you able to see the auras of people, animals, and plants? I asked that because it seems like you were able to see the auras of those three homeless people who got on the city bus with you.

    I sent you quite a few emails this weekend, and also within this past week. Have you been able to read over any of them? I can understand it if you have not, yet, had time to read any of them. I will now read some more of your articles within this blog. Let me know if you are able to view these comments or not.



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